Through the Lens of Love: Beyond Perseverance Decoding Venus in All 12 Houses of Astrology

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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What does Venus represent?

Venus is only known to be a planet that advocates love and romance as well as rule over materialism and our overall satisfaction.

The truth is much beyond that to be honest!

Venus is all about our survival and provides the strength to us to revive as well.

Venus grants the power to revive to a person if it is well-placed.

Many advocate that struggle finishes when a Venus is well-placed but actually Venus advocates perseverance.

Those who persevere will gain more from Venus. This is a shared trait with Saturn as well due to which Saturn exalts in the sign of Libra owned by Venus.

Saturn provides you luxuries and comforts when you put in the effort while Venus rules over whether you gain satisfaction and enjoy from all these luxuries.

The attraction Venus grants is beyond what any other planet can gift you with!

Venus makes you attractive to people who want to come and talk to you.

This is fundamentally different from the beauty granted by Moon which relies completely on aesthetics and purity of heart.

Venus grants you diplomacy, it knows how to resolve conflicts and the feminine energy of calmness is strongly associated with Venus.

Many say that Venus is easy to interpret & promotes aesthetic and love.

My only solo opinion to this line of argument is that Venus is as complicated to understand as it is to interpret what a woman wants.

That is the beauty of the same!

Let’s explore the beauty, love, aesthetics, materialism and perseverance of Venus in all 12 different houses of Astrology!

Venus in First House (1H)

Irrespective of the sign, when Venus enters your First House (1H), it grants you with the power of charming others and absolutely wild attraction!

Whether you misuse this or channelise it to help others is a different matter altogether.

Venus in the first house grants the power to stabilise life.

It provides you a unique blend of self-love and understanding your needs truly.

Unless Venus is driven by Virgo here, the person is actually selfish not in the wrong sense.

The person prioritises their needs over others. They are delightful in social gatherings and are known for their talking skills.

The person is devoid of satisfaction and it comes very rarely to them as they make it their aim of life to associate their individual identity with their materialistic worth.

They are quite hygienic unless having Ketu influence over them too much.

Venus advocates a system of order and these people love to be systematic in their approach.

They are fond of clothes, outings and hanging out frequently, anything that involves them enjoying luxuries.

One very interesting characteristic of Venus in First House (1H) is the person develops a fear of social isolation.

They cannot live alone or rather they get super depressed if they are left alone by others.

Even if they might be introverted due to Saturn or Ketu influence, these people would still advocate the importance of staying in a gathering or putting effort to find a sense of belonging with others.

Sometimes, this can backlash onto them because they just hang out for formality and do not feel a strong sense of belonging with others.

This can lead others believing that they are selfish and they are prone to hurting others.

Venus can grant them fondness of music especially various art forms.

If other factors supports them, then they even become experts in learning these art forms but anyhow even without it, they are quite fond of it.

They are generous folks but have this habit of constantly asking what is there on the table for me?

They will not help others unless they see some advantage coming back to them.

This does not hold true if the person is also having a 6H or 12H placement along with this, but overall still there is a sincere expectation of reciprocity in these folks irrespective.

They get offended very quickly, especially when someone attacks their insecurities.

Venus in First House (1H) makes the person a fake it to make it person.

They have a habit of showing they do not care when actually they care a lot.

They are bohemian in expressing themselves so you would constantly see these people not even explain what upset them.

They rarely like to ask for forgiveness if they have done someone wrong but actually they try to make it up through their actions.

People with this placement of Venus in First House (1H) are also prone to immoral activities.

They are blessed with a high libido and they usually suffer from skin issues that they hate if Mercury is either influenced by Mars or is not placed or is placed in fire signs.

These people hate dependencies on others but the problem is that they actively seek favours from others.

You can say they are ungrateful to favours many a times becoming almost hurtful toward people who helped them because they have a habit of asking: Who told you to do this for me?

They are also prone to intoxications but it does not honestly suite them.

Venus in First House (1H) makes the person crave a rise in status through their material worth. They love hoarding money and are miser in general.

They are always seeking romantic relationships but always denying that when asked because they are insecure about their emotional expression.

If Mercury does not support them, they can come out as thankless people to others but the truth is that it is hard to understand them for others too.

