North Node and South Node: Rahu and Ketu in All 12 Houses Part 2

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North Node Rahu in Seventh House (7H) and South Node Ketu in First House (1H)

This is a very karmic placement & at the same time has potential of swinging both extremes of good or bad especially when it comes to person individuality within their relationships & business.

Let’s understand it!

The person struggles with partnerships with anyone whether it is marriage or businesses or even day to day life dealing with people.

You will see yourself have a lot of trust issues & a hard time believing people for their words.

It paves way to lot of frustration too especially since you become vulnerable to others but it just does not happen the other way around, does it?

If Rahu is afflicted here, the relationship with spouse may also suffer, inadvertent delays in marriage comes & moreover this isn’t exactly a problem but rather a late realisation of need to get into relationship for the person as they are busy in early life a lot.

It creates some health issues for the partner & based on dispositor (fire sign – indigestion or pita roga, water sign – diabetic, air sign – indigestion & skin issues etc.).

You will have to take care of your partner more & many a times partner is very demanding too many a times.

Very ambitious spouse & sometimes they will have an unrealistic optimism that drives them to make wrong decisions.

The person may themselves become very impulsive if not under Jupiter influence, this Rahu can even cause some problems with multiple relations.

In no way 7H Rahu always leads to bad results or end up in cheating on relations!

It depends on many other factors of chart but in general if Rahu is very influential you will be very ambitious about your business goals that you may end up neglecting the partner that is why you normalise multiple partners.

This is a risk-taking rahu which will love indulging in higher risk appetite especially related to business even if you are not a direct entrepreneur you may end up investing on markets a lot in name of getting higher profits but if not careful lot of money losses too.

The bigger challenge here is to forsake societal image validation which comes hard to them.

Marriage for these folks is a way to get higher recognition in society & they actually elevate their status too through it but with life moves on they realise why bother?

At some point of time, they realise that they actually don’t care about people opinions since they have a Ketu in 1H they have a childhood trauma issue of not being acknowledged well enough for their early life & this paves way for seeking societal validation in 7H.

Once matured, this Rahu no longer cares about showing off their partner or businesses to people rather focuses intricately on themselves & are proud of their identity that they feel was lost in early stages of life owing to purposelessness of Ketu in 1H often.

They don’t like to mince words especially when investing in business or even talking about markets.

They like to call a spade, a spade & even though may come as harsh this is how their business acumen develops in life with straightforward attitude toward things.

The problem comes when they get fixated about their opinions especially leads to chaos & losses in markets as they don’t know when to give up & Rahu makes them illusive of profits even in direst conditions.

A flip side to this is they become immune to failures later in life.

Failures in life don’t affect them individually rather they are scared of the fact how society perceives their failure & whether their image got tarnished due to it.

It’s hard to understand these folks especially one who is in relation with them learn to embrace chaos.

For you the bigger challenge is to understand relationships as a grey area where it’s important to be with someone & learn to compromise than being right always.

Also, it’s important to have your own identity in relation but not at cost of traumatising other person!

The Ketu in ascendant causes lots of issues in early stages of childhood where the person feels neglected by their friends, traumatised by people & not able to understand harsh behaviour of others toward them.

They sometimes even get bullied if Ketu is badly placed here.

They believe in simplicity strongly even their aesthetic sense has an ascetic drive within it.

They love being simple don’t like to focus much on showing off & hate being centre of attention.

They like to slip past large crowds & have a natural knack for overthinking with that vivid imagination of theirs!

The person may have friends but still feel a lack of sense of belonging with them, infact it troubles them innately that why people aren’t acknowledging them?

They struggle to find individuality, fail to understand that their eccentricity is actually a gift to them.

Very good at finding depths within any task or work, extremely good critiques who can write down many limitations with scrupulous nature but won’t like to speak or present about it that’s different but as age matures they don’t mince words later.

They are intrigued by mysterious side of life not necessarily occult but yes that as well.

