Saturn in All Signs of Navamasa (D9) Chart: Understand your Karma to Manifest Fortune

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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Saturn in Navamasa (D9) indicates the karma that we would eventually try to fulfil in our life after realising our purpose.

It shows the responsibilities we have in relationships and what is expected out of us in marriage or relationship?

How should we handle the challenges in our life and fortune?

Saturn will indicate all of this and much more.

Let’s understand much in depth!

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Saturn in Aries in Navamasa (D9) Chart

Saturn in Aries will give issues to the person when dealing with higher authority.

They desire freedom and want to work on their own or even in a team, these are the folks who want to establish their identity as an individual contributor.

The problem is that this desire of their to become independent does not get fulfilled and Saturn will make you work under some authority for a long time.

This frustrates you and you would hate that period but have to learn it the hard way.

What issues and challenges will you face if Saturn comes to Aries in the Navamasa (D9) chart?

You would have a fear of abandonment.

You hate to be abandoned by people and you already dislike people who try to guide you as you feel they are condescending to you.

Saturn will create circumstances that restrict you and make you feel insecure about the results.

You will witness a delay in relationships and even in career you struggle with finding that sense of individuality due to which you vent out frustration on people as well.

Short tempered and having a will to fight, such folks wants to face challenges but they lack the execution and you are not disciplined enough to overcome your challenges.

You will be looked down by people constantly as your karma is to face attitude adjustment and you will feel embarrassed by the same.

When you see struggles coming in a loop, you start believing that no matter what you do, you will not get the expected results.

Saturn advocates perseverance and it keeps denying you the goal you have in mind but you gain goals that are unexpected.

You will see a late bloom only if you stop moving forward and you need to have conviction till later age say 32 or 35 before you could even see success remotely.

Even if Venus favours you and gives you early success but then again your satisfaction from success is not present and Saturn wants you to utilise and channelise your energies in the correct direction.

You would see yourself studying something and working on something completely different.

Emotional intimacy issues are there in your relationships and the moment you try establishing an attachment to your potential partner, you see them drift away from you.

You see that your comfort zone is when you are sort of emotionless toward your partner.

Check your Mars placement further in the Navamasa (D9) chart!

The challenges you will face regarding that house the most as Mars is the disposition for Saturn in Aries.

You will want people to accept you the way you are, but are they accepting you?

You will see that hardly anyone understands you and even when your intentions are good, you see that people misunderstand you.

You have this habit of taking actions and decisions against the people choices.

This does not work out for you in relationships. Why?

You saw someone close in pain due to their job.

You went ahead and gave them a referral without asking them and they got selected without interview as well.

You took this decision with intention to ease their problems, but they will come back to you and tell did I ask you to help me?

They will be thankless and frustrate you!

This is what your karmic debit is here in this life where people actively disapprove you and do not acknowledge your help at all or straight off rebel you.

You will see arguments with your partner and constant fights happen a lot.

If Saturn becomes retrograde here then that is a different ball game altogether.

You need a spouse who will help you out and support you in life during problems but your partner is one who will be demanding and they will demean you.


Notice that you have had a habit to always talk to people in a condescending way and this brings karmic debt upon you to face the same.

So, if your Saturn is in Aries the first and foremost remedy is stop being too stubborn about your perspectives.

Open yourself up to talk with people politely and worst you could do is insult them even if you are doing this unintentionally or for the purpose of humour.

It bites back to you so keep that in mind.

Saturn in Aries actually makes you a very emotional person inside who has high expectations from people.

Since these expectations are high, people do not meet them and they do not understand you, so your natural flare is to lash out on them with intensity and anger.

This creates further karmic debt on you to face arguments with your partner and see separation just the way you separated ways from that person who tried to show you a different perspective.

So, you already know what is going wrong?

Act on it!

That is the best remedy.

If you become open to perspectives, if you understand that there is a need to prioritise a sense of belonging over being right all the time that is when you start seeing abundance slowly.

