Decoding North Node and South Node Karmic Placements

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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So, why a separate post on this?

Well, the Fifth House (5H) and Sixth House (6H) are the most karmic placements due to being the house of past karma.

Hence, we have to detail much more and contemplate, so here we go!

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North Node in Fifth House (5H) and South Node in Eleventh House (11H)

North Node Rahu in Fifth House (5H) & South Node Ketu in Eleventh House (11H) is wild & extremely karmic when it sits in 5H while Ketu provides a different perspective when it comes to you craving rewards.

Let’s understand the true karmic nature of this placement!

Fifth House (5H) is not just all about your kids & intelligence but also one of the houses where past karmas are reflected & Rahu here means you left some karma that you truly wanted to complete in past life but could not due to some circumstances that prevented you from doing it.

You really don’t relate spirituality to religion alone, you explore it very differently, you accept different perspectives think & give them a deep thought & come to accept them wisely.

Yes, this is truly amazing as a feature in you as you are a database of it!

Intelligence being amplified by a catalyst like Rahu can go either way of extreme bringing high interest in acquiring knowledge or absolutely no interest in studying rather learning through experiences.

Whatever your opinion shapes it becomes extreme ingrained in you!

You are scared of yourself, yes!

Unlike Rahu in 2H scared of speech or 4H facing dissatisfaction here in 5H Rahu makes you scared of the level of intelligence you acquire.

You are scared to express your intuition that is usually on point openly.

You keep it secretive!

You are a classic speculator & either desire to indulge into earning a lot by speculation or are already into the same.

You may not always think of earning but just simply be curious about anything in life & speculate.

The problem is it swings either way!

You are a classic at speculation but when it comes to understanding markets very well you may get illusive about profits as eventually.

Rahu is illusion too!

This may make you take some wrong decisions & you may end up losing a lot in hope of making more sometimes.

Doesn’t mean you can’t earn from market speculation!

The only advise being be pragmatic & not over optimistic.

You hate to be pointed out that you are wrong & this tendency may not work well in market speculation as you need to learn when to give up at it too.

Your mind is truly different when people are only guessing about someone new in their life, you already would have dug out a lot of information about them.

Your mind races at a much higher rate especially at things that are hidden or illusive including relationships.

You enjoy romance a lot sometimes for you flirting becomes a natural knack to understand someone else true nature & you find it so natural that if someone clings to you because you are good at flirting with them, you immediately repel them many a times.

A very close overlap of ego & intelligence.

You are proud of the fact that you are different at thinking than others but many a times this leads you to not accept your mistakes in life & later you regret that because you see the loss you bear to satisfy your ego!

The ego is overlapped that is important to study because it doesn’t mean that they are always egoistic folks rather it’s like their protection mechanism.

If they intuitively detect someone can cause trauma to them they activate their ego immediately & shun them off.

Amazing at analytics many a times you will see yourself naturally getting into guess work no matter what your profession is like, you just love doing guess work about others and life situations in general.

You are not very lucky when it comes to doing own business that’s very karmic but when you help other business you make them a millionaire.

It’s hard to accept this but actually you end up indulging your intelligence in benefitting others more than you always.

The amount of anxiety it can bring sometimes is impeccable.

You constantly feel you are overqualified than whatever work you are doing & this frustrates you even further if you see your network of friends rising above that’s why Ketu in 11H detaches you from them.

The health of your children is a huge problem many a times this also leads to having no children at all but you end up being very attached to whoever comes & spends so much of your resources on them that they become less intelligent than you & don’t value you much.

Too much commitment issues sometimes circumstances compels you to even not commit to others & other times you yourself repel from commitment into relationships not necessarily partners & dating but even business too.

You always take a step back when it comes to commit.

You are so confused about your goals in life & what rewards makes you happy?

Rahu in 5H gives small breaks in your education but you end up with many degrees very fast compared to others but then you are left purposeless about what you actually wanted in life?

You get so carried away with learning & acquiring knowledge to enhance your intelligence that finally when rewards start coming to you, you can’t even know if you wanted that in first place.

Initially, you craved for money later spirituality but then comforts etc.

Lots of detachment with friends & you need people who respect you zoning out sometimes for days & not minding inconsistency with them because others just move away from you seeing you go into solitude.

So, whoever accepts & understands your need for zone, value them!

You are adamant about acquiring better rewards many a times you end up being frustrated because you envision a desire & something completely opposite happend not necessarily bad but totally unexpected & you don’t know how to react for it.

Unexpected rewards, say for example you were studying law & suddenly you specialised in taxes there then you did MBA only to end up in a job at a bank that much unexpected changes in life when it comes to this placement & you adapt to it rather compelled to learn it!

Detachment from friends is so real, you zone out & come back sometimes as per your convenience.