They enjoy researching insights into any topic given they will approach problems with:

What? How? When? Why? Curiosity is natural to them & they become avid readers!

They don’t judge others by their appearances, they firmly believe in judging people based on their vibe & intellect, being simple in appearances themselves!

They enjoy being acknowledged for their mind & capabilities rather than being appreciated for their looks.

An unfair trade off with this placement is you constantly feel worthless & hate yourself in early stages of life.

Society treats their eccentricity as if it’s a flaw & they crave this acceptance that’s why 7H Rahu is what they resort toward to elevate status!

You may suffer from vata problems in life owing to indigestion, constipation & gas due to over production of stomach acid & other gastric acid too within body.

It’s important to take care of your health while working as you tend to ignore it often due to being busy!

You surely need many a times in life where you will love to zone out & revaluate your entire life feeling purposelessness or that you ain’t worth to others.

However, reality is this is your innate insecurity people do love you & you are paining them by this sometimes.

Gradually you learn seeking acceptance & acknowledgement from everyone is not a good idea!

What matters more is whether the people you vibe & love reciprocate the same & whether you are being ethical with them too.

It’s important to value people than overthinking!

Overall Rahu in 7H & Ketu in 1H is difficult to navigate due to lack of direction & purposelessness in life!

Gradually you learn to overcome overthinking & channelise your simplicity to acceptance from people it heals for real & you enjoy acknowledgement from close folks too.

North Node Rahu in Eighth House (8H) and South Node Ketu in Second House (2H)

A very occult oriented placement which promises psychological transformation in life whether it is to become exceptionally great or a perfect serial killer.

Let’s understand this interesting placement!

It is brimming with the feeling to make quick money & get gains easily sometimes even taking unethical paths not necessarily illegal rather believes to extract maximum gains from minimal efforts.

Risk taking gamblers & extremely enthusiastic market trading placement.

They love to indulge in physical pleasures & see it as a way to vent out their frustration but at the same time connect with the other person deeply.

For them physical pleasures is a way to get to know the person better & they may not see it as a taboo like society.

Destroys the karakatva of 8H which is the inlaws & many a times the person has to even take care of their spouse health as it is a sensitive matter & they experience many ups & downs with spouse health apart from the health of their inlaws too.

Very karmic for them!

Experiences that are supernatural or paranormal are commonly seen here, with vivid dreams sometimes scary & traumatic where the person visualises things that are beyond imagination & many a times they end up normalising trauma even in real life owing to this.

They are so natural at picking up occult with a deep interest they can dig into the hidden subjects truly like none other but the challenge for them is to stay in ethical boundaries when exploring such sciences as they tend to not necessarily use it for good of others.

They get many benefits from inlaws side despite all the issues they develop with them.

They may quarrel with them but eventually get many resources & even inheritance from them.

They enjoy benefits of wealth multiplication post marriage many a times.

Sensitive placement for both mental and physical health because they suffer from trauma to the extend that they normalise it.

They may even suffer from hard to detect diseases such as epilepsy, nervous breakdown, seizures & fits that causes a lot of struggles.

It is truly karmic when it comes to transformation, the person changes & grows mentally every few or 2-3 years of life.

They become different versions of themselves, have a change of friends & environment constantly in life in fact forced into it without choice.

They may be frequently misunderstood about their speech & may even end up being downright rude to folks around them unintentionally that always causes them to come into ruckus.

They take things personally when someone hurts them as their feeling of depth is amplified.

When it matures, these people become very famous infact sometimes even infamous owing to swinging nature of 8H.

They are drawn to esoteric materialism & explore a whole new dimension extremely good data analysts & is a person who can feel by stepping into other shoes.

This Rahu isn’t evil it’s in fact misunderstood & many a times the energy is so high that the person is not able to control & ends up utilising it for unnecessary or poor purpose.

The best remedy for them is to learn to control desires but that is easier said than done.

They should definitely worship Maa Durga & seek her blessings because they will be able to channel their energy to materialism & make tons of money from this placement.

