Decoding Mysteries of Past Life & Instincts through North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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The North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu are the optimal indicators in Astrology to understand one’s detailed purpose, attachments and fears within this lifetime.

Planet Rahu represents our inner desires that the person chases this life as they have been deprived of the same in their past life.

Planet Ketu represents our detachments and the abilities which we are natural at! Hence, we are disinterested in themes related to Ketu but when we overcome our fear of failure, all we see is abundance.

North Node Rahu in First House (1H) and South Node Ketu in Seventh House (7H)

North Node Rahu & South Node Ketu are not just shadow planets but represents the essence of our past karmas representing our unfulfilled wishes & what we already achieved respectively.

North Node Rahu is an amplifier catalyst which makes the person crave desire fulfilment as it’s a karmic incompletion in their past life North Node Rahu in 1H isn’t considered to be auspicious, the person undergoes an identity crisis in initial stage of life & late bloomer in learning.

The person suffers from lack of self esteem & confidence constantly craving for people to acknowledge them

They usually become rebels due to this fear of being maltreated by society & sometimes lead society revolutions too as they admire things shunned by society

The person is deprived or undergoes suffering in terms of initial education, they start learning later sometimes even speaking comes late to them when they are young.

Later in life they become very flamboyant & enhance their communication ability like none other as they want to take charge, take responsibility voluntarily and work to see themselves become the authority.

They may be seen as cruel, or very prideful & arrogant folks but actually that is to hide their insecurity about lacking a sense of belonging in society.

It takes a very special person to decode and make such a person with Rahu Ketu axis in 1H-7H vulnerable.

They crave admiration for being different from others but sometimes become downright rude to even those who help.

Health issues come to them very easily & many a times they have some issue with their bodies too either overweight or underweight nothing in middle.

They learn to handle this insecurity slowly as they become confident about their physical appearances & accept it as is later even though yes, they despise it themselves many a times.

Very headstrong folks, what sets them apart is their consistent efforts as they are craving recognition & lack natural knack for learning skills so they eventually become very hardworking surpassing others in terms of intellect & gathering information later in life.

They may have speech defects initially but become charismatic later in life.

They may become validation seekers that is dangerous for them as they invite negative energies & jealousy from others due to their show off tendencies.

They have very prominent facial features and are noticeable by people in fact many a times they simply crave that attention as well.

They are happy making others jealous and this actually is a great gift to them if they channelise this energy to become a task master and get the works of others also done by their management capabilities.

This is a tricky placement as the Rahu is so self-obsessed with enhancing their individuality that the person may become detached from getting into relationship or if they are in any then they usually tend to ignore the other half very often sometimes even separation.

They aren’t lucky in partnerships with others & may often face losses in business or get cheated by people due to their ease of trusting others eventually they shun off from idea of relationships & prefer solitude over finding a sense of belonging.

With all the problems in dealing with people it brings, the silver lining is that the person develops a very keen gut instinct in guessing the notions running within minds of others very intuitively.

They can see who’s a cheater, who’s betraying them seamlessly and yet have a tolerance and eventually this tolerance only backlashes on them.

Being rebellious does not come as a natural instinct here rather it is a spontaneous reaction developed in a subconscious mind when they face rejection and condescension from the society.

The very society which advocates integration and promotes networking is the one who betrays or looks down on them that makes them take charge of themselves obviously.

Very common to see such people being abusive as well despite tolerance only if Sun is not strong otherwise their patience is off the charts.

It doesn’t necessarily mean separation in fact relationship is something they have brought in as a past life karma so they have a natural knack for mingling with people.

One who accepts their proclivity of being different from others gets a lot of love from these folks

It is challenging for others to gain access to their love because these folks randomly may shut off themselves & sometimes you will feel that they are being selfish but again they are hiding their insecurity & they genuinely enjoy solitude so can’t help that.

When the other person tries to understand these folks & their need for having a personal space even within a relationship then they actually thrive at keeping connections.

The mantra of sharing everything with your better half doesn’t apply to these folks actually and to be honest it is healthier that way.