They need to balance their relationships and friendships quite well and sometimes they have to think beyond their own self.

Becoming narcissistic is quite common with Venus in First House (1H) as well but they may have a keen sense of style and a desire to present themselves in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Fashion and grooming may be of particular importance to them unless Venus in sign of Saturn or Jupiter.

With Venus in the first house, relationships play a significant role in shaping the individual’s identity.

They may derive a sense of self-worth and fulfilment from their relationships, and their personal identity may be closely intertwined with their experiences in love.

Venus showers a lot of promise to their relationships here as the seventh aspect of Venus falls on the Seventh House (7H), the house of relationships itself.

They are blessed with a keen business acumen as well and they try to derive profits very pragmatically in their pursuits.

However, they cannot do business themselves as they need to first learn acceptance and trusting others while narrowing down their obstinacy and stubborness.

They hate confrontations, honestly owing to the aspect of Venus on diplomacy house!

They just cannot face or confront truth or people in general so they escape away from discussing hard situations in life constantly which may even see them lose some genuine connections.

There is no need for remedy for Venus in First House (1H) as such except the fact that think to view perspectives beyond your own self and then see the magic happen, you muggle!

Venus in Second House (2H)

One of the most promising placements of Venus if it is not afflicted is Venus in the second house (2H)!

Venus grants a unique blend of high family heritage, great wealth and a very sweet speech to the native.

Venus can gift them a high libido here as well but more than that they are blessed with a high capacity of consumption.

They can eat all day, drink all day and this acts as a double edged sword because these folks are prone to addictions but at same time there is no one in world who enjoys luxuries and comforts to full extent than them.

They are usually blessed with a lot of inherited wealth too owing to the seventh aspect on the Eighth House (8H) of the native.

The native is interested in quick gains and money making opportunities as well but they should be very careful about the risks that they are going to take up.

The native may indulge themselves into a lot of risk when it comes to investments and if Mars is too prominent in the chart then impulse based decision making is even more possible.

A Martian influence over this Venus either if Venus is in Aries or Scorpio or Venus is aspected by Mars here will also make the native prone to impulsive decisions that can lead to losses through their investments if they overestimate the risk.

The person has a sweet speech and they are usually afraid of confrontations.

This does not mean that the person tries to escape or run away from their responsibilities but simply they just do not enjoy confronting people or telling the truth on their faces.

They become very people pleasing as well if they have a Jupiter in 7H along with this placement that increases their tolerance even when they are being subjected to toxicity by others.

It is hard for others to see their struggles and acknowledge it as they are always accused of either being in complete enjoyment or are viewed as having fun all the time due to their natural knack for attracting jealousy from others.

Venus in second house (2H) grants the person a good family as well but they will be having a blind eye towards their paternal side family even if they act toxically.

Such people have a habit of never questioning their family out of love so even when their family is driving them in the incorrect direction or acting toxically towards them, they will still accept them and have a high tolerance for all these matters.

Venus does provide them with the ability of survival in this placement especially given its seventh aspect to the Eighth House (8H) provides longevity to the native as well and power of revival from even the chronic diseases.

Things change drastically if the same person has a Eighth House (8H) placement depending on many other factors too.

Venus grants them with wiseness in handling money but at the same time they should prevent themselves from giving away debt to others because they hesitate asking their due worth back fearing spoil of relationships here.

If the person has an afflicted Sixth House (6H), then it works in favour of the person to provide monetary help to others because then they will get back their due worth and much more.

Venus in the second house suggests a love for comfort and pleasure.

The individual may seek to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home environment and may be willing to invest in things that bring joy and beauty into their daily life.

They will hate routine in life as they want to always just go with the flow.

They want excitement, adventure and low-key innately even desire wild situations owing to the aspect to Eighth House (8H) as they love adapting to panic like situations too.

The silver lining is that if the Eighth House is not afflicted then these work in their favour but if it is afflicted then they actually undergo a lot of struggles that can be potentially converted to opportunities as well.

Venus here truly wants the person to understand the deepest meaning of materialism and not associate their worth with their financial status but rather make them realise that they need to acknowledge their efforts more than what they get as results out of it.