Greed is inescapable given the depth of this placement but greed is best when given a direction.

Post analysing their complete chart, a 9 Mukhi Rudraksha can help them heal their overthinking tendencies & provide them with a huge energy influx but beware this is a very enchanted Rudraksha as it represents Maa Durga herself & you have to be very ethical wearing it.

Lots of mismanagement of finances especially many struggles in wealth accumulation is seen by this placement due to which you tend to incline toward your Rahu to make quick money.

You are bluntly honest to folks around you & don’t like to mince your words talking.

You develop a sense of separation from family slowly in life sometimes if in conjunction with a malefic leads to complete separation from father side family.

If not too afflicted you will feel a sense of detachment from family in general & create boundaries with them.

It’s not that you don’t value money that will be wrong to say rather money doesn’t enchant you, for you wealth is a part of life that can be used to channelise wishes but your satisfaction lies beyond wealth in simplicity & consumption so you are greedy but humble.

You are indeed very good at scrupulously making choice of cuisines but usually prefer to eat less.

You enjoy scrumptious meals & know how to control yourself but the same doesn’t apply to physical pleasures in your case due to 8H Rahu.

Very renowned family usually people within family will be educationists, researchers & people acknowledged by society as different or eccentric usually.

They have a very different upbringing in childhood & that is why they love to be different too & proud about it.

You are a person of few words but when you speak, people listen even if you stammer because you always speak post a lot of research.

Your blunt attitude makes equal number of fans & enemies in life but it is how you are & others have to accept this to befriend you.

Overall you should not take too much risks with finances with this placement & keep things in moderation both in consumption or pleasures.

It’s important for you to control your overthinking & intuition with Rahu 8H & Ketu 2H Keep your mind clear & experience life transformation.

North Node Rahu in Ninth House (9H) and South Node Ketu in Third House (3H)

This is a placement that questions your very belief system & self-worth on the core that has two sides to it as well.

Let’s understand this placement in depth.

The person experiences amplified tendency to indulge into spirituality by the means of materialism.

They cannot easily succumb to spirituality without having an added expectation of getting something back from it .

Very outcome oriented always they have doubts with it.

It questions the beliefs of not just the society but even themselves.

It is hard for them to accept someone as Guru or God without thorough analysis backing their claims.

They have issues in dealing with elders but try to be respectful even if they disagree with them.

They suffer from father issues in childhood or their father suffer from health issues both physical or mental worst case it even indicates separation from them.

They have successful fathers but this bothers them as they want to seek validation for their life too.

Due to this validation seeking tendency from elders in early stage of life, they are very attention seeking & they actually throw difficult practical questions to whatever teachings they are subjected to in life.

This makes them very knowledgeable learners sometimes.

The hard part for them to learn is to develop a belief system as they just innately always have doubt in even practices they themselves may be professing.

A challenge for them is to learn to be thankful for what they have than always adding expectations in prayers.

As life goes on, they often find themselves being overshadowed by their siblings or family especially father side that irks them a lot.

They crave recognition but barely get any in early life & ends up amplifying their desire to go to foreign lands for acknowledgement.

They truly are voracious readers even if they don’t believe in something they first read it very thoroughly acquiring knowledge seamlessly & then debate it with all their reasoning to catch the other person off guard sometimes even mobilising them in their favour too.

They have a certain healing energy especially they may frequently find themselves being thronged by people as trauma dump tools often.

Craving recognition themselves, they end up listening to others very well & help them overcome their anxieties but not for themselves.

They aren’t as vocal as Rahu in 2-8 axis about their innate beliefs in fact they can very well fake their own beliefs to others innately being different while projecting a completely different image to society as they are experts in the same.

They suspect everyone & everything very much as their belief system is damaged & in one way this exposes a lot of fake people to them in life which they get away from eventually detaching from friends due to 3H Ketu as well.

