Saturn: Karma and Rewards Driving Cycle of Time

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Everyone who follows Astrology becomes suddenly scared when we take the name of Saturn.

People often come to astrologers worried about how the Saturn is situated in their charts and blame it for problems in their lives.

An ersatz of unnecessary fear was instilled in the masses regarding the planet Saturn.

Saturn is misunderstood due to the varied incorrect interpretations provided by many astrologers. It is a very karmic planet with a stern sense of justice and discipline.

Features of Saturn

Saturn moves much slower than its counterpart planets and transits only once every 2.5 years.

Saturn represents the underprivileged classes and lower strata of society who provide services to everyone.

It is also the ruler of your career and rewards in life.

Saturn is said to be a challenging planet to understand and interpret.

Jupiter teaches us wisdom from knowledge, and Saturn teaches us wisdom through experiences.

It makes you transform yourself to achieve your career goals and suitably rewards you for your efforts.

Saturn rules over two consecutive signs of the zodiac system, Capricorn and Aquarius.

The most interesting idea here is that Jupiter signs of Sagittarius and Pisces surround the Saturn signs indicating transformation from a philosopher and knowledge powerhouse of Sagittarius requires the consistency and rewards from Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius) to eventually achieve materialism in truest form through moksha.

Origins of Saturn: A Brief Outlook on Mythological Stories

To truly understand Saturn, it is imperative to understand the roots of Mythological History associated with it.

In the Vedic Astrology basis Hindu History, Saturn is the son of the Sun and his wife Sandhya (Evening).

Sandhya had given birth to three dynamic trios Yama, the God of Death, Yami, the daughter of Sun and the Goddess of Clouds, and Manu, the Karaka of humans.

Sandhya was a dutiful wife and loved Sun with all her heart, yet, she was irritated with the constant heat produced by her husband.

She substituted herself with her shadow called Chhaya and returned to her father Prajapati Daksha.

Daksha insisted she returns to her husband and fulfills her duties.

However, Sandhya was reluctant and wanted to stay longer.

Meanwhile, Sun was unaware of Sandhya’s substitution mated with Chhaya that gave birth to Shani (Saturn).

Due to Chhaya’s devotion to serving Sun while Saturn was in the womb, Saturn was deprived of complete motherly care.

It got burnt due to the heat of the Sun and became black.

When Saturn was born, Sun was surprised at his existence and could not believe that Saturn was his son due to the stark contrast in their nature.

He refused to accept him as his child and also deprived Sandhya of being his wife shunning them both.

Saturn was very powerful nevertheless and in a fit of anger out of love and emotion to get acceptance for his mother to be the rightful wife of Sun, he advocated Sun to accept Sandhya as his wife even if he is devoid of being accepted as his child.

This showed Saturn favour people with whom injustice has been done and also developed his instinct to act as diplomat in relationships owing to which Saturn also exalts in Libra, the very zodiac sign of balance and relationships.

Sun refused to accept them both and Saturn was enraged by the disappointment shown by his father towards his existence and cast an evil eye on him cursing him that even he shall turn black eternally deprived of his shine and ego.

Sun could not battle Saturn power but Saturn’s own mother Sandhya favoured Sun and left Saturn disspointed who was surprised as to why his mother still favour Sun over his choice of destroying him.

Sandhya advocated Saturn to go and perform tapasya and mediate till he realises his mistake and calm down his anger.

Saturn returned emerged as one of the most devoted tapasvi to Lord Shiva who granted him the boon of being a planet equivalent in terms of status as Sun becoming one of the Navagrahas in the solar system.

Yet upon Saturn’s return he was still not fully accepted by his father Sun who always shunned and treated him with condescension.

Saturn took all the charges opposite to what Sun does while Sun represents royalty and rajasvi people, Saturn defends the downtrodden and deprived people with whom injustice is done by the higher ups.