When they have undergone many losses & learn from mistakes of trusting wrong folks, if they stop running away from this Ketu then they actually become very intuitive & smart business folks who knows how to make or break deals but may ride on someone else finance here.

Overall the North Node Rahu & South Node Ketu together here creates a craving for identity due to childhood trauma of late blooming.

Eventually it makes them charismatic but they may become so involved in solitude that others will perceive them as selfish with Ketu in 7H & shun them off in relations.

A word of advise for you folks would be to not shun the people who truly care for you.

You are going to become so work obsessed owing to the constant obstacles and downs you face in getting success that you eventually tend to stop priortising relationships.

This becomes even more frustrating if you have a good 5H placement that makes you a romantic person but you end up choosing practicality above indulgence disappointing your partner.

You are the person who advocates “I am doing this work to provide for you only, so why are you not loving me for this?”!

Yet, remember it is not always likely that the other person understands this thought process or in fact you may have neglected them so much without taking consent that they will drift away.

So, recognise this limitation and learn to balance life, Rahu is obsession and Ketu is detachment but your challenge in this life is to learn how you can balance between developing obsessions and yet do not experience complete detachment.

Why I said balance? Well, 7H is all about balance naturally ruled by Libra right?

So, take the hint, learn to prioritise everything!

I know you do not complain much to others even about your circumstances but try venting out sometime, would you?

Chances are you are going to find out someone who you can truly trust!

Also, it is a myth that Ketu in 7H causes separations! It does not!

It depends how you channelise this energy so use it wisely and trust me, if someone has a Moon Ketu synastry with you then there is no person better than them with whom not only you will share an eternal relationship but truly find an appreciative sense of belonging too.

The best remedy for this placement if it is impacting you negatively is to observe fast on Tuesdays.

Making donations to charity and specially donating black sesame seeds on Tuesday is also highly beneficial.

Refrain from wearing black or dark coloured clothes, especially on Tuesdays.

Prefer lighter and brighter shades instead even though we all know what you love to wear!

Mantra chanting remedies should be avoided unless you have taken Deeksha for the same but just for your knowledge, the Ketu Mantra is applicable for this placement: Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketave Namah!

Instead, if you want to heal your Ketu then worship Lord Ganesha with an open heart to seek his blessing especially if you are struggling with obtaining success.

North Node Rahu in Second House (2H) and South Node Ketu in Eighth House (8H)

A very intriguing combination where spanned across style of speech, greed for wealth, high inclination towards being secretive & interest in occult sciences.

North Node Rahu destroys the karaka (living significator) of house it is placed in while amplifying materialistic benefits associated with that house as iterated earlier too.

Second House (2H) Rahu gives a family which is different from others can be highly acclaimed or highly infamous, high being the common denominator here.

The person faces difficult childhood sometimes they suffer from huge nervousness when they need to talk & if badly placed then they stutter or their knees shake especially when it comes to public speaking.

They are innately afraid of expressing themselves at early age and to be honest even at a later age when they become too rude, they regret it later so they do not like to speak their minds aloud or rather they do it often to offend people!

As person grows up, they not only overcome their stage fright but also become absolutely public opinion swayers

Skilled debaters, excellent orators who have a very rustic sense of humour where they take digs on others often expressing themselves downright rudely.

Even though they may love their family, eventually as they grow up they slowly realise that they don’t mean well for them.

People will be jealous of even smallest wealth or materialistic success they attain & that’s why their Eighth House (8H) South Node Ketu makes them secretive & detached.

They eventually learn to not overshare their emotions, intentions & work with their family & sometimes even detach permanently only keeping their absolute closed ones within their radar of contact in life.

It may sound toxic but actually this is a practical decision!

That is their fate and yes, they desire family a lot but if the Second House (2H) is related to Fifth House (5H) or Seventh House (7H) then they will build their own families from scratch anyway.

Even with all the family problems, one thing that gives them sanity is food & consumption.

These are the folks who will be the menu setters for any parties by default in their friend circles.

People eat to live, Rahu in 2H folks live to eat!

They don’t believe in saving easily rather they are flamboyant wealth earners many a times they get linked to banking as occupation or enter fintech spaces owing to their natural ace in crunching numbers.