It is important to develop a habit to meditate as you are afraid of your mind & it’s timidness as it cannot stay stable for one moment easily & this will help you be able to control yourself better eventually aiding you in developing a belief system that you lack.

It is important to know that you are a unique individual who does not need validation from society & elders though you chase the same a lot but eventually even when you get it, you don’t really enjoy it & question whether it is worth it?

Better focus on yourself!

You are not very comfortable around people from early life & to be honest even people don’t feel very comfortable around you either.

A very eccentric mind that oscillates so much within a day that you are always lost in dreams especially early life like a visionary.

You find yourself to be always more mature than your friends in life as if you are in a different phase of life.

You enjoy reading when others are playing in childhood, you love spirituality when others are partying in youth, you go temples when others are on beaches.

A very interesting way of making friends comes to you as you enjoy people who understand even your silence.

You don’t want people to constantly talk to you, rather you want people to accept your silence has a meaning too.

You enjoy vibing with your friends than talk.

It will be wrong to say you are antisocial not at all, you are selectively social.

You indulge in communicating with people who you vibe with & it’s important for you to form these boundaries no matter how other perceives you sometimes it may even come as rude to them.

You are a vivid visionary so procrastination comes so easily for you in life unless Rahu is well-placed motivating you to get up & take action.

Execution of your imagination is difficult & you constantly criticize your own efforts even if outcomes are actually good.

You are the person who knows when the other person is wrong but still keeps quiet as you don’t want to put the effort in correcting them, for you it’s more of what a drag!

Vibe when you see people saying something wrong & you continue your own work ignoring them.

You prefer a quality friend circle over quantity anyday & your erratic behaviour & frequent zone outs have to be accepted by these quality folks.

Your ideal weekend plan for socialising isn’t always partying rather just sit with your favourite person looking at stars.

Health issues come to you a lot especially sore throats & you recover from them but many a times sinuses trouble you.

You develop fear of unknown or have anxiety issues too but as you mature you learn to control it & sometimes even get into occult due to 9H Rahu.

Overall 9H Rahu & 3H Ketu is all about overcoming fears & innate insecurity to develop a belief system & never self-doubt yourselves otherwise you are prone to anxiety.

Put efforts detach from outcomes & enjoy life as you gain knowledge seamlessly & loved by selected few ones too.

North Node Rahu in Tenth House (10H) and South Node Ketu in Fourth House (4H)

A constant chase for career & karma with lack of satisfaction from it but the way it shapes your life is beautiful being in Kendra, the influence is exponential.

Let’s explore the powers of this placement!

The person craves for recognition for their karma & expedites all their might & energy to ensure that they are focused on work & career.

They don’t find their passion easily but end up making money earning as their passion in life initially chasing it like crazy.

The person is focused on ensuring that they are earning a wealth income but there is no end to the multiplication once they have tasted blood in it.

Love creating passive sources of income but lacks the conviction to work within a team usually feels constrained there.

Huge knack for working in isolation, they thrive in creativity to understand people & work many a times using this intuition to earn a lot from gullibility of people can be very good social media marketers, excellent bloggers or personal branding experienced experts.

It destroys the karakatva of working with colleagues don’t confuse this with workplace that is 6H, here the Rahu loves an aesthetic setup of workplace especially loves remote working or even in office wants a cabin to have me time that’s when they vision ideas.

A beautiful placement for earning money but you tend to bend the rules many a times to gain favours of fortune that sometimes backlashes on your karma & you end up struggling in getting employment in life or are aimlessly chasing jobs without passion realisation.

A very karmic placement at same time as it indicates you have some incomplete karma from past life that you want to desperately achieve here & hence you are naturally very ambitious, you don’t mind becoming the Tom Riddle to get things done as long as it works out.

For a long time you chase to get recognition especially there is always a sense of innate feeling inside you that people underestimated you in life & don’t value your efforts all they see is your result.

This makes you outcome hungry & leads to disappointment often.

