Saturn Placement and Karmic Relationships with People: Part 2

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Wherever Saturn sits in your chart you feel overshadowed by the person representing that house & you sometimes crave love from that person but you don’t easily get it, frequent misunderstandings & you rarely forgive them too.

Why does this happen?

Saturn represents a karmic loop and the placement of Saturn in your chart shows the person in your life and area of life where you will be challenged through circumstances.

Saturn has a unique essence to challenge you circumstantially through the person representing the house where it is placed!

This series specifically focuses on Saturn placement and the karmic relationships associated with it.

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Karakatavas (People) Represented by Astrology Houses

  • First House (1H): Your own self and individual identity
  • Second House (2H): Paternal Side family
  • Third House (3H): Friends & Younger Siblings
  • Fourth House (4H): Mother
  • Fifth House (5H): Children
  • Sixth House (6H): Enemies
  • Seventh House (7H): Spouse and Business Partners
  • Eighth House (8H): Spouse Side Family and In-Laws
  • Ninth House (9H): Father and Gurus
  • Tenth House (10H): Public Image & Work Reputation – Midheaven so again your own societal image
  • Eleventh House (11H): Networking Friends and Colleagues
  • Twelfth House (12H): Hidden Enemies

Saturn in Seventh House (7H)

Saturn is a heavy placement especially with respect to your marriage when it comes to the 7H in your birth chart.

You have indeed a karmic relationship with your partner.

The bright side to this placement is that you climb up to the pinnacle of success and beyond when it comes to business and dealing with partnerships.

You have a knack for diplomacy when it comes to dealing with many people and they do not develop attachments very easily.

Saturn provides you with a lot of ups and downs in understanding your true partner.

It makes you sympathise with multiple folks at the same time that causes confusion in taking choices.

You are toxically attracted to damaged people or partners who are in need of your help.

This leads to problematic relationships because you are not trying to make a relationship based on love rather treating your relationship as if a transaction that forms the essence of true unconditional love indeed.


Well, you want to silently sacrifice for your partner, you always just assume that they are acknowledging you but actually they may not.

They are either misusing you and you know that fully well because Saturn in 7H is not dumb infact quite intuitive especially even more true if you have a 8H placement.

So, you are just hoping for them to turn over a new leaf by themselves but does that help?

They have the choice to either continue misusing you or just shun you so now the only constant left for you is trauma.

How to navigate this?

Establish boundaries, learn to say no, learn to take a stand and confront the opinions of people rather than having an inner fear that you will loose the relationship.

Saturn here advocates that finding a sense of belonging is not the only important thing but finding the RIGHT sense of belonging, yes, this is what is needed!

Overcome your fear of abandonment and try to establish boundaries in how you want to be loved so that the other person provides that nourishment to you as much as you cheer for them silently.

Debarring this, you are just prone to vulnerability and inviting trauma, and then this becomes a loop honestly so recognise the patterns and correct them.

Saturn in Eighth House (8H)

Saturn in the Eighth House (8H) gives an interesting vibe to your overall relationship.

One thing is for sure that you seek validation from your partner’s parents a lot and many a times they believe much more in you than their own kid!

You are a delightful and learned person who has seen a lot of struggles in life.

It is very normal for you to burn out while socialising.

You tend to take a lot of socialisation at once and then suddenly have an outburst of a solitude requirement that either sends you to travels or just space out from others out of nowhere.

You need to understand why are you good at research?

It is because you feel you are different from people.

You feel misunderstood by them all the time and sometimes they feel you are crazy and have unusual obsessive tendencies and shenanigans that they cannot interpret.

It is imperative that you understand that obstacles and hidden enemies are going to come in abundance in your life.

However, this is just to transform you into someone who can handle emergencies so well that you become the most trustworthy person in the entire family or room full of people.

Why else will your in-laws trust you more than their own kid?

It is when they see that this person has handled so much in life and has managed to survive through all such situations that trust comes to you.

You are in denial about feeling loved by others because you feel that nobody understands you.

However, deep within you already know that you do not fear being misunderstood rather you fear not being accepted the way you are!

So, take up your life with a stride and stop overthinking rather channelise this root chakra of yours to find depths in research and win over hidden enemies because as is you already know what option do you have?

Unnecessary politics at work comes your way, chances of career changes and getting laid off is nothing new in your life but always you manage to build things back up and rejoice the same from scratch again and again!

To break this pattern, go into spirituality as you have less other options.

Worship Lord Hanuman, offer food to needy on Saturdays and light a lamp (diya) under a peepal tree every Saturday night.

You are suffering from this as you were not adaptive enough in your past life so now you do not have the option except being thrown under the bus but honestly once you accept the chaos, you are a person who attains pinnacle of what Saturn can offer!

Saturn in Ninth House (9H)

A very enduring placement because tolerance is key here.

You have a hated relationship with your father or sometimes even worse either separation or death of the father.

You are always finding yourself misguided by your gurus and you slowly develop an instinct to believe that you no longer seek or need guidance from them rather you believe that the almighty is the ultimate guru of yours.

You flip from not believing in spirituality to becoming a stout believer and advocate of same.

Why does this happen?

You are a person who kept telling yourself that if hard work is done then results will come, it will come and it will definitely come.

But did you see them coming?

With that Saturn aspect on the third house it is normal to put in much more efforts than others and see lesser but then you know first hand that you need that extra tinge of luck that only spirituality can grant you to succeed in life as you see patterns of failures.

Your father’s loss tremendously shakes you and you either become distant from entire family or way too close with your mother.

