Saturn Placement in your Birth Chart and Karmic Relationships with People: Part 1

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Wherever Saturn sits in your chart you feel overshadowed by the person representing that house & you sometimes crave love from that person but you don’t easily get it, frequent misunderstandings & you rarely forgive them too.

Why does this happen?

Saturn represents a karmic loop and the placement of Saturn in your chart shows the person in your life and area of life where you will be challenged through circumstances.

Saturn has a unique essence to challenge you circumstantially through the person representing the house where it is placed!

This series specifically focuses on Saturn placement and the karmic relationships associated with it.

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Karakatavas (People) Represented by Astrology Houses

  • First House (1H): Your own self and individual identity
  • Second House (2H): Paternal Side family
  • Third House (3H): Friends & Younger Siblings
  • Fourth House (4H): Mother
  • Fifth House (5H): Children
  • Sixth House (6H): Enemies
  • Seventh House (7H): Spouse and Business Partners
  • Eighth House (8H): Spouse Side Family and In-Laws
  • Ninth House (9H): Father and Gurus
  • Tenth House (10H): Public Image & Work Reputation – Midheaven so again your own societal image
  • Eleventh House (11H): Networking Friends and Colleagues
  • Twelfth House (12H): Hidden Enemies

Saturn in First House

You are your own competition as you feel down about yourself and you often question your self-worth.

Self-esteem gets a hit immediately if there is any criticism faced by you at work.

You feel highly insecure about your choices and appearances sometimes and this creates a defensive mode in you whenever you are speaking with someone.

Often people will misunderstand you as you are yourself projecting an image to them which is rude and stubborn so that they do not try to misuse you.

This placement makes you fear vulnerability to someone else easily because you are trying to find a sense of belonging while hating yourself.

The person becomes somewhat abusive as well toward others especially if Saturn is driven by a malefic here such as Mars or Sun which is if Saturn is placed in Aries, Scorpio or Leo.

The person does not take constructive criticism about their perspectives and opinions too well either.

They are rigid about their beliefs and have a very quick sense of judgement.

They get hurt quite easily by others as they have this habit of helping out others sometimes even when they are rude and just because they are not upfront about this help then others do not even acknowledge the same.

These people develop a distrust toward others post they do not see any acknowledgement and reciprocation and they realise that they are always on their own.

They are happy to go lucky people too because as if they have any other option!

They see things taking a U-turn at the last moment and if they are showing off about their achievements then immediately even experience a downfall as well.

Saturn gives them a difficult time with themselves as they will have rigid and ideal principles about themselves.

Saturn makes sure that these people do not step outside their boundaries and compels them to think realistically than have ideal goals in life.

This is because these people rarely see themselves working in the same field which they have studied.

This holds especially even more true if the Saturn in 1H is retrograde.

These folks study engineering but then work in management jobs or they study commerce and are working in technical oriented jobs that demand them analysis.

They get fed up and frustrated by the maltreatment of people to them and thus, they rebel back hard.

One needs to carefully understand their nature to make them vulnerable.

They open up rarely but actually have a very niche friend circle who believes in them but they are still naturally detached from that as well.


Well, the moment these people attach themselves to anyone, they see them drift away and in this case they see themselves drifting away either by relocations or by job change or even through misunderstandings.

They become quite adept at developing a keen business acumen as well.

Friendships are a challenge to this placement and they prefer solitude over anything at all costs.

To them, they describe friendships as eventually people moving on from them or betraying them so you would see them with a very niche set of people who are usually fixed signs with same lack of moving on or drifting apart tendency.

Saturn gives them despair and opportunities through their careers.

It provides them with a past karma to gauge their confidence since these people have been over confident in their past lives.

Saturn creates a pattern in their life when it comes to relationships.

It will subject them to toxic people and narcissistic folks until they are broken down and realise their mistakes.

They are forced to see backlash when they take decisions by impulse and they cannot run away from the consequences of their actions as Saturn ensures that they will be subjected to that despair here and now itself.