The person gets so way obsessed with their work that they sometimes end up exhausting every ounce of energy within them that leads to neglecting of health & suffer from issues especially lower back and leg cramps since they love to sit & work than physical labour.

Good for prompt growth in career despite lack of recognition because this motivates them to quit their jobs & become passive income masters sometimes even leading huge business but they are entrepreneur who prefer solo stint that’s why content creation is their zone.

You end up neglecting family so many times in life but have this huge rigour of mass mobilising that you can even enter politics.

Usually you will see many politicians with this placement who promote nepotism but their kids aren’t as dedicated as them & family issues.

You feel a strong disconnect from all different types of work as you want something that gives recognition faster no matter what & you pick skills fast in general so outcomes matter more to you than others.

This may cause lot of trauma if things don’t go as expected!

Lots of ups & downs in career realisation initially you want isolation later you desire authority & recognition is constantly desired throughout life but that’s why you become stout politicians too even if not into politics, you become advisors of high rankings.

A tricky placement as you have a karmic connection with your mother who may be seen as controlling & sometimes selfish too but you are initially very attached with her but slowly you find no sense of belonging with them sadly detaching apart as life moves on.

No satisfaction from material assets as the Rahu keeps working on 10H & you just detach yourself from enjoying or celebrating achievements rather you focus on the next big thing & in a way it’s good but it’s important to appreciate & be thankful for what you got.

If placed good then Ketu gives your very strong intuition as you guess people intentions fast & use this to your advantage through work especially that’s why content creation is filled with these people, they don’t produce quality content they show what people want.

If poorly placed, Ketu gives so much mental instability here & causes anxiety sometimes suicidal thoughts out of nowhere & lack of sense of belonging with your entire life as your satisfaction is directly challenged an oscillating overthinking tendency in life always.

Ketu grants intuition but takes away emotions as you feel void sometimes out of nowhere suddenly depressed & asking why you even exist?

It’s strong overthinking that creates chaos in your life slowly you try to overcome it but hardly works not even meditation helps.

When they start being thankful for what they have rather than running away from celebrating small goals, they openly acknowledge it that’s when this Ketu is remediated & gives excellent results as it finds a true purpose to appreciate materialism that is beautiful.

Visit a temple always in routine or your preferred place of worship & be thankful for what you have, don’t ask more just be thankful for the privileges you got no matter how small they may appear to you as but do it that’s when you see maximum abundance true delight.

You are always misunderstood in your family for your opinions even when you try to do something good it appears as bad to others & this slowly detaches you away from home & gives you more success in its own toxic way sadly this is a reality you have to accept later.

You are a very vivid person especially you are illusive in terms of expressing yourself in relations too as you appear as satisfied but are innately disconnected with the other person but don’t want to hurt them ends up traumatising yourself many a times.

This self harming Ketu due to motherly energy of 4H can be overcame only when you surround yourself with people who accept you & your ways otherwise it becomes so problematic that you may end up facing lots of betrayals & unnecessary anxiety due to them.

Overall Rahu in 10H & Ketu in 4H wants you to learn to be thankful, persevere at work but not at cost of neglecting family, support family but not with expectations of adopting similar work style like you, truly enjoy isolation but not at cost of shunning society, find a balance.

North Node Rahu in Eleventh House (11H) and South Node Ketu in Fifth House (5H)

The Ketu is a gambler at heart that cannot gamble, a teacher in making who doesn’t get students while Rahu seeks validation from networking staying detached nevertheless even in popularity.

Let’s explore this!

The Rahu loves to gives gains & acts as an amplifier to material gains but in a very different way.

You will observe your desires usually don’t come true but something totally unexpected happens & it works out somehow for you but that was not what you expected.

They are very ambitious in networking, craving social power often seeking validation from people around them & love to assert their presence to them in order to rise in popularity.

Truth is they hardly have any true friends & innately even they know this sadly.

People come in their lives & they get bored of them very quickly sometimes they themselves make boundaries while other times they are shunned by others but they never break the relation rather they like to keep it formal & polite with everyone.

