Unexpected Destiny of Karma: Saturn in 12 Houses of Astrology

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Saturn is a very karma impending planet that spans over our life purpose, evaluates our efforts and provides us with due rewards.

Saturn demands efforts from people and it is a very experiential teacher.

Why do I say like that?

Well, you see Saturn has a vivid method of projecting learning and opportunities to the people who do not learn through the teachings of