They earn like hell & spend at same rate as nothing is enough for them to be honest.

They have a usual than higher appetite & one very interesting fact about them is they don’t get high easily even with excessive alcohol consumption.

Advise to them is to stay away from addiction & habits of intoxication as they just feel find it as nice escape and since they actively like solitude sometimes, this just becomes a reinforcement for them that can negatively impact their health.

They judge people fast owing to their damaged childhood & intuitive South Node Ketu that loves to decode hidden depths being in Eighth House (8H).

They hate people who aren’t ambitious or don’t have a greed to multiply wealth.

They value materialistic success a lot in life usually and if you tell these people, materialism is not about money, then chances are they would just hit you back and ask you to reconsider!

They can be very good liars potentially to the level of conviction that they themselves start believing that their lie is actually truth.

Natural at being two faced they can easily hide things & know what & when people want to listen & they misuse this gift of theirs.

A good advise for them is to stop seeking validation from family.

You are awesome only when you value yourself & vibe as awesome not when you constantly seek validation from family for being praiseworthy.

It’s good for you to move away from home gives more success or rather you actually are compelled to anyway isn’t it?

This is a very misunderstood placement where people will tell you they die early or suffer from infertility or problems with their private organs too.

These folks so suffer from poor health often, struggles in life especially quick ups & downs but recover from it.

Being a malefic in a malefic house, South Node Ketu doesn’t let these folks relax giving huge anxiety especially when it comes to their ambitions & they undergo lot of transformations in life.

A classic researcher by heart who doesn’t realise their passion early in life

It demands depth, yes these folks detach from occult early in life because Ketu makes them scared & disinterested.

They undergo hard circumstances in life that compels them to transform & they are actually natural at it.

Later age they reach a pinnacle status in life sometimes by then nobody else to whom they truly love is with them anymore as people move away in their lives quickly.

Once the native learns that they cannot avoid problems & struggles in life, they learn to accept it & try to toxically embrace it without being suprised anymore.

This is what hits their transformation exponentially above all!

They are excellent at data analytics as they know money management, understand the nitty gritty of judgement and business.

Worse, they actually correlate numbers with emotions as well!

This means that they are pretty good at gut instinct and sometimes are naturally attracted to speculation related activities.

They ask WHY to everything!

They are curious to reach depths & mysteries that are not unravelled by others yet!

This placement wants answers & this makes them potentially very excellent astrologers sometimes, if not then extremely good intuition & research skills in any field.

These are the folks who tell you in childhood: “I want a doctorate title against my name”!

They get detached from society fast, they thrive at solitude & isolation as they see themselves multiplying their skills within it.

They are very doubtful about their skills in bed with relations even if other is satisfied, they will be perpetually dissatisfied always.

Spouse health is something they should take care of & many a times spouse brings in burden of health issues from her family members too They may not get much from their inlaws but they are definitely admired for their eccentricity by them always

Incurable diseases do come to them, if not incurable then something that is unusually occurring such as epilepsy, nervous breakdowns, phobias etc. Yet they actually recover over this & this is why they are natural at transformation like a phoenix reborn from ashes

The best advice to them is let your luck swing you & put you in struggling circumstances you can’t avoid it but you can embrace it & face it to see yourself becoming transformed into a completely new better version of yourself Perseverance is in your blood

The best spiritual remedy for this placement is to just submit all your will to Lord Ganesha Ketu is seen as a purpose less shadowy planet & when you embrace Ganesha, you attain a purpose & see your problems go away as Vignaharta (remover of all obstacles) shows you a path like none other.

For Rahu, you should refrain from gambling and focus on long-term investing!

Trusting your instinct only when there is insights backing the same is important here for remediating the Rahu!

North Node Rahu in Third House (3H) and South Node Ketu in Ninth House (9H)

Rahu drives the house of parakrama (efforts & hard work) who wants to do more smart work than hard work while Ketu sits in the house of Dharma (Spirituality) searching purpose!

This is one of the optimal placement for Rahu and Ketu indeed.

Rahu in 3H destroys the karakatva of siblings, friendships & makes the person gullible to trusting friends in early life who misuse them for their benefits.