This is a flip side!

They like to keep everyone at same distance, this may sound very admirable but they end up losing a lot of genuine connections especially you will see them always repelling away from water moon sign folks but if they are themselves that then introvertism at its peak!

Rahu loves to welcome anyone & everyone into their friend circle as they are intrigued by people, cultures & they don’t mind talking & meeting new folks.

This is good as long as they realise who are their genuine connections & learn to value them otherwise it’s loss.

It behaves like a magnet where people are attracted to you & they want to talk with you while you shun them away & many a times you simply become formal part of groups.

They will go out on trips & social outings very often & they don’t exactly vibe with others!

These are the folks who will sit in a group to just show their presence like a formality & continue working in their mobiles while others are talking as they are detached from people unless folks talk about them or something that intrigues them.

A very keen learner who wants money but not for material benefits rather to express their social presence.

Often with high social media following these folks love attention & they are good at it too but in real life hardly their large following translates to friends.

A person who pretends to be very emotionally mature but innately a very insecure demeanor who cannot hurt others as they are bad at breaking up relations & want things to stay static in relation just the way they have worked it out as it’s their comfort zone.

These are interesting folks who have a natural knack for teaching because they have brought this as their past karma.

They were not recognised enough in past life which is why Rahu goes to 11H to compensate that here & they are here to enjoy popularity.

Ketu here drives the mind & it reverses energies so this person won’t think straightforward rather they will bottle things up & overthink them try to analyse unusual patterns in everything that is why they have a vivid imagination but may not work well in gambling.

Gambling attracts them like a natural tendency in form of speculating markets, trying to make quick gains & they do actually make gains too but they tend to overthink & make a lot of losses when they trust gut instinct too strongly as it is illusive sometimes for them.

They have a very less ego & are usually very pure hearted folks who love to stay detached from literally themselves as they behave like fluids whoever comes in their lives drives their mind, their personality revolves around them always seeking the 11H.

It acts very bad if the Rahu in 11H gets into addictions & surrounds them with poor friend circle who develop bad habits & eventually become unethical & they lose a lot of good friends in life due to this.

They are unable to distinguish between people due to fluid ego.

What happens due to this fluid ego?

They lose a lot of self confidence many a times feeling sudden bouts of aloofness or solitude but detachment comes fast to them even when everything is working fine as they are natural overthinkers who spoil their lives on their own.

They are dominated by their partners as they simply seek validation from even then.

For them being in relationship is very important don’t confuse it with always a partner but a relation with their own self which is so twisted internally as it keeps changing nature!

They are usually very chill with their children & become negligient to them as they don’t really like to teach them directly even though they are capable of rather their style of parenting is let child learn by making mistakes & child is free to explore life.

If badly placed it also indicates loss of children or no progeny itself It gives rise to heart conditions & sometimes neck pain too which should be taken care of.

These folks love physiotherapy & massages as it activates their entire body & mind.

Overall 11H Rahu & 5H Ketu folks should learn to make genuine connections, balance their validation seeking tendencies & stop overthinking too much at the same time try to stay away from addictions & gambling.

Enjoy life but not at cost of hurting others & yourself, stay ethical.

North Node Rahu in Twelfth House (12H) and South Node Ketu in Sixth House (6H)

This is a trade-off placement that can take you foreign lands & cultures but gives variety of health issues if Ketu dispositor is badly placed or afflicted.

Let’s explore in depth!

The person is very determined usually especially when it comes to materialistic satisfaction in life but actually never gets satisfied & may even take unethical paths to achieve it.

This makes this Rahu dangerous if it’s energies are used in the wrong direction.

When the dispositor is poorly placed, the person suffers from lack of trust in relationships too & for them, experimentation is a way to understand people better.

This may seem natural choice to them but is often seen as cheating by others so it’s a flip side to it.

When the dispositor is poorly placed, the person suffers from lack of trust in relationships too & for them, experimentation is a way to understand people better.