Venus in Third House (3H)

A blind love for their younger siblings, this placement gives the person a lot of responsibility.

You will see these people stand up for their friends, love with a very pure heart and then see people fading away from their lives.

Venus wants them to understand the significant difference between ephemeral relationships and true sense of belonging which they struggle to differentiate between in their initial years.

Such people are widely helpful to others sometimes going even out of comfort zone to make sure that the other person is comfortable.

They are wonderful advisors as well and very spiritual too.

They will try to understand the intricacies of dharma, are very righteous as well and love drawn to visually appealing books, art, or other learning materials too.

The overall atmosphere of the learning space is likely to be important to them owing to the seventh aspect of Venus on Ninth House (9H) that makes them focus on research and higher learning irrespective of whether they pursue any degree or not.

They are very soft communicators and have the ability to charm others very easily.

If Mercury influences this Venus then they become excellent marketers as well.

They have a knack to convince people and they are complimented to be charismatic and have the conviction to win debates or make people understand a truly different perspective about any subject that demonstrates that they are away from the crowd.

People want to naturally come and talk to them while they want to simply run away and not exactly develop attachments.

They will talk to everyone but sincerely hardly anyone knows the true personality that they are masking.

Venus does not give mysterious aura here rather gives a very defensive aura that does not want to be vulnerable to others easily as they have been burned more than once.

They are at the same time quite the lazy worker as they want more comforts and luxuries but do not want to put in that much efforts.

They are excellent at convincing people to their favour so they will always try to be someone who is not an executor rather a manager.

They have excellent late age and are blessed with good family.

They may become very close to their grandchildren than even their own children which is also quite a blessing and sometimes they are helped by their grandchildren much more than their own children.

They want to be forever young as they enjoy being the centre of attraction and attention for people younger than them so they do not age maturely rather like to keep their inner child intact which is really beautiful.

A slightly difficult placement for health sometimes they often suffer from low metabolism or immunity making them prone to cough and cold or simple health issues with ups and downs naturally.

You crave a sense of belonging but do you actually enjoy the company of people? I know difficult question but think about it once and then you will know the remedy yourself indeed.

Venus in Fourth House (4H)

When the satisfaction causation is entering the house of satisfaction, well very easy to point out either you are having a lot of wealth and possessions that make you satisfied or you do not possess much but you are still happy about it.

This is the happy flow of Venus in the fourth house (4H). Apart from the usual material possessions and assets, a loving and doting mother is something that is a blessing for such folks.

The mother of the native plays an influential role in their lives sometimes to the extent that their lives are controlled by how their mother shapes it for them.

Very good placement to involve one in bhakti and devotion towards Maa Durga or Mahalakshmi as they see results quicker than others and already have the knack of past karma supporting their prosperity.

They are lucky enough to dodge difficult situations in life and usually do not have to struggle much but the struggle they go through is less known.

It is very easy to be overshadowed by family when Venus comes into the Fourth House (4H).

The person usually have a legacy within family with expectations to follow the same whether it can be a family business or a league of people being in the same profession but what if you do not want to follow the same ideal path?

Well, that is when the Venus here gives struggle.

It blesses you with prosperity and wealth but whether you accept it or not depends on other factors.

Prone to imposter syndrome as well, Venus in the Fourth House (4H) can really give goosebumps to the person with anxiety if they cannot associate their achievements with themselves without any family support.

The person enjoy the luxury of having many women and support of women in their lives.

They should have utmost respect for the women in their life and it is important for them to embrace help rather than associating that with their overthinking and insecurity.

Venus in Fourth House (4H) gives a powerful career as well to the native as the seventh aspect of Venus shines their karma and midheaven (10H).

The person is blessed materialistically and are lucky enough to do their own business as well with support of family if the Seventh House is associated with the Fourth House (4H) or Venus.

The person is also very indulging into comforts, has a high capacity for drinking and enjoys spending money on self-care.

They benefit by spending on themselves and are doted by their mothers especially a lot compared to others.

The person becomes very anxious if they face anger from others and are pretty sensitive as well.

These are the set of people who you do not have to complain or tell anything twice as they know what their responsibilities are and will take them very seriously as well.