When you realise that you need to take more initiative than others to mend relationships and then you give up your ego to reconcile, then you again see better results.

So, it is easy to navigate but you have a hard time accepting things the way you do not expect them.

Detach your beliefs and have self-worth in life but not to the extent that your self-respect becomes ego that causes you to drift away from society.

Saturn in Taurus in Navamasa (D9) Chart

You are blessed with a great family and despite you can hate them, they will still support you in your pursuits throughout life.

Saturn wants you to realise the real value of money.

You would see that money comes to you but very gradually as you collect assets throughout the life.

You would be compelled to put in a lot of hard work to gain these assets and many a times you will see your family being the reinforcement to keep earning more and achieving higher heights.

You may start becoming ignorant of your own needs and you will deviate to becoming stubborn about being the provider to your family.

You should eat a lot and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are not careful about your indulgence and addictions then you will see major health issues in your life.

You are challenged to stick to a simple diet and you would have to learn to keep your expectations in check to avoid anxiety regarding you being the provider.

Your karmic debit is to be the materialistic provider for family but that does not mean that you become focused on that so much that you stop feeling the need to take care of yourself or follow your passion.

If you do so, then you will become rigid and very narrow minded as well as will become bitter toward others.

You need to have a positive outlook at life and you need to learn how to support and motivate people to achieve better life.

You should not only talk about your professional life and work woes.

You should never ever feel jealous of other people as your processes and way of life is different.

You need to understand that you will achieve prosperity but only if you focus on your journey and not on others.

Those who you love can be a reinforcement but if you do not love yourself first, you will see your relationship going to a toss as it becomes imbalanced.

You need to have shared responsibilities in being the provider through your marriage or relationship.

That is when things become very healthy for you and if you keep your ego over letting your partner help you then you will see problems and separations in your relationships so avoid the same.

Where is Venus placed in your chart?

Wherever Venus is placed that is the house you will have to face or compelled to take up responsibilities that is your karma and that is the debt you need to clear this time around as per Saturn.

Let’s say Venus is in the 8H then you will have to provide support to your in-laws and life partner family.

You will see inheritance from them but then you would have to always be on toes about their health and well-being.

You will become vary to issues in life and you have to learn to be realistic in terms of your vision and goals as well.

This is what Saturn in Taurus wants to tell you.

Values inculcated in you play a significant role in your life whether it is about your life experiences or it is about the sources of your earnings, all these need to be ethical, needs to see growth and expand on the same in life.

A great remedy for Saturn in Taurus even though not needed is start being thankful to yourself and acknowledge your achievements than simply chasing more and more so you can learn to be content and find abundance that imparts true meaning to your life.

Saturn in Gemini in Navamasa (D9) Chart

You hate confrontations as you have an inner insecurity about you not being ready to face some situations in life.

You feel unprepared and you become prone to indecisiveness in life.

You are knowledgeable but you are very nervous in dealing with people and you get insecure about these interactions with people.

Mercury drives your communication but Saturn makes you a person with few words.

You will see a lot of problems related to communication in wherever Mercury is placed in the Navamasa (D9) chart.

You are super competitive and you want to achieve and do something big in life.

But, do you know what to achieve? Well, chances are you do not have the answer to that!

Saturn wants to channelise your thought process and understand what you need to actually do and in stable as well as concrete form.

Knowledge and ideas come naturally to you but you lack execution so you become procrastinating and fear of failure hits you.

You feel that you will not be easily accepted by society and this insecurity comes into your relationships as well.

People cannot easily rely on you because your mind keeps changing and you like to make your hustle secretive.

You do not want people to know about your failures but Saturn forces you into situations that makes you embarrassed about yourself.

So, you need to learn how to confront, how to express things in the right way at the right time.

You need to learn how to talk concretely backed by insights and data rather than small talk.