You may be very loving toward them but you can’t help re-evaluating your friendships & many a times people use you like a trauma dump, they come unload emotions & leave.

It challenges you to find people who are there to accept you as it is, and this makes your life tough but you survive & learn to persevere it.

Further, esoteric friends who might be spiritual is your natural choice who will always stick with you like magnet!

You may even allow people who gaslight you come back in your life & they will again do the same as Ketu here shows you make mistakes again too.

Important to learn to filter friends & rather it gives you better satisfaction to have a quality friend circle than network.

Very keen on learning true essence of materialism, they chase a lot in first half of life then later half they realise that whatever is supposed to come automatically comes as outcome for them & things work out for them with an element of surprise that’s mature form.

So, what to do?

Well, do not attach too much to your network, less emotional you project your image even if you are emotional then you thrive in your friendships and achieve a lot.

Learn to take constructive criticism and you should work on same.

Allow yourself to be loved and do not ever question your self-worth.

Bring on life with a better perspective and try to project yourself in a much better state than be selfish.

Be open to relationships just because you are traumatised by one person does not mean everyone else is bad.

Allow yourself to forgive others for your own sanity!

North Node Rahu in Sixth House (6H) and South Node Ketu in Twelfth House (12H)

This is the best placement for the malefics in entire chart with Rahu truly giving great results & Ketu trying to take your path to Moksha.

Here they play with fire as fire & creates lots of circumstances!

Rahu gives the person greed not just to overcome enemies but they just love slaying competition.

They don’t want to admit but they are sometimes not driven by outcomes rather the thrill of competing gives them so much energy especially if disposition is fire sign too.

Slaying competition isn’t the only thrill for them but even the feeling of serving others is significantly multiplied after all Rahu is a catalyst that acts like amplifier.

The challenge is to help without creating expectations or for monetary benefits alone here.

It challenges them to stay grounded, yes because for them Rahu does work of destroying karakatva of 6H which is competition & enemies but conversely also increases the same in their life so if they fall to ego their downfall begins, they have to stay low key here.

Very good in taking risks especially calculative risks because they analyse the competition so well, this intelligence is different from Rahu 5H where it imparts intuition this is more of studying for the thrill of overcoming challenges after all 6H is challenges too.

Manifestations of this placement happen late you will often see these people stay in their respective profession for quite long before seeing them transform or change jobs or their businesses.

It’s because Rahu gives results late but very stable to them going heights!

Rahu creates benefits out of challenges faced in life with this placement so expect lots of hurdles & confusion especially when it comes to your occupation.

Be wise before choosing your occupation as you don’t switch out of the same easily even if you switch jobs!

Rahu gives ability to recuperate & fight back here but brings health issues in life especially digestion & gut related problems.

Skin diseases are common even if minor such as too many pimple spores coming often due to a high pitta within body.

Have good appetite too!

Anxiety comes to you but actually you are very capable of overcoming the same with routine.

You enjoy procrastination & discipline equally swinging between them especially with Moon transits.

Mind is hard to control here & meditation comes hard to them.

Your mantra to master anything with practice, you aren’t as intellectually gifted with natural intuition but with practice in literally any subject you not only master but usually surpass even the masters within those fields.

Routine is hard to learn but works for you!

Purposelessness entering the house of expenses & losses brings a lot of unnecessary expenses especially over material needs in early stages of life as your Rahu attracts self-care & loves spending on your health both mental & physical which is good too in one way.

You are prone to very mysterious dreams & face a lot of challenges with sleep many a times becoming insomniac without any reason that you can contemplate.

Sudden flips in sleep routines are there for you always & subconsciously you know it but can’t explain to others.

You certainly have experienced many circumstances in life where you had faced any obstacle, you prayed to overcome it or just kept thinking about that innately.

Somehow the circumstances manifested in your favour but you could not explain why or how it happens!

It’s very hard to develop a balance here with Rahu in 6H as you tend to choose one extreme & work on that too much.

Ketu inclines to spirituality here while Rahu craves materialism & you find it hard to balance either a lot in life as a challenge.

You will frequently see your prayers being answered with this placement & your inclination to being philanthropic sometimes is driven due to this.

You see 2x results being charitable sometimes even making charity part of your routine to enhance materialistic success!

To see good results from your tilt toward Ketu, you should pray to Lord Ganesha for imparting purpose to you clearly & easily overcome obstacles.

For Rahu to realise true materialism you should pray to Maa Durga to win over competition seamlessly!

Overall the best advise for Rahu in 6H & Ketu in 12H is to be charitable without attaching your material desires to it, be disciplined with consistency instead of swinging between procrastination, keep a brass vessel filled with water next to your bed to overcome sleep issues.

Further, we all know you tolerate toxic colleagues but be the slayer do not tolerate people unnecessarily and get dragged by them.

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