If you scold such a person then they become very sensitive and sentimental so one should refrain from criticising them as they are prone to get hurt.

They have a motherly care toward the people they love as well.

These are the set of people you would see scold their friends like a mother if they do something wrong.

No need to remediate such a beautiful placement but do make sure that you do not mind people trying to rattle you as you are exquisite so never question your self-worth and take criticism constructively.

Venus in Fifth House (5H)

What a romantic and passionate placement this is!

Venus in the Fifth House (5H) makes the individual approach love with a sense of playfulness, creativity, and joy.

They may enjoy the thrill of romance and seek to express their affection in creative ways.

If you ever get a doubt about colour choice or what to wear, you do call some person right?

Well, that person usually has a 5H Venus!

They have an explicit design sense and they are beautiful when it comes to understand and interpret the deepest meanings of aesthetics.

They can actually make very good fashion or self-branding businesses.

They have a deep knowledge about intoxication products as well irrespective of whether they actually consume it or not just a guilty pleasure enthusiast.

They become excellent healers, doctors and counsellors as well because when people talk to them they feel comfortable and much better.

If moon is not well-placed it is difficult for such people to become doctors especially if the Sixth House (6H) is not strong enough.

They are having a higher than usual libido but they actually channelise it through proper channels to make sure that they are not being impacted by it negatively.

One sided love is common with this placement.

They develop obsession with the people who do not love them back easily as they love people who play hard to get it.

Once they get someone, they just tend to feel bored quickly if the other person tries to develop an attachment and they do not gel with the vibe then they move on quick.

If the Eighth House is afflicted then satisfaction comes rarely to them and they are well-known to dig deeper into patterns making them great investigators and even engineers.

They make a lot of money if they help out others but they seldom do this without expectations so does not utilise its potential all that much.

They can have multiple affairs before they select the right one sometimes even post marriage or going into relationship as they want to try a level play field.

The person is always on the look for making quick monetary gains and they are actually lucky enough to achieve that as well.

Venus grants them great children and offsprings as well unless it is afflicted.

They are close to their children and enjoy their support as well quite a lot.

They find satisfaction in their lives through their children.

Many a times you will see such people view their incomplete dreams through their children but a word of advise to them will be to avoid imposing any expectations over their children and let them freely explore.

There may be a tendency towards drama or theatricality in self-expression.

The person enjoys drama, theatre, or performance arts, and they may find creative outlets in these areas.

They appreciate anything that helps them escape the banality of life.

If Rahu is in the 9H for such people, they become excellent social media marketers and make a lot of money out of it as well.

The partner such folks seek have to be willing to do mutual creative exploration just like them indeed.

The best remedy for such folks is stay away from addictions and never indulge into multiple relationships unethically to avoid any backlash.

You will see your life becoming abundant if you realise happiness is a state of mind and you need not impose expectations on your children to fulfil your dreams.

Venus in Sixth House (6H)

Venus in Sixth House (6H) is one of the most misunderstood placements indeed.

This placement is seen as a grey area by most of the Astrologers as many will point out this is the Maraka Sthana for Venus and hence, negative results come out of the same.

The flip side to this is that Venus is actually favourable from a materialistic and luck point of view here depending on terms and conditions applied.

Venus in Sixth House (6H) makes the person a very silent sacrifice oriented person.

They go out of comfort zone helping others and rarely will get any acknowledgement back from them.

They develop emotional biases toward people to whom they get attached with and the worst part is that many a times they sympathise even with their competition or people who do not value or them.

This is a “I can heal a toxic person” placement, frequently such people intuitively know that they are helping the wrong person but they still just go ahead in the hope of turning them over a new leaf that has a 1/10 probability and will often lead to disappointment only for them.

Such folks find fulfilment in service-oriented or helping professions.

They are inclined to contribute positively to their workplace, and their work may involve bringing beauty or harmony into the lives of others.

They make excellent relationship problem solvers and can even successfully run business that encourage match making or matrimoney.

This is a very Hello, I am Seema Taparia placement indeed!

Venus in the sixth house can manifest as a heightened awareness of health and well-being. They may be inclined to pursue activities that promote physical & mental & emotional well-being, and they might find joy in self-care routines.

They get bored of routines fast so they will try to find a spark in whatever they do.