Your karmic debt is to stabilise friendships in this life as you need to bring out the best in them but what you do initially is that you keep on shunning people and move on to next set of circles out of self-rejection issues.

You need to learn to focus in one direction when it comes to your commitments of relationships and tasks at work too.

If you become too complacent about the way you speak, you see backlash immediately.

Your siblings if any have a karmic relation with you and you will see many misunderstandings with them.

Communication is the key for your life and you cannot afford to be manipulative as well.

You cannot keep things secretive for long and you will be again & again compelled to show your authentic self to the world.

You need to overcome insecurity of integration with society and learn to be bold and unfiltered the true you when projecting to the world that is when you feel happy and you feel a true sense of belonging in relationships.

If you do not learn to do this then you will see uncertainty in life and you will be forced to eventually accept yourself.

You will see issues in searching life partner and many a times you had multiple relationships before marriage.

You are not able to express yourself clearly to them and this causes issues further on to you.

If you do not stabilise your opinions and settle down then you will see yourself running throughout life trying to find an escape and then leading to nowhere.

You will have to be ethical in relationships and learn to commit and face the problems rather than try to escape them through your shenanigans.

Saturn in Cancer in Navamasa (D9) Chart

When Saturn comes to Cancer in your Navamasa (D9), the first challenge he gives is you need to come out of your comfort zone.

You will face emotional challenges and you will get luxuries in life but are you able to enjoy them?

When Saturn is in Cancer, you may own directly or indirectly multiple properties but despite that you are relocated and living in a rented accomodation.

This is because you are deprived of your luxuries and you need to rework yourself continuously till you reach emotional maturity.

If you bring in emotional biases in the way you judge and evaluate people then you see yourself get cheated.

You will realise that Saturn wants you to earn all these assets by yourself and you will see despair and difficult times as well here.

Your biggest karmic debt is your family and the fact that you want to nurture and nourish them but you are insecure about being that supporter.

You want to be emotional to the people you love but when you become biased and spoil them then they just drift away from your life to the extent you will see depressive tendencies in life.

If Moon is afflicted in Navamasa (D9) then you will not be able to balance your emotions and there will be no healthy outlet for same.

People will come and misuse your generosity.

You will be cheated by friends and you will loose wealth to the people who you love without any terms and conditions applied.

Abundance comes to you when you learn to control and take charge of your emotions.

Saturn will bring in atleast one or more traumatic relationships especially that breaks you down emotionally then you learn what not to do in relationships.

This teaches you to transform your attitude in approaching relationships and eventually helps you in getting the right person by experiencing this mistake.

You are not even allowed a room to cry as Saturn will not give you time for same and then once you learned to control emotions then you will finally see stability.

The more you detach yourself from your favourite person, the more you will see them get closer to you.

Saturn wants you to learn how lunar is your aura, you are not supposed to be caring for others and you need to care for yourself first as you have this habit that let me go help out damaged and narcissistic people.

Saturn tells you to come out of your dream ideal world as the world will come and misuse your nurturing so it wants you to reserve yourself for those who deserve.

Saturn will eventually aid you in much more materialistic upliftment because you work hard and sooner you realise that your reinforcement or motivation to achieve more is not nurturing for others but rather taking care of yourself then you rise more.

An easy remedy for Saturn in Cancer in Navamasa (D9) is that you relocate to place away from your homeland or home in search of work then you become self-reliant and you achieve a lot breaking the loop of emotional attachment and turbulence.

You want an emotional bonding with your life partner and you desire that loyalty and simplicity from them but the moment you want this, do not forget that you need to practical.

Saturn tells you that you cannot believe in love at first sight, you need to gain assets such as properties, wealth and security to make sure you can provide these to your partner.

Love becomes a secondary by-product and if you prioritise that without any logic then you see backlash in life if Saturn is in Cancer.

Always have a keen sense of judgement in who you need to help and then only decide to help.

Learn to be selfish about your selflessness to remediate and get the best results out of this Saturn placement in Cancer in Navamasa (D9).