Sun is controlled by Saturn and they never mend their relationships until late in life which is why Sun and Saturn conjunction is one of the most influential and powerful placements that can be both a blessing and lethal for the native.

Saturn’s biggest powers lies in its aspects as the dhristi (eyesight) of Saturn is what Sun also feared the most while wherever Saturn will sit, he will ensure that no injustice is done to the native on that house.

Further, this is why Saturn aspects are considered deadly in Astrology. Saturn has the ability to aspect the third, seventh, and tenth house from its position.

Even though Chhaya was a substitution and not the original form of Sandhya rather just doing service for Sandhya, she was a spiritual devotee of Shiva, and when Saturn was in her womb, Shiva was impressed by her devotion and blessed her that she will give rise to someone who will stand up for even the people who provide service to others.

Hence, Saturn represents the service class and underprivileged people who serve others.

Shiva blessed Saturn to become the Lord of Justice and made him responsible to evaluate the karma of people and reward them accordingly.

As a child, Saturn was very emotionless and cold towards others but had a strong sense of discipline. Saturn had a huge appetite as a child but he was always served food by his mother post prayers to Lord Shiva.

Once Saturn was very hungry and kicked his mother for not serving food before offering them to Shiva.

This led to Shiva punishing him for the unholy act, and his leg got deprived of living senses.

This is why Saturn became a lame planet and moves much slower when compared to other planets.

Saturn stays in one zodiac sign for 2.5 years and during its, Mahadasha called the Saturn Sadhe Saati (which roughly means 7.5 years) it affects a native harshly posing challenges in their lives that have to be overcome to reap rewards.

We will understand the Saturn Sadhe Saati in a separate blog series as it varies with every zodiac sign and ascendant too.

In the Ramayana, Saturn was defeated and held captive by the demon Ravana.

During the Lanka burning episode by Lord Hanuman, Saturn was rescued by Hanuman who offered him oil to heal his wounds.

This pleased Saturn, and from that day, it is said that Saturn does not affect the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Let us keep in mind that by Lord Hanuman we mean Mars in Astrology, and Saturn relishes the soldier-like discipline of Mars despite not being friendly with it.

Hence, we also observe that Mars is exalted in Capricorn and gets a natural boost (Dighbal) of strength when placed in the Tenth House.

It is said that if you instil a strong sense of discipline in life towards your goals, then Saturn shall help you attain the suitable rewards for the same.

Saturn Relationships with Other Planets

Friends: Venus, Ketu (South Node), and Rahu (North Node)

Enemies: Sun, Moon, and Mars

Neutral: Mercury and Jupiter

Why Saturn Exalts in Libra?

Saturn has a wonderful relationship with Venus despite being quite opposite to each other.

Saturn attains exaltation in Libra which is ruled by Venus. Saturn is very comfortable with Venus because it resonates with the sense of justice professed by Saturn.

Libra always tries to avoid conflicts and is the flag bearer of resolving conflict amongst others.

It makes Saturn attain its maximum strength in Libra.

Mythologically, Saturn and Venus were both disciples of Lord Shiva. Being childhood friends who attained enlightenment together makes their bond very unique.

They share a sense of dignity with each other. Saturn believes in helping the underprivileged classes, and Venus helps in attaining satisfaction in life.

While Saturn encourages simplicity, Venus bolsters materialism, yet both support the less privileged, and Saturn gives wonderful results with Venus.

Lakshmi (Venus indirectly) comes to those who put in the due efforts and persevere through their hard times which Saturn throws at them.

Why is Saturn comfortable with Nodes: Rahu & Ketu?

Saturn feels comfortable with the North Node Rahu as well. It is because Rahu represents outliers and people shunned by society.

It represents thinking which goes against the orthodox conservative mentality and brings about revolutions. Both of them represent slight emotionlessness and have the ambition to bring about change.

Saturn is the source of engineering abilities and Rahu represents electricity and technology.