This may seem natural choice to them but is often seen as cheating by others so it’s a flip side to it.

The person is intrigued by their regressed passions of life which means they won’t hesitate to indulge in any sort of pleasures & may spend more than they earn or if they earn well then also would love to spend equally or more.

Savings come hard with this placement!

The person is able to identify spirituality only when they face health issues or backlash due to problem with ethics.

This may sound evil of them but actually they experience challenges beyond imagination of others even identity crisis sometimes is seen here!

Life is hard for you, true but that means you are seen as capable of learning to persevere & not a leeway to bend the rules to achieve outcomes.

This is easier said than done & is your biggest challenge as well to be able to channelise the energies correctly!

A very big misconception is to assume that the person will be disloyal to partner with this placement.

If Rahu is well placed say for example, Jupiter or Venus as disposition then the person will be exact opposite of disloyalty & become too possessive about partners.

You are a visionary who loves multitasking even when it comes to thinking.

However, do you have a problem of not completing or executing the things you have envisioned?

If yes, time to revisit the table & develop an OCD to at least complete what you started as a task.

They don’t procrastinate that’s a different tendency, they just lose interest as they don’t find a task regressively passionate.

The person cannot relate to work that doesn’t excite them whether it’s physical or mental or even spiritual, it has to be intriguing.

May come with a bag full of health issues especially mental anxiety when things don’t work out your way.

Frustration from family & disagreement with friends can drive you crazy & you tend to slowly detach & take separation from your homes with a strong sense of pride.

Take care of your health especially when it comes to indulgence avoid addictions, not just intoxication but even in general sometimes your passion if not guided in right direction can cause you more harm that appears as illusively good to you many a times.

They have to learn to draw a line between passion & obsession correctly.

They tend to think multiple scenarios in mind when it comes to expediting their energies & may end up making wrong choices that they regret later so try to keep your mind calm & practice SWOT.

If well placed this can give a good rise in health recovery but moreover you have a tendency to run away from the challenges in your life & you always tend to avoid direct confrontation to them.

You may get pissed off by colleagues at workplace & ignore your anger.

If the dispositor is afflicted, a variety of health issues come based on the nature of dispositor such as if Saturn then bone density & spinal cord issues, if Mars then blood & diabetic related issues, if Sun then decreased willpower & recovery ability etc.

The person learns who is on their side truly like a challenge in life especially they are hardly given support by people in their lives during their hard times even if they have given due efforts to them.

This makes it hard for them to trust people sadly.

The person sometimes becomes illusive of their debts & they may borrow more than what they are capable of repaying.

This leads to chaos financially & they should always think twice properly before making big expenses & try avoiding debts altogether.

Lots of mental anxiety even if it is well-placed with strong dispositor & sometimes you may even become hypochondriac but your gut instinct is strong in understanding your body & it’s functionalities even though you may become weak both mentally & physically.

To be able to channelise the energies of this Ketu, one can induce a habit of serving others with expectations, this may sound toxic but actually if you put expectations on people chances of getting betrayed becomes less for you but avoid that practice in spirituality.

Good results come when you start developing consistency in your life whether it is a lame routine or any boring mundane schedule, stick to it & try to execute it well enough for a long time period to ensure that your addiction & obsession is being used positively.

A strong spiritual remedy if you are suffering health issues will be to worship Lord Ganesha as he serves like a protection aspect for you irrespective of your dispositor planet & decelerates your mindset from falling into pessimism that can give physical benefits too.

Keep a check on your personal desires especially when Rahu is in 12H with this placement.

Keep realistic goals to avoid self-esteem issues or rejection problems.

Keep easy routine for more gains than difficult visionary idealistic routines make yourself exhausted.

Overall the Rahu in 12H & Ketu in 6H gives good capability & results when the native overcomes their challenges as they are natural at this & they have to learn to confront them head on, worship Lord Ganesha & have a good knack to serve others, avoid addictions & overindulgence.

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