Saturn in Leo in Navamasa (D9) Chart

You feel that you are chasing your life purpose or any goal in life but you deep within get insecure that you are not able to achieve or you are not worthy to achieve the same.

You want fame and name but you are not able to get the desired authority associated with this so you get frustrated.

People will not appreciate your multiple achievements but they openly demean you about even the slightest mistake you have made in life.

You always feel you are not able to express your creativity properly as you fear criticism from people.

Say, you wanted to become a standup comic but you feel bad immediately if someone criticised you even once while you tried this.

So, if you get insecure about this then Saturn slowly starts taking away that creative spark from you.

Saturn makes you always insecure about your creativity here and it wants you to either realise your true area of interest or become vary of constructive criticism and face the same.

If you cannot take constructive criticism or you shy away from expressing your creativity then you will not be able to achieve pinnacle that you wanted to achieve in life.

You will always be in dual mind or stay in a tussle whether you need to prioritise your self-worth and ego or the societal image that drives or has certain expectations from you.

You always crave to prove yourself to others and overcome their condescension.

You know that you make mistakes and the karmic debt on you is to rectify mistakes and disrespect done to authorities and elders.

Sun is significant in your Navamasa (D9) chart and you will see much conflicts and tussle with the Sun placement in your chart.

Say for example, you have Sun in Third House (3H) and Saturn is in Leo then you always are jealous of your friends and will try to prove them wrong and no matter what you do they do not validate your success.

You need to rise in your life and you need to overcome that need for validation from people even if you have made mistakes.

You always see that in relationships you might have prioritised the incorrect choice and made that mistake of ignoring all the red flags sometimes out of the feeling that your that type of relationship may elevate your status.

The sooner you realise that you need to achieve royalty and authority by yourself and not through your partner rather you are trying to escape your responsibility to become successful yourself.

So, you will not gain authority easily in life.

You are denied multiple promotions in life and your karmic debt is to suffer through that frustration because you had not supported the genuine people in the past when you had the chance to be ethical so this time around you are denied that authority too.

You need to prioritise people the right way and give time to each important person in your life else you will be accused of being a one-sided friend.

Life partner is authoritative and they may even earn more or have higher share of burden in carrying out love and materialism in relationships.

You need to learn that you have to express your passion but in a sweet way.

You need to have authority but with stability.

If you just express yourself with impulse, the marriage will not be fun.

You have a hard time expressing your love to your partner and this is something that they would hate a lot but you will be loved by them a lot so try cherishing them properly.

This is different from lack of confrontation rather this is more of an issue related to how you want to be projected.

Stop thinking about your image and the consequences so much.

People who accept you for making mistakes and then rectifying them will be the ones who are right for you.

I am not encouraging you to make mistakes but rather implying that making mistakes has to be treated as part of your life journey and not as an excuse to develop fear of failure that disables you from achieving your true potential.

Yes, you could not get that desired promotion? So, what?

The world will ask you why and make fun of you. Oh, yeah? So, what?

You did not get that stage performance right and forgot all the dialogues in the last minute. So, what?

Always learn that there is a second chance and even if you have not received a second chance then maybe it was not meant for you in the first place.

Crying about spilled milk is not the solution to your problems as it will only elevate the issues within you.

Taking action and deciding next course of action whether it is your work or relationships, that is the key to your true success indeed!

Saturn in Virgo in Navamasa (D9) Chart

Saturn in Virgo is a very hard placement to be frank in the D9 Navamasa chart.

You already are hard on yourself about being the perfectionist and meticulous about your tasks.

So, when things do not go your way which is often in life then you get depressed and feel down immediately.

You are too insecure about what people will think and say!

This is different from Saturn in Gemini as you do not want that attention or fame, rather you just want people to understand that you are perfect in whatever task you are approaching.

You are very structured and organised at work and you fear that people see a different side of you which is vulnerable.