Hence, they resonate with each other very well and in fact, are essential for the survival of one another.

This does not mean that their conjunction will always bring positive results but in general, we can observe the tradeoffs in terms of different capabilities associated with this combination.

Saturn is comfortable with the South Node Ketu as well.

It gives a very minimalistic attitude to the natives and makes them highly spiritual. People with Ketu in Saturn signs may also become excellent occultists.

However, if negatively placed then it may also make the person an atheist and further cause injuries or health issues to the native.

Therefore, both Rahu and Ketu give mixed results with Saturn.

Why Saturn and Sun are Enemies?

Saturn and Sun have sworn enemies to each other. They do not give good results together.

They represent leadership in their distinctive ways. Saturn represents a leader who will stand up for the lower sections of society, and Sun is the regal and royale leader who is more concerned about themselves.

Sun and Saturn together even when the other planet may be weak do not give good results.

This becomes a deadly combination especially based on the individual strengths of the planets.

Such natives frequently have disagreements with their fathers and, many times only one of them either the native or the father makes progress in life.

Neither of these planets can give good results when they are together.

If Saturn gets more strength then Sun will become malefic by nature and start making the person egoistic about their creativity and intelligence, frequently also making them have a dominating personality.

Such natives do not like to agree with others and are very defensive about their views even if they will be incorrect at times.

If Sun is more powerful in the combination, then Saturn will stop supporting the native in career and rewards.

Such natives will have to struggle a lot in achieving their goals and have to make the sacrifice of their self-ego only post which Saturn will reward them appropriately.

However, with due patience and ego-adjustment they become great leaders who are grounded and here to serve others in society without caring for themselves.

Saturn and Moon: A Lethal Calmness

Moon is a very calm and peaceful planet.

When it comes under the influence of Saturn which is a natural malefic, it is very natural for the moon to feel uncomfortable.

The moon drives our emotions and represents our very minds.

When an emotionless planet like Saturn that focuses on Karmic Balance comes close to the Moon then it will make the native feel depressed.

The native may not have satisfaction from anything they do and always try to improve themselves.

This is in a way a cursed boon but they will frequently be pessimistic.

If the moon is heavily afflicted then it may even lead the native to develop suicidal tendencies.

A Saturn-influenced Moon may make the native want for isolation voluntarily. They actively want to get detached from the world, have very psychological issues and develop emotional maturity from a very young age.

Often this is characterised by their dark childhood too.

They may lack the care of a father or mother as well.

Saturn thinks very logically, and the moon wants to drive things through emotions. Saturn moves the slowest of all planets, and Moon moves the fastest.

Yet there is a polar perspective to even such an afflicted combination. Saturn supports underprivileged classes and Moon is the motherly planet of nurturing and caring.

Such natives will achieve very good results when they use their emotional maturity to help others, especially the needy people without any expectations.

This purifies the afflicted Moon, and Saturn provides them wonderful results for helping others.

Saturn and Mars: Explosive Energies of Willpower and Patience

Mars and Saturn are a highly debatable combination or relationship.

Mars loves discipline, and Saturn values it as well.

Mars stands for a soldier who gives their all to achieve goals, and Saturn loves rewarding genuine efforts and karma.

This is also why Mars gets exalted in Capricorn which is a sign of Saturn. However, Saturn gets debilitated in Aries which is the sign of Mars.

Hence, many argue that Mars is an enemy of Saturn and some say Mars is friendly to Saturn.

I will say that they have a neutral relationship and cannot be friends that is for sure.

Saturn moves very slowly compared to Mars and Mars is characterized by impulsive actions.

Mars wants to achieve anything very quickly and is extremely impatient. Saturn wants one to be patient and consistently put effort without expecting quick gains.

This distinguishes them perfectly.

Hence, I will argue that a controlled Mars where Mars can utilize its energy in a particular direction will be favored by Saturn otherwise Saturn will not give good results with Mars.