Venus in Sixth House (6H) urges the person to try finding the job they will actually enjoy doing everyday rather than the job that they feel forced to do because routine gives them bliss only when they truly love what they do!

Venus in the sixth house (6H) may indicate a need to balance work and pleasure.

The person understands the importance of taking short breaks, enjoying leisure activities, and creating a work-life balance that contributes to overall well-being.

They take multiple travel trips and yes, expenses come to them naturally and sometimes even unwarranted.

Such people have an appreciation for detail and a meticulous approach to tasks and even smallest of work.

The person may take care to ensure that even the smallest aspects of their work are done with finesse and attention.

It does give health issues as well to the person especially if they become very emotionally biased and tries to help toxic people, Venus protects them by making them fall sick so they become physically incapable to help out the other party itself.

If Venus owns the third house (3H), eighth house (8H) or eleventh house (11H) along with Moon or Mars owning the sixth house (6H) then Venus gives poor results here or rather is compelled to give bad results.

This happens with the following permutation and combination:

  • Rising Sign is Pisces so 3H becomes Taurus owned by Venus and 8H becomes Libra again owned by Venus
  • Rising Sign is Leo so 3H becomes Libra owned by Venus and 10H becomes Taurus again owned by Venus
  • Rising Sign is Libra so 8H becomes Taurus owned by Venus
  • Rising Sign is Sagittarius so 11H becomes Libra owned by Venus and Sixth House is Taurus owned by Venus

Along with these, the Mars or Moon should be linked to the 6H then Venus here can give health issues and not be very upto the mark. However, they become competition slayers and earn a lot of money.

Now, at the same time if the following placement comes:

  • Rising Sign is Cancer that is Libra owns the Fourth House and Taurus owns the Eleventh House
  • Rising Sign is Aquarius that is Taurus owns the Fourth House and Libra owns the Ninth House
  • Rising Sign is Aries that is Taurus owns the Second House and Libra owns the Seventh House
  • Rising Sign is Virgo that is Taurus owns the Fifth House and Libra owns the Tenth House

In these cases, if Venus comes to the Sixth House (6H), it actually benefits them much more and gives really good results.

They may find difficult in searching a sense of belonging but if the partner has Venus in the 2H, 8H or 12H the compatibility increases but moreover if there is a Ketu synastry for such folks then it is an everlasting relationships.

From money point of view, if Rahu is in the 2H or 10H then these people become very rich and they reap a lot of rewards in their lives.

A further detailed overview of this placement is covered in my Maraka Sthana Series on Twitter that you can check out here: Click Here

A very good way to navigate Venus in 6H is to set aside your pleasures to help out others without expectations & a lot of materialistic gains will come back to you, then use these resources to invest your time in authentic people after setting aside your emotional bias to heal.

The person actually witness a very moody swing between phases of high libido & being asexual, it is very 0 or 1 for them here when it comes to enjoying physical pleasures.

The Venus in 6H rarely finds the perfect one is what they think, but actually they do get a very dedicated spouse if they overcome their fear of intimacy & unrealistic perfectionist tendencies due to their sacrificing nature, love is reciprocated to them easily.

Venus in Seventh House (7H)

Venus in the Seventh House (7H) is one of the luckiest placement for all the folks.

They are blessed with a diplomatic nature, have a knack of opportunity grabbing and seldom suffer economically in their lives.

The person is often charming, diplomatic, and socially skilled in their interactions with others.

They have a natural ability to create a pleasant and amicable atmosphere in their relationships.

For them, flirting is like yoga!

They are masters of being flirtatious and at the same time usually have a love marriage only if the 5H supports it as well.

Physical appearance and a sense of style may be important in their choice of partners.

These folks want a very attractive partner as the seventh house is also indirectly the image they want to project in the society not from purpose of work but rather from the lens of status symbol so they want a very creative and spellbinding partner to show off.

There is a deep-seated desire for partnership and companionship.

The person may feel more fulfilled when in a committed relationship, and they may actively seek a life partner.

Sometimes, this becomes problematic as they just want to be in a relationship just to cure their fear of social isolation that creates room for toxic relationship tolerance and many a times they end up hurting others as well with this tendency.