Fear of vulnerability is a big issue with this placement.

You do not want others to realise that you have a human side as well.

You want to project yourself as a mean green growing machine in life who has taken the right choices to reach the right goals and societal status in life.

You enjoy multiple merits in life when it comes to learning knowledge and you have a rigid belief system as well.

Saturn erodes this belief system and wants you to adopt other perspectives in life different from yours as well here.

This is because Saturn wants you to revamp your belief system and accept other opinions too.

You are hard on yourself and hate when someone points out a different perspective and god if someone tells a mistake of yours, you become a rebel and shun that person.

You enjoy pointing flaws in your relationships actively sometimes even hypocritically.

Saturn teaches you to have an equilibrium reaction when it comes to your happiness and sadness.

Mercury placement in Navamasa (D9) chart is a great denominator to see which area of life will prove to be very transformative.

Let’s say Mercury goes to the Sixth House (6H) then you initially did not believe in NGO or CSR activities.

However, once you experienced charity and saw returns back to you suddenly you were compelled to serve others and you changed your belief system.

Routine is habitual within you and you hate impulsiveness.

If you do not allow yourself to follow your passions then you will slowly start hating yourself.

Learn to experience happiness as Mercury wants you to experience the thrill of unexpected.

You are a person who advocates that the best surprises comes to you when given an advance notice of three days but actually you will experience a much refreshing life if you allow yourself a bit of go with the flow attitude.

Marriage here needs to be carefully navigated.

Stop having perfectionist expectations from your life partner else you will see confrontations.

Stop being competitive about your compassion and freedom.

This causes you to become reckless and can cause rifts with your relationships.

Karmic debt here is to develop a shared belief system with your life partner so you can holistically have a wonderful sense of belonging.

Saturn in Libra in Navamasa (D9) Chart

A very intriguing double edged sword indeed!

You will experience wonderful prosperity and growth in life unless it is retrograde then it is a different ball game altogether.

You will see the most important thing in your life becomes your relationships and how you present yourself to the world and how you want to establish a balance between your work and love life.

You need to see where Venus is placed in the Navamasa (D9) chart and if it is afflicted then your relationships becomes your karmic lesson of life and if well-placed then you see a lot of growth and maturity in life.

You will see that even though you are not interested to talk with people still too many people come and interact with you in life.

Sometimes, you are forced to talk with people against your wish.

You have a fear of commitment especially you feel like relationships can come up with a lot of terms and conditions applied which may impact our responsibilities and hence, they delay it as much as they want to unless they start feeling comfortable.

Life is all about social status, public dealings and person will always try to escape or resolve conflicts.

If they give up on confronting owing to their diplomatic nature then they have to evaluate if the other person is right for them or not otherwise relationships do not work on their own accord for them.

You have long lasting friendships and relationships mostly as you do not prefer to suddenly jump into commitment easily with others.

Elevated sense of justice even for people who hate you and you will ignore the bias you have for people and treat everyone very equally.

Saturn values simplicity with a touch of essentials here and you will interact with many people with elegance as well.

You will see people who are damaged and being taken advantage of and you will stand up for them and help them stand back on their feet or be the divine guide to others who are victimised by toxic people.

You will fairly see better social skills than others and many a times even when you do not want to indulge into talking with others, you cannot stop yourself from being that centre of attention.

Financial stability grows linearly in your life which is beautiful and there is a small restriction on enjoying luxuries because the person wants to project their image to society as someone who values money.

You want to see a stable marriage as well.

You need a lot of balance and support for your life partner and peaceful relationship is required here as well as it cannot become one-sided at all.

You are blessed with a very loyal spouse who sometimes gets irritated since you treat them the same way you treat your close friends owing to your elevated sense of equality.

You enjoy sacrificing and going out of comfort zone for your partner and it provides you the gratification when you do the same as well.

If your efforts are not reciprocated by the partner then you get frustrated and if Venus is poorly placed then your balance of life will be impacted.