In conjunction, they will make an explosive combination that is set to cause war or bring about a revolution like none before.

It will set foot for impulsive poor decisions with harsh consequences similar to the Ukraine-Russia ongoing war that started when Mars and Saturn were together in Aquarius.

For fun’s sake, I will expand on this more.

Mars had exited its exaltation from Capricorn to enter Aquarius.

Saturn was already boosted in its sign Aquarius. Together, when there was no clear winner we can only expect an explosive change on an impulse, and that was evident from the start of the Ukraine-Russia War.

Saturn and Jupiter: Teachers of Different Beliefs

Jupiter is the best neutralizer of Saturn but it comes at a cost of reducing its benefits. Saturn in Pisces and Sagittarius get wisdom as a catalyst over the logic of Saturn.

It gives good results in these signs. However, Jupiter feels uncomfortable with Saturn. Jupiter likes to teach through knowledge, and Saturn loves to teach through experiences.

Jupiter likes to provide benefits to everyone, and Saturn wants to give benefits to the deserving only.

Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn due to the malefic nature of Saturn.

However, Jupiter in Capricorn may not always necessarily give negative results. It will provide logical wisdom to the natives but will make them slightly lazier in putting effort.

Further, if there is a Parivartana Yoga (Saturn in Jupiter Sign of Sagittarius or Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn or Aquarius) then this creates a Neechabhanga and the planets give good results.

Aspects of Saturn

Saturn gives wonderful results for the themes of the house it is situated in the birth chart unless afflicted.

However, the component of Saturn that scares everyone is the aspects it has on other houses.

As per Vedic Mythology, Saturn’s eyes are considered dangerous as it is cursed to cause disasters to the native who usually looks towards them.

This is imperative in Hindu Mythology, and that is why in many temples Shani’s eyes are covered.

In reality, we can see that Saturn has a huge gravitational pull which is second to only Jupiter and that is why its aspects become significantly similar to Jupiter.

Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th, and 10th Houses from its position in the chart. Saturn does well in the house it is placed, and delays the matters of the house it views.

Let us take an example if Saturn is placed in House 7 then from here Saturn will view the 9th House (3rd Aspect from 7th), the 1st House or Lagna (7th Aspect from 7th), and the 3rd House (10th Aspect from 7th) respectively.

When Saturn views the 9th House it causes struggles related to spirituality and long-distance travel.

It will delay it but would not deny it, rather make you more capable to overcome challenges in life.

The aspect of the 1st House will make you feel that your potential is underutilized in life.

It makes you constantly feel that you are not at your fullest yet and take a much longer time to achieve results that others are able to achieve easily.

Such natives need to understand that there is no need to compare themselves to others and their journeys will eventually bear fruits and they need to keep doing their karma without expecting results.

This is when Saturn recognizes you and rewards you handsomely. The aspect of the 3rd House makes them more hardworking than others.

They genuinely give it their all and if they are not giving their best then Saturn will also delay these rewards.

Further, we need to take account of Saturn whether it is malefic for the ascendant sign and if it retrogrades or not.

Remedies for Saturn

Wondering how to overcome the karmic challenges of Saturn?

Fear not, it is not as complicated as you think!

The simplest remedy for Saturn is to instill discipline in life.

Saturn loves disciplined people and it likes to reward the relevant efforts. We need to respect the sanctity of our service classes.

You need to be kind to the people who serve you whether they are your daily help workers, maids, workers, employees, and anyone under you.

You should help out others without any expectations and have a charitable mind with optimistic thoughts.

These small ideas and concepts are very powerful in nature and it sounds easy but in practice, it is actually difficult.


Saturn is a karmic planet highly misunderstood by people.

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It is essential to understand its true meaning and optimize ourselves to gain rewards from it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it should have cleared many of your doubts. Stay tuned for more insightful concepts of Vedic Astrology in our Planet Series!