There is an emphasis on mutuality and shared experiences in relationships.

The person may value partnerships where both individuals contribute to the growth and well-being of each other.

The person is often well-liked by others and may have a wide circle of friends. They may also be adept at navigating social situations.

The person usually starts their own business or sometimes even has a family legacy business that they expand over.

Venus provides them a very beautiful aura but provides insecurity to them as well regarding their physical appearances.

These people will be very conscious about their societal image all the time trying to project a happy face and sometimes even fake happiness to be on the higher status.

This does lead to some depressive times as well because they find it hard to truly contemplate a sense of belonging with someone.

These people are well-known for being on the high all the time. They are also prone to addictions as they just go with the flow when it comes to partying.

They are very treacherous in terms of business. They can be overbearing on their subordinates and take advantage of them very well.

Venus here does not need to be remediated rather the person should focus on optimising their goals and having a keen sense of direction throughout life to maximise its potential.

Venus in Eighth House (8H)

A very interesting placement as it can make or break things just like the Venus in 6H has flip sides to it.

Very intuitive and by that I mean seriously very intuitive, they have the power to step into the shoes of others to understand their pain and would help them out if needed sometimes even against their will circumstantially.

Say for example, someone has this placement and they have a family member who is in problem then even against their wish they may actually provide monetary or emotional support even if they are not attached to them because of responsibility expectations from others who are actually close to them.

Excellent for inheritance if their 2H is not afflicted and they play their cards right.

A high libido indeed as they will always be interested to explore physical pleasures and sometimes use that to even understand the other person.

Venus here aspects the second house (2H) so they actually are soft spoken folks who enjoy expressing themselves more through actions and try to understand the person better at an intimate level rather just talk.

Venus here provides them a knack for obsession so expect these folks to be addicted either to intoxications or using their root chakra to delve into spirituality but the constant being they are high on anything!

They love digging deeper into lives of others, understand cultures, truly understand and interpret relationships better.

They are subjected to misunderstandings fast!

They would be accused by others to be disloyal sometimes but actually it is their insecurity of being emotionally intimate with anyone quickly as they fear vulnerability many a times due to childhood traumas as well.

Venus here shows pending karma for earning more wealth and handling panic situations so expect financial instability either sudden wealth comes to them or sudden expenses comes to them depending on disposition and other factors too.

They enjoy life to fullest as in they are impulsive.

Ask them do you want to go out for a weekend to unknown place with no clue about how to navigate?

They are going to say Yes!

No questions asked.

They are always trying to find humour even in dark situations sometimes others think this is a malicious characteristic in them and mistake them to be players when actually they are very sorted folks.

The worst trait of this placement is the Ketu cascading effect comes naturally due to 8H that they would not correct people even when they are misunderstood.

They are fine even when they are misunderstood and just move on ahead in life as if nothing happend.

A quick remedy for them is to worship Maa Lakshmi and keep their relationships with spouse and partners loyal and intact.

They should develop good habits and channelise obsession to spirituality.

Use your research ability to not create anxiety but create depth in knowledge.

Experts in learning occult as well, these folks make amazing astrologers if Venus is well placed in D20 chart as well.

Venus in Ninth House (9H)

Venus is a strong position here and makes the native quite lucky.

They have a knack for sharing knowledge and doing charity or service for others.

Venus makes them street smart as well because they give honest opinions unfiltered to people but sugarcoat it in such a way that the other person just keeps wondering what they did?

Did they compliment me? Or did they insult me?

They are sharp and have a witty side to them. They are having a rustic humour indeed but sometimes the jokes get too dank as well.

Venus here grants them the power to even do mantra chanting in depth.

They are quite adept at reading people and interesting part is they get to know when they are about to get betrayed but their healing tendency is like they would tolerate and allow it.

This is like a natural attraction to toxicity but they kind of deep inside want to feel helpless but overcome it as the dopamine boost here is what attracts them to healing others and alleviating their pain.

They want to learn more and more!

They gain properties and enjoy a good family inheritance.

They usually have a very good family business or legacy that involves expectations from them to join the same but they just want to do something else altogether.

They travel a lot in fact they enjoy travelling a lot as well.