If Venus goes to the Eighth House (8H) for example then you will see a lot of health issues in your spouse and you will be challenged by your in-laws and spouse family.

A very beautiful placement for your career as you enjoy better results when you approach your career with a focused mind but your sense of justice causes delays in your promotion making you realise significance of balancing between your ego and your rewards.

Saturn in Scorpio in Navamasa (D9) Chart

You will see a lot of turbulence and troubles in your life.

You will see your competition and immediate batch mates succeed much more than you initially in life.

You will see that your career is very exponential in terms of growth and it does not come to you unless you are feeling despair and subjected to transformations.

You will see a lot of delays with the house where Mars is placed and Saturn is trying to prepare you to face these challenges.

Many transformations are witnessed in your life indeed.

You have to learn to play different roles in your life and too much adaptation is required as you just cannot slide into your comfort zone.

You are subjected to destabilisation and people will drain you emotionally whenever you have trusted people in life.

You cannot identify yourself and your thought process every time in period of 2-2.5 years.

Saturn wants you to burn like a phoenix through this despair and face failures multiple times unless you overcome your weaknesses.

You will witness a solid foundation in life again and again and you will much stagnation in your career.

Suddenly, once you have managed to burn yourself enough then suddenly you witness a rise like none other that surpasses everyone else and the world will view you as a dark horse just like a phoenix is reborn from the ashes.

You will face a lot of obstacles and troubles in your life.

In this case, you will enjoy looking back at these frustrating memories and you become a very good advisor to others and share your experiences with them.

You will be very possessive about your relationships.

You can be highly controlling in your relationships and if your spouse does not like your overprotective attitude then it causes arguments.

Learning to give space to others is important here.

You have experienced a lot of traumatic situations and seen that nobody was there for you.

Since then, you want to stand up for others and be there for them but when you over do it then the other person who is your partner gets frustrated.

You will become very immune to troubles to the extent that you are no longer surprised about new upcoming issues in your life.

All that emotional issues that you face and emotional bias you develop towards toxic people will be wiped out by Saturn here and unless you learn to let go of the toxic people, Saturn will keep you trapped in a loop of narcissists.

Always save money in life because you can see sudden losses and gains in your life and it does bring wealth transformations in your life.

You will have to see where South Node Ketu is also placed in the Navamasa (D9) chart.

South Node Ketu will show where you will get a lot of obstacles continuously in life and you will be very detached from your goals due to the same.

Once you overcome and survive this heat of Saturn in Scorpio, you emerge a very strong willed person who cannot be challenged in any relationship owing to your maturity.

It teaches you that if you face failure in life then that is a start for you and not the end.

If you give up your conviction then you are always facing issues with marriage and lot of transformations throughout life.

You have obsessive tendencies so you need to channelise this in correct direction or else you are prone to addictions and vulnerable to emotional traumas.

A strong remedy for Saturn in Scorpio is to worship Lord Hanuman with all due devotion.

You need to learn the equilibrium of emotions in any relationship and you cannot be excessively in love nor you can be in excessively in hatred.

Saturn in Sagittarius in Navamasa (D9) Chart

It is a lucky placement for the person.

You will always see towards future planning and you are very adventurous.

You will always fear uncertainty in future ahead for you and your faith will be tested by Saturn when it comes to Sagittarius.

You need to learn that how much you trust your luck and your higher authority then that much trust and conviction you need to place upon yourself as well.

You cannot only rely on spirituality and faith alone rather you need to put in karma in that direction too.

Check out where Jupiter goes into the Navamasa (D9) chart and that is the area where you will have to learn a lot and you will have to express your creativity too.

Education becomes very important for the person and you need to learn much more and more continuously.

You will see Saturn pushing you towards your weakness and you will always have an imposter syndrome when it comes to knowledge acquisition.

Never have doubt over your plans and try to overcome fear of failure related to that always.