You enjoy support of teachers post father’s loss because the karakatva destruction is already done and you no longer fear the same.

You are constantly facing challenges but then you become handler of your own life.

It is normal for such people to take up responsibilities earlier in life compared to others as their situation does not permit them to cut slack.

You usually share strained relations with your bosses and eventually if Saturn here is linked to the 7H then you hate working under people and become your own master or business owner.

You are indulgent of luxuries and granted properties especially multiple houses from father’s inheritance or fortune.

Sometimes, this can be lost to others if you are not careful about your gains and claims.

You need to constantly hustle and eventually you very well know that you would have to leave the country.

A great remedy for your Saturn in dealing with all these karmic relations with elders such as father figures, gurus and bosses is just to relocate away from your home and then success will be witnessed in your life like a pinnacle.

Saturn in Tenth House (10H)

Saturn here represents struggle in achieving authority.

You crave leadership positions but always you see your bosses doing politics against you that prevents you from gaining authority.

You have a karmic relationship with your higher authorities since you crave rise and they keep denying it.

It shows you had a prominent sun in your last life given that Sun is the natural dighbala in the 10H but Saturn being the natural significator shows that you misused your authority last time so this time you need to learn your lesson.

A reiterative loop of being denied promotions or not attaining the designation you desired easily comes with this placement.

Sometimes, it is to push you to realise that service is not your purpose rather business is but then that depends further from chart to chart.

Saturn here wants you to establish assertive authority.

What does that mean?

Well, you would see yourself loosing that promotion to a person with a better Sun placement but then you are hard working, right?

So, even if the sun prominent person who beat you to go to higher position has attained better designation, when it comes to a third person in need of help, they still approach you.

It is because people acknowledge that you were talented enough to rise but you never lost that respect because you did not get promoted.

So, eventually you still are the decision maker helping others but without officially being the person in power.

That is also how on a high level mafia operates but that is not linked to this placement just analogous.

Officially, police is higher authority but the people with larger influence assertively exerts their authority to control others and influence them.

That is what you are here to learn.

When you see yourself too frustrated with your bosses or you feel nothing is going right in your way then resort to worship Lord Ganesha and take his help.

You will see miracles happening in your life and you gain a sense of purpose as well. Offer him durva and his favourite modaks every Wednesday without forgetting.

Saturn in Eleventh House (11H)

You seriously fear vulnerability.

Are you always constantly changing your network?

You experience frequent conflicts and detachments with the people you meet at work especially colleagues.

You shared weird equation with your elder siblings as well.

You cannot easily forgive them but at the same time you feel overshadowed by them.

Frequent misunderstandings with colleagues and impending karma to reconnect back to them is required with this placement.

You always want to accelerate ahead of your network but at same time you question your conviction and self-worth a lot.

You practiced hard for an exam. Then, you ask yourself are you even ready?

You ask yourself are you even capable?

This questioning of conviction is the moment of downfall for Saturn in the 11H.

You always feel hesitant in asking for help from your network and are easily overwhelmed by them in terms of talent and exponential rise in the career.

You are constantly feeling let down by the networking colleagues and sometimes even feel cheated by them.

Many a times you witness frequent changes of jobs and slow rise in them.

Conflicts at work even when you are not directly involved is often seen here.

The moment you get attached to someone at work, things start falling apart from you because Saturn here shows that you maltreated your co-workers the last time so this time you will see constant shifts in the same.

It is easy for you to try finding a sense of belonging but notice a pattern that you struggle a lot being understood by them.

You are hesitant in acceptive their love as well because you feel as if they are trying to show you down or show that they are doing a favour to you which you hate as it hurts your independent pride.

This is a karmic placement even for relocations and many a times you see yourself being trapped in the type of work which is honestly not your own interest rather it is the interest of others.

This is because you want to prove your mettle but first ask yourself is this worth it?

If you are starting to prepare for an exam just because someone in your circle is also then no, it is not a good motivation enough and honestly it will hurt you later.

Evaluate your true interests and then make the move.

Worship Lord Ganesha with this placement to gain clarity in your life that is extremely important here.

Saturn in Twelfth House (12H)

A weird relationship with people around you as it is like as if you are moving in a two faced world.

You have vivid dreams and are always trying to escape away from people but you end up in situations that compels you to talk with people instead.

This really frustrates you a lot because you are always trying to find more solace in solitude and life throws you under the bus by making sure you connect with foreign people, are compelled to understand their cultures and sometimes even see unwarranted expenses due to exhaustion and ill-health when forced to work and travel.

Anxiety is like your second name and you enjoy being anxious honestly because you fear if you ain’t busy you will overthink and end up in an asylum or just live away from people.

Saturn here makes you prone to physical injuries and your intuition is so strong sometimes you can see beforehand that you are about to be harmed by something or someone.

You are likely to see many ups and downs but pleasures are always there in your life.

With that joy of working, you know you will work hard to only party harder except that your party is spending time with yourself chilling and self-care than meaningless socialisation that is how you like to call it.

You try to find authenticity in people and if they lack it, well, simply put you just want to move on and away.

You want people to understand you? Well, not really on the contrary you enjoy being different from them and take pride in same.

It is fine for you to be misunderstood, you do not care as you share a deeper relation with yourself and honestly that matters much more.

You feel purposeless many a times as this is a karmic relation in understanding your true path is not through networks and people in life rather enjoying the fruits of karma through lens of deeper meanings and purpose of life.

To realise this, you should pray to Maa Durga to attain a pinnacle in understanding the depth and meaning of life that you were not able to reflect in past life.

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