You would see them take pilgrimages and roam around the world sometimes even work with foreign connections.

These people make very good consultants and have a knack for even mass mobilising people.

A prominent placement even in politics, these folks are lucky to get massive support from their friends and usually have a grudge or too deep emotional damage by their fathers.

They have polite disagreements with elders in family but they kill their desires to follow the traditional path or do what society expects them to do.

A very good placement for constant learning and getting more and more education, some of them become very good doctorates too.

A good advise for them is to not develop attachments very easily as you tend to be in a different zone of friendship compared to others and hardly this is reciprocated back so be detached slightly, although I know you won’t listen as stubbornness comes with this placement as well.

Be spiritual and uplift your world to the maximum potential, stay blessed that you already are!

Venus in Tenth House (10H)

The person is blessed with a calm aura and societal image as people look upto them for their patience and tolerance.

They have a keen sense of aesthetics, love for music, appreciation for fine arts and taste for luxurious food as well.

They enjoy silent gourmet dinners over wild parties and prefer to stay indoors doing yoga for being active than take up hardcore sports.

They develop a good knack for gambling as they earn a lot from it as well sometimes and the satisfaction that hits them when they are able to decode something with less probability is what keeps them going.

Speculation based activities attract them a lot but if there is 8H placements then they should have a risk check in place to avoid extreme losses.

They are intrigued by cinema a lot and will talk endless hours discussing their favourite actors and actresses in depth as they love to see the depth in the on-screen characters and have a wide appreciation for it.

They actually make very good social media bloggers and influencers as well because of their charismatic nature and not so usual analysis of perspectives about things that happen around them.

They are blessed with a rich spouse usually and enjoy the support of their mothers and family a lot sometimes even using them as an escape from responsibility.

This holds more true if the 6H and 12H are ruled by Venus as well and the 10H Venus is not afflicted.

If Venus signs Libra or Taurus rules the 1H, 4H, 5H, 9H, 10H (own sign placement) or 11H then the income sources are usually consulting, advisory and even working with people from foreign lands.

They are natural healers as people who talk to them feel so much better as if they induce a conviction in them with their positivity and flip perspectives.

They make excellent diplomats because they know when to speak what and when to shut up!

They enjoy support of the opposite gender in gaining throughout the life whether it is in form of monetary help or job referrals, it is sorted out for them through their network.

They impress people easily with their charisma sometimes even misusing it to their advantage.

If they have an afflicted 8H then sometimes this person also indulges in relationships and physical pleasures beyond their marriage unethically which they should avoid as they are making themselves prone to societal image destruction at a later point in time and will regret.

If Venus is aspected by Saturn or Mars here then the person may also find it cool to bend rules to earn income sometimes even resorting to criminal or illegal activities that they should avoid.

They can use their analytical skills to earn money easily through illegal means. They are adept at escaping law and if any malefic is present in the 6H then they do not even get jailed.

If Venus here is in the water signs of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio then they usually even travel foreign lands or even settle there itself.

They are very good at adapting to new places and love to keep themselves as not vulnerable to others by not falling for attachments easily.

It is difficult for such people to get over others so you cannot tell them to move on if they undergo a bad breakup with someone.

If Venus is in water sign then they may have vengeful tendencies too.

Venus in 10H should always stay ethical about their earning sources and even keep a close watch over their physical indulgence to avoid any backlash.

As such, this is a lucky placement unless they start misusing it!

Venus in Eleventh House (11H)

Venus in the Eleventh House (11H) is known for a well-earned and well-off income source blessed to the person.

They usually prefer to live a life of luxury and comforts surrounded by a network constantly changing.

They are excellent social media influencers, will have a keen sense of aesthetics much like Venus in 10H but unlike them who just have an appreciation for arts and finer things in life, these people go ahead and monetise it!

They will earn from business of such things or even start their own self-branding online to make a lot of money.

The best physical businesses suited for them is related to clothes, whether it can be selling silk, jute or cotton as well.

Blogging, youtube influencing and even tiktok sometimes are also the perfect places to find such people.

They are known to experiment niches very well so you would see them seldom being stuck in one area or field of interest rather they just are scattered across one and everything.

They are known for a big network but they should be careful about it because their network itself becomes their very enemy as well.