You will worry too much about the consequences of your karma but you need to learn how to achieve something as incremental goals instead.

You will be motivated to work or put in karma on enhancing your own intelligence and then you use this acquired intellect to expand your horizons.

Relation with spirituality and higher authority or teachers will be karmic here.

Some of these teachers will play significant role in making sure you overcome all these obstacles in life.

It tells you have karmic debt to share your life experiences with others so they do not make the same mistakes.

You will always feel insecure about not having a good guru in life who guided you so the person takes initiative to actually become the guru for others that was never there for you.

Here it is your responsibility to pay back to others and spread knowledge that is your eventual purpose in this life.

You will find many strangers and new cultures throughout life. Saturn will make you travel a lot in the world.

You will see a lot of growth when you undertake voyages and new journeys.

Saturn kills your rigidity about belief systems and it wants you to understand so many cultures, different ethnicities and you need to behave like the Romans in Rome that is the long of it and the short of it.

You need to erode all these rigidity in others as well by your core knowledge.

You will also see this in your relationship where you will see someone from different background who is your potential spouse.

You will restrict yourself from taking risk and you will have to break this pattern to see more success in life.

Relationships are amazing here as well because you will learn acceptance for your life partner and understand their culture in their own way rather than imposing yours on them.

They are having a very keen understanding of each other and it is very intimate.

You will see yourself craving that bonding for a lifetime if you are not trying to understand your partner.

You may sometimes even see cross-cultural marriages with this placement.

Understand people, explore foreign lands and then become the pinnacle of success, that is your way ahead in life.

Saturn in Capricorn in Navamasa (D9) Chart

A phobia of loosing authority and fear of losses is very common with this placement.

You want to constantly control your life. This is not going to be possible so a lot of disappointment comes because of the same.

You need to put in a lot of efforts throughout life till you become very anxious about your mental health.

Depression and solitude is very common in this placement and you need to navigate things better too.

You will see many experiences in your life that causes trauma and failures coming your way is intense.

You will mask your failures easily to hide from others and this insecurity develops within you that is why you seek social isolation.

A lot of materialistic achievements and a legacy like none other is seen with Saturn in Capricorn but it will be coming as delayed gratification.

This success comes as a legacy to you and hence, you will not enjoy the fruits of the same rather your family will relish it.

You will have to learn to be happy with whatever you get from your efforts.

Karmic debt here is to put in a lot of efforts without getting any instant gratification or results immediately.

Once the craze for the desired success is dead then you get it which is almost same as being denied but then you are in abundance like none other.

You will enjoy scattered focus as well because you want to take up responsibilities voluntarily in life.

Learn to control your ambitions and be realistic about your aspirations too.

Much karmic debt is there to clear out your reactions and you will see a routine based life instead of enjoying luxuries and comforts.

By the time you reach a platform where you can afford to enjoy those comforts, well they are just essentials for you in life by that time.

This transformation is something that becomes a catalyst within you to reach higher heights.

Sincerity comes to you naturally when we talk about your relationships and you are struggling with your demanding spouse but they will provide you with the emotional support that you lack indeed.

You are loyal in relationships but need to express your feelings in a timely manner.

If you do not express things at the right time then you loose genuine connections and potential relationships.

Some tussles with your seniors and higher authority is also seen and you need to put in extra efforts to clear your misunderstandings with colleagues that is again a karmic expectation from you.

You need to learn to develop an emotional side and need to learn how to nurture others then only you will see much better results from your relationships.

There is a cold nature towards your partner and they crave emotional validation from you.

You do not enjoy surprises and advocate a traditional way to relationships where you advocate duties and responsibilities over enjoyment all the time.

This causes issues in marriage and you need to pay attention to your partner at the right time as well.

There is always slight delay in the marriage as you take time to resonate with the right person.

Saturn in Aquarius in Navamasa (D9) Chart

Fear of restrictions is seen when Saturn comes to Aquarius in your Navamasa (D9) chart.