Saturn makes them super insecure about their appearances.

Either they are gaining too much weight or loosing too much weight but there is no balance.

They struggle with maintaining balance in life in general owing to Saturn aspecting seventh house from here too.

They actually can work a lot on themselves to transform their bodies and become gym savvy as well.

Saturn wants discipline from them when it comes to their career and friendships so they cannot form attachments with friends too much otherwise they see people drift away fast too.

A perfect remedy for Saturn in First House (1H) is when dealing with people, try to be an empath where you step into their shoes and try to understand varied perspectives than forming rigid opinions with your quick sense of judgement.

Saturn in Second House (2H)

Saturn here gives weird relationships with your family.

You crave their recognition, you crave their acknowledgement especially the father side family and never get that love which you truly deserves.

You find solace in your in-laws more who you feel understand you better though not to the full extent that you expected but then again by the time you get married, you have stopped hoping from people.

Saturn is all about despair when it comes to early childhood.

You have been an introverted child who tries to find solace in many finer things of life and have struggled to make friends early kindergarten.

You were searching for love at your home but you found that in strangers and the outside world that made you feel even more sad sometimes.

Until you stopped expecting from the people back at home that they will ever give you that worth which you deserve, you were quite dissatisfied.

You eventually prefer to separate out of family but still there is this sense of responsibility you impose on yourself to be their provider that makes you emotionally emotionless.

As much as you want to be emotionally involved with your family, all you see is that they misunderstand your statements and then misinterpret your intentions that pisses you off a lot.

A good remedy for this placement is to not help out people in your family without setting up the right expectations and ask your worth from them else take the hard decision of shunning them for your own sanity.

Saturn in Third House (3H)

A good placement for forming loyal friendships as you are really driven like a fighter towards people you love.

Saturn in Third House (3H) gives you a large friend circle but do you really want it?

You are insecure about your friends who do not stay with you.

Constant change and relocations whenever you see yourself getting attached to friendships.

Too much short term travels that exposes you to meet many new people and you feel burned out.

You are the person who wants to sit quietly in the bus with your earphones on and the world comes to nag you until you lose your trigger point.

Short tempered with your friends but admired like a charming advisor to them, you are indeed blessed with a good set of people but only when you are in denial about their existence which is sad.

As such, you need to embrace as a remedy that networking without someone else bringing something for you on the table is stupid.

Saturn makes you that silent communicator who does not want to speak but wants to observe and gives you that scary stare that people hesitate to mess with here.

Saturn in Fourth House (4H)

Challenging relationships with your mother is foreseen here very actively as you are always tempted to fall for her love.

She sometimes misuses you at later age or you feel not valued enough in early childhood craving for her love.

Blessed with a lot of properties or riches in general, you are lucky enough to have a childhood that is resourceful but do you feel a sense of belonging in middle of these luxuries and comforts?

You are suffocated at your home and want to get out to create your own home or space.

Self-reliant and very independent who would rather prefer to starve to death than accept help from someone else, you just want yourself to come on the top.

Mothers play a pivotal role that can either make or break you down either way you reconstruct up yourself until you stop craving validation from her.

You become splendid parents yourself as you know what happens when a parent fucks up?

So, you ensure that it does not happen to your kids or you do not want kids at all if 5H is afflicted.

A remedy for relationship navigation through 4H Saturn is to pray to Maa Durga and seek her blessings to gain better diplomatic control over your life.

Saturn in Fifth House (5H)

Saturn makes you super insecure about your intelligence.

You want to learn more and more but all you get back is more imposter syndrome as you feel you are not good enough.

This is fundamentally different from Jupiter in the Fifth House (5H) which also makes you crave knowledge but you are more likely to have an ego about your knowledge.

Here Saturn instead pushes you to see that people around you are actually smarter than you.

You will intentionally pick up workplaces and people around you who are smarter than you and then you will complain why are you suffering?