They are blessed with a good partner and excel at maintaining relationships but they should really take care of not faking their image in a relationship like they do to make friends sometimes.

It is important to be authentic to your partner so that she or he can have an acceptance and appreciation for the true you!

They usually have a rich partner as well and undergo one or more major breakups too before settling down with one partner.

They are greedy people in general and will always see what others are bringing to the table for them before they interact with them.

They would prefer to ignore people if they are not interested and sometimes they do this even to people they like as they want to play hard to get it.

Venus here is fine with addictions and these people indulge into intoxications mostly out of peer pressure so they should avoid loosing their individuality in the helm of their network.

The people with Venus in the 11th house may need to find a balance between their personal desires and the needs of the group.

They might be diplomatic in handling group dynamics and struggle with saying “NO” to others but the sooner they learn it the better their lives become.

People with Venus in the 11th house may enjoy social events, gatherings, and parties, where they can express their sociable and charming nature.

However, this is sometimes out of formality where you will see them holding a drink standing alone in a corner just for the sake of showing their presence.

There might be a tendency for these individuals to form romantic connections or meet potential partners through their social networks or group activities.

Since they are popular and well-liked by everyone they are crafty and sometimes indulges in relations even if they are committed.

They might have a strong sense of social justice and may be drawn to causes that promote beauty, harmony, and positive social change.

However, they want themselves to be flag bearer of that social change else they do not find the passion to drive the same.

These folks are blessed and should learn to never bow down to opinions of others rather stand for themselves developing an individuality of their own and not the one driven by public opinion for the sake of popularity.

Venus in Twelfth House (12H)

Venus in the 12th house suggests that the individual may have secret desires or enjoy pleasures in a more private or concealed manner.

They are known to be very intense seekers of physical pleasures and have a very high libido in general.

This is that silent person in the room staring at others without saying a word who is wild in bed and has questionable income sources as well.

The person is blessed with beautiful eyes, even if they are sad or angry and they try to hide it, their eyes are like subtitles if one knows how to read them.

They might be drawn to romantic fantasies and dreamy scenarios.

For example, it is common for such people to have proposal fantasies and expectations from their partners and if it is not manifested the way they want, they get dissapointed.

There can be a desire for a soulful, transcendent connection with a romantic partner as well.

The slightest pressure here on them about work just provokes them to escape from the world.

They are either not working at all or just escape away from reality as they do not want to follow societal conventions.

It is hard for them to find a suitable partner who can bless them with a sense of belonging as they will struggle to find the right one!

They innately have high expectations from the people who surround them even if they do not admit it as they themselves are always having a helping hand to them.

They go out of comfort zone to help others but if they give debt to people, they do not get the money back owing to Venus aspecting the 6H.

Frequent zone out from social settings is common as they go into a lazy self-introspection phase often to understand themselves sometimes randomly that may come out as rude to people who do not truly understand them.

If Venus is afflicted in the 12H then they actually make a lot of money but also have huge amount of expenses sometimes not their own.

They have a demanding mother side family owing to the aspect of Venus on 6H who may be jealous of them too.

They are good at mass mobilisation especially know how to navigate huge networks in their lives.

They will always indulge into more network but never get attached to any easily.

They are excellent artists who know and keenly understand aesthetics and the nitty gritty behind painting and fine arts too.

Interesting side of this Venus is that the person has less physical sex drive towards their spouse or if the person is a male then it gives less attraction to their female partners in general.

They are well-known to have multiple affairs outside marriage or they do not marry at all.

This Venus sometimes shows lack of interest in having kids as well but it still depends on spouse placements and desires too.

These people are very go with the flow types who enjoy to experience intensity only when their partner is indicating the same and they will never take initiative.

Very charitable as well, these people love to spend money not just on themselves but also on helping others too.

They will be secretive about their help to others so they attract either people who misuse them or people who genuinely love them.

It is a blessing to have such a person in life as a friend as well because they are intuitive and are well-known to have healing tendency when you talk with them.

They can use their intuition to their advantage if they decide to monetise themselves through multiple income sources or else they just drip into zone of intoxication and bad networking.

With this placement, you should always respect women otherwise things backlash for you fast!

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