The karmic debt here is to detail your life so much that you almost become a revolutionary in life.

You have beliefs and intelligence that is none like others so society will not accept your innovations initially and later you get late recognition that changes the world itself.

A lot of issues come to you in terms of seeking acceptance from people.

Confusion related to your purpose and career is foreseen here almost in everyone who has this placement.

North Node Rahu placement plays a significant factor in being your success card.

You will not reach much potential in early stages of life. Say, you start your career from engineering then you will not be able to start from a top college.

But then, later you managed to crack a job equivalent to the people who qualified for top college that is how this Saturn supports and acts up!

You will see that friends and network play a major role in your life.

North Node Rahu will show what problems you will face in getting your desires fulfilled the way you want to!

You will have to learn to break the conventions and you will have to come back to the top because people will not believe in you.

You will loose confidence in connecting with people and you develop an instinct to trust yourself that is how Saturn in Aquarius brings uniqueness to you.

Relationships become complicated here with delay in onset of emotions and you are not able to explain your emotional feelings to others.

Once you start developing a belief system that is when you reach the pinnacle of your charisma.

You have to be the rebel and break the people who do not believe in you.

Change is constant in your life and focus on consolidating all this scattered energy in you to channelise your way of life.

A beautiful exploration is seen here but if you only be scattered in your approach then you reach neither your goal nor your relationship.

Have a vision and get out of illusion of being idealistic.

Be the rebel and achieve much more than others in life, that is your way indeed!

Saturn in Pisces in Navamasa (D9) Chart

When Saturn comes to Pisces then it gets mild. It is a wonderful placement and shows that you are very pure as soul.

You are having an inner fear about your life situations and this is not because you are not capable.

Rather, you want to escape from complexities of life and you are procrastinating.

You want to be lazy and are exhausted by circumstances but you are very wise.

Check your Jupiter placement and then see what challenges you have in life.

Emotional turbulence and isolations related to the areas where Jupiter sits in Navamasa (D9) chart is always present in your life.

You feel like you are unable to follow your passions and are forced into service of others and you feel depressed due to the same.

Saturn tells you that have a realistic imagination and focus on execution not just the vision unlike Saturn in Aquarius.

It tells that always work on your originality and then learn to execute on your imagination otherwise how else will you be able to materialise or manifest it in real life?

You need routine, hardships and structure in life to eventually undergo transformation and if you cannot start doing things then you will not reach the same.

You need to have short incremental goals working towards a long term vision.

Have contingency plans so that you are not dissappointed.

You will have a strong faith in spirituality and higher authority.

You will be in dilemma whether you need to trust your luck or you need to focus on your karma that is the two fishes directional issue in Saturn sitting in Pisces of Navamasa (D9) chart.

You need to become a task master and carry out both of these karmas in parallel to seek materialistic bliss.

This transformation to be able to manage your time and multitask is how things need to be shaped indeed.

You need to have zone outs to enjoy solitude and Saturn gives you an isolation.

You feel lonely in a gathering but it tells you that you need to use all this solitude for self-introspection zones too.

Have the courage to confront your goals and not escape them using excuses.

Relationships need to have straightforward emotions and the karmic debt here is to confront things and situations.

Learn to be with people and finding acceptance and integration to society is your karmic challenges.

This same acceptance you seek from your spouse and this is your transformative challenge.

You cannot show the dream world to people and have to be realistic indeed.

Show concrete achievements to manifest relationships while if you stay just a visionary then how will you manifest that relationship?

Engage with people and network actively to become the true potential that your life holds.

Once you identify your strength, you will finally see yourself shine like none other in the world!

You are a soul who smiles even in problems and obstacles.

Never develop attachments to your karma and then you see abundance, while Jupiter placement is your transformation lesson indeed!

Have faith and march ahead with time management and task master at managing everything in parallel to see the bliss of life!

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