If well-placed it causes reverse where the native misuse friendships for material gains at end of day destroying either way.

They are the people in childhood who knows the answers to the questions asked by the teacher but they are still nervous about the fact whether it is the right answer or not.

Preferring to stay quiet than expressing their opinion is usual for them and gradually this changes in life!

It craves friendships but has commitment issues & they will start behaving abruptly once they feel attached to someone whether it can be controlling tendency or testing out others loyalty toward them because they have had enough betrayal from friends in past.

The self-rejection tendency of childhood eventually makes them superb orators with Rahu as their communicator, they are splendid debaters.

Their style of debating is like a twisted fiend who would steal points from others & present an even better argument to them.

Rahu here helps them to approach problems in their life in a very strategic fashion.

They don’t believe in attacking any problem directly rather love to take a step back, study it, divide & conquer into small tasks & achieve results with smallest efforts possible.

It doesn’t give wealth but it blesses them with the energy that can be used to acquire materialistic gains easily through their structural way of thinking & communication.

Very often the make excellent sales people, with marketing skills & elegant way of expression indeed.

Unlike Rahu in 2H who loves to be rude, this placement makes them super diplomatic who will enjoy sugarcoating & destroying others through their speech waiting for the right time to strike.

They are very wicked but proud about it than feeling guilty.

Love for short travels, they will love travelling across their cities or towns exploring new people as a means to detox themselves & find solace in solo travel away from friends & life.

They are proper wanderers but prefer planned comforts than random itineraries.

They believe that things will somehow work out for them even with all the pressure & problems.

With this belief they actually are able to manifest their way out of tough situations in life.

It’s not easy to destroy their belief within themselves in their later life.

Ketu makes the person detached from father & elderly figures.

They are curious to learn but suffer from problems with father & gurus even dealing with elders in general.

They are respectful but will politely disagree with traditional ways of society.

They initially experience so much betrayal from friends due to Rahu in 3H that they don’t really incline toward spirituality in early life.

With time, they realise that the answer to their curiosity doesn’t lie within friends but within themselves.

They are fond of exploring all cultures & their spiritual beliefs.

They won’t define spirituality with a particular religion rather they will try to find the goodness in every path offered to them.

They are detached about Dharma but later life flips to believe in it.

They don’t have much attachment to their homes & usually love to separate out to travel to foreign lands find success there.

Recognition comes easier to them once they separate from homeland & they thrive in materialistic gains there too.

They hate taking help from others especially authority.

They will try to solve problems on their own, they offer help pleasingly to others but hate to ask when they need help & will detach away from people who don’t stand up for them without them asking in life.

A good habit they can inculcate in life is to read and acts as a powerful remedy.

When they read & increase their knowledge database of mind then they feel sanity & it helps them stimulate a sense of rejoice within them.

They hate working under pressure & want to be free birdies who learn on own.

They are not much fans of learning from others rather they believe they can their own gurus not that they will disrespect others but they have a conviction over their own experiences than relying on someone telling them about it.

Make mistakes & learn from it is way forward for you always.

Overall 3H-9H North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu axis gives a lot of benefits despite being unlucky with friends, siblings & elderly, they enjoy assets, a drive to learn & many a times good success from foreign lands.

A culture explorer who can teach you through details about their life journeys indeed!

Even though remedies are not needed for this placement, but keep a silver ball in your pocket if possible.

North Node Rahu in Fourth House (4H) and South Node Ketu in Tenth House (10H)

This is a very influential placement whether good or bad that’s different but is very karmic ruling over both kendras (central houses 1H or 4H or 7H or 10H) one questioning your satisfaction constantly while detaching your from your purpose of life: karma.

It provides you with a huge need for intimacy with your mother & craves attachment with homeland as it’s an unfulfilled wish of yours from past life but whether your mother reciprocates this love is difficult.

You may even have toxic experiences with her as well.

You will crave for material assets forever there will be no end to it, you will have absolutely no satisfaction no matter how much assets you multiply & this influence will be even higher being Kendra bhaav.

It’s not bad for these times but may give anxiety a lot.