In reality, this is a subconscious choice that aids you to move on and rise a lot because you always see people above you and do not bother about people beneath you intellectually.

You are hard on your kids as you expect them to be the best!

You want to be stern just that they realise the value of things but you need to realise there are more than one ways of parenting and you need to have attachments.

You do not want to develop active attachments to a single subject of learning and you keep on experimenting.

This reflects even in your parenting style when you are sometimes a tiger parent who wants to be the task master and inculcate too much discipline into their child or you are the softie when you spoil them rotten.

People are jealous of you, yes! Unbelievable, right?

You develop so much imposter syndrome but when you speak to others you just give them the fear of missing out (FOMO) given your vast knowledge base that intimidates them truly.

Saturn in the Fifth House (5H) makes you a very suspicious person in general as you cannot easily trust others but the interesting point being that the suspicion comes back to you as well.

People are always finding you to be hiding something or just judge you to be slightly mysterious.

This irritates you a lot as there is an acute difference in being reserved and being arrogant.

People see your silence as a weakness instead of acknowledging that you just are in your own space.

It is only when they get to know you that they come to realise how sorted and humble you are as a person.

Saturn gives you a very romantic demeanour in relationships contrary to what others expect.

This is a placement which is always chasing reserve for who only deserves.

You silently sacrifice for the other person and wait for acknowledgement but it will not come to you so you eventually develop a fear of commitment that makes you not open up and be romantic with just anyone.

For starters, this comes as rude to some people who do not understand you and to be honest, you are not even bothered to make them realise your worth.

A quick remedy for the 5H Saturn from relationship point of view is to always be ready to adapt to new areas and people than developing an inertia for same set of people.

Saturn in Sixth House (6H) Relationships

This placement honestly is much more favourable and does not strain your relationships with the maternal side of family contrary to popular belief.

Saturn in the 6H will be an enemy slayer and it will subject you to despair by making you work a lot and you will see that you are still not able to overcome your competition.

This is a placement that likes to play a late innings in life which means that you are a person who will see true success at a later point in life.

For example, you were interested to pursue engineering but you could not crack a top institute exam and then you ended up at a lowly place.

However, you worked up your way to eventually get into a company with same prestige as any student passing out from that top institute but then Saturn favours luck here so always cherish it.

You need to realise that you are quite often cheated by people.

You are prone to misunderstandings and you have a late recall about your emotions.

This placement also makes you a little clumsy since you are always careless and chill about your life.

You always see growth curve exponentially in life as you are bound to face overwhelming competition from your colleagues no matter where you go.

Many a times, the enemies or competition here drives even your life choices as you tend to emulate what they are doing and then try to beat them at their game.


Always realise that you need to realise your own purpose and not chase what others are chasing incessantly.

It will not help you if you try to beat them at their game, know innately that you need to change the game itself to beat them!

You are emotional but have a delay onset about your emotions as you struggle with expressing that to someone.

You try to be humorous but honestly any Jupiterean beats you at that any day that frustrates you a lot.

You enjoy finer things in life and even get a great career growth slowly but if you do not maintain patience and question your conviction, it is all over.

You always self-doubt yourself and Saturn even makes your choices hard that causes analysis paralysis all day long within you.

You try to see your life through serving others.

You gain a lot if you help out other people without expectation.

Saturn in 6H shows you have pending karma when it comes to serving others so if you do not serve others then you see overwhelming state of mind that causes anxiety in you.

That is why, you subsconsciously try to keep yourself busy all the time!

You advocate constant learning, constant job and are very rigid about your opinions which means that no matter you are wrong, you just want to find excuses and examples to support your reasoning.

Honestly, this is both good and bad!

Good because you are always driven by your principles, bad because sometimes you need to learn to adjust that attitude and accept you are wrong otherwise it backlashes to you only!

You make a cordial co-worker and this is beautiful in you so always be that cheerleader for your colleagues!

Stay tuned for much more about karmic relationships with people through Saturn.

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