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What is Astrology about?

Astrology is not about contemplating what decisions you are going to make in the future. It is about guiding you in your path by providing you the possibilities that can aid in your decision making process.

Think of Astrology as your GPS while you are the driver of your own life. You need to take decisions, make choices & owe up to them. To make the right choices, you acquire knowledge to understand context and that is possible only through realising your own true self.

You can lie to the world and create deception but you cannot run away from yourself. You always want to elevate your world to greater heights by healing your past mistakes and transforming your future, that is what Astrology is all about.

Holistic Astrology is all about maximising your positives & minimising your negatives in life.

What to Expect in Consultation from us?

We offer readings strictly basis Holistic Astrology which involves a complete and thorough analysis of your results to help you understand what can be optimised in-depth. Astrology is not about fear mongering and instilling a sense of pessimism in you, if that has been your experience then it’s a red flag about your consulting astrologer.

  • Easy Remedies & Suggestions: We strongly believe that karma is the most significant factor in optimising your results in Astrology and we always offer a mix bag of spiritual and easy to adopt suggestions that can be accommodated in your daily routine to aid you enhance your results and provide path to better decisions in life

  • Gemstone Remedies are not suggested by us, as already mentioned we strongly believe that your karma in daily lives has much more impact in influencing your life. We will definitely help you understand which gemstone you can wear, but we do not recommend that as a remedy because that is only a tool to help you develop karma & hence, we neither advocate or sell any such solutions. Gemstone remedies without completely understanding the deity & energies & your chart can actually prove to be catastrophic

  • Satisfied Clients over 300+ readings: Experience is a driving factor in all the readings & it is as much of a learning experience for the astrologer as much as it is for you with every chart that is analysed by us. We are proud to convey having done over 300+ readings so far and increasing with satisfied results

Offered Readings

  • Birth Chart Reading: This is a complete end-to-end analysis of your birth chart (D1) which involves walkthrough of each of the 12 houses holistically to help you understand results in-depth ranging across all your areas of life: Career, Finances, Relationships, Fortune, Spirituality, Satisfaction, Education, Intelligence etc. at a high level glance

  • Relationship & Marriage Reading: This is a complete analysis of the main birth chart (D1) in tandem with your relationship & fortune chart (D9). This is used to understand overall results from your main birth chart as well.

  • Compatibility Reading: This is a detailed analysis specifically offered for couples involving mutual compatibility matching, aiding you understand synastries, what works well between the couple & what does not work well. This is also used for providing an overall prospect for marriage and stability (involves Nadi Matching too)

  • Career and Finances Reading: This reading involves detailed understanding of your birth chart (D1) along with your career chart (D10) which aids in making career decisions, and also to help realise your life purpose & natural instincts that can be used to earn money and achieve materialistic goals

  • Child Analysis Reading: This is to understand the tentative possibilities of having a child and involves reading the main birth chart (D1) in tandem with your progeny chart (D7) to help you develop better relation with children if already born or to know the tentative timings and promise of child in your life

  • Past Life Reading: This is the detailed analysis of main birth chart (D1) in tandem with your past life chart (D60) to aid you understand your true life purpose and your pursuits of spirituality and higher learning apart from mistakes that you can prevent in this life and serves as an interesting occult reading. This does not tell what you were in the past life, kindly note that the reading focuses on how karma went and how it can be optimized in your current chart along with the same.

  • Custom Reading: In addition to these, we offer customised reading as well to cater to any other specific doubts that you may have for which you can write to us at or drop us a message over Twitter.

For charges related to your select readings, feel free to DM on Twitter or write to us on the given mail ID and we will reply you soon!