Apart from destroying the karakatva of the house in which Rahu sits in, it also shows the challenge you need to overcome as you will be lost in the illusion posed by this house always 4H Rahu illusion you to chase material things as sign of validating your happiness.

No way we should demonise chasing material assets because you have a due responsibility to fulfill toward family & this Rahu does that very well, no matter how toxic relation you may have with family you are still their provider & people accept this about you mostly.

The problem doesn’t lie in chasing materialistic assets but the illusion of not being able to see through true essence of materialism which is devotion.

You are way too devoted to acquire assets but ask yourself question are you ever satisfied?

Mostly it will be a resounding No!

The person values money & activities that make or multiply money especially with sense to obtain material comforts in early stages of life.

These are the people who will cry but prefer to cry about it sitting in a Ferrari Jokes apart it’s intrinsic in their nature.

As life transitions, these people slowly start realising that chasing material growth all the time didn’t exactly provide them satisfaction they were hoping for.

So, now they resort toward understanding what true materialism means & tries to find purpose with Ketu 10H.

Lakshmi isn’t only all about money she represents true materialism which involves purity of heart & unquestionable devotion (bhakti).

It may not be spiritual but in general the ability to persevere & provide growth to loved ones that’s what they realise with times.

When they realise we have no satisfaction from multiplying assets that too has given them so much anxiety due to lack of satisfaction then they search for purpose through the purposelessness imparted by 10H Ketu finally in life.

Slowly they learn to control anxiety.

It can make one very jealous of others infact not in a toxic way they want to forge ahead of people for chasing growth.

They don’t have any interests initially in fact they keep exploring different things in life but actually they make earning money as passion.

Anxiety is at peak as they feel worthless very quickly & undergo too much mood swings & can make them extremely lusty also sometimes.

They take frustration out by inducing in amorous activities sometime but on societal level they keep image very clean being 4H.

10H is all about the purpose of our lives: the karma for which we are here & Ketu detaches you from that, since they make money as passion early life.

They don’t realise what is their interest & are lost in illusion of the fact that their interest in material growth.

The fact that they love to show off this tendency of growth is high since Rahu wants validation of its achievement but innately they realise at subconscious level whether they are actually doing what their passion is as it’s undiscovered for a long time.

They become their own boss very fast as these folks enjoy not working under someone.

They want independence as they are searching for their purpose in life & realises it late.

This causes a huge flip of beliefs in their life this isn’t a belief system of 9H but karma.

The flip of their life is to obtain purpose, attain recognition from people about their works Ketu here gives very good reading & writing skills even if it comes with lethargy & unenthusiasm.

Since they have explored so much they pen down experiences as well.

They always try to make their experiences as their bread & butter usually a lot of social media influencers come in this category.

They enjoy being different & love expressing themselves in a way society hasn’t seen before this makes them popular in first place.

Let’s not forget even though Ketu makes one detached but eventually this is what we are natural at in life as well so these folks have already done a lot of karma & when they start putting efforts despite initial setbacks, gives a huge growth to them like none other.

Lots of purposeless exploration whatever happens comes exponentially & not linear always that is the pattern of Ketu, it has very 8H vibes to it.

So, growth in career comes sudden to them with no results initially in life & lot of frustration as well!

Lots of times they feel sudden downs in career.

Even when things are working fine, they will question that something is suspiciously wrong & I am not satisfied.

They may feel sense of worthlessness from time to time.

This anxiety is peak lifetime always.

The best remedy is to instil a habit of consistency because once you develop consistency in something you will not be bothered about fruits & will get satisfaction from process.

This isn’t 6H routine since you procrastinate a lot rather anything you do be consistent.

Many a times there’s a lacklustre relation with father & you feel that they have contributed less in your life or even loss of father due to which you are attached to your mother mostly It’s important to keep parent relations in check well with this placement.

This placement of Rahu in 4H & Ketu in 10H naturally feels to separate from homeland even if things are working out well there but not necessarily foreign land just resetting within same country somewhere.

They want to be close as well as far at the same time & it works well too!

The best remedy for this is that you always keep your house clean and never let negative energies inside your home.

Worship Lord Ganesha in the West side of your house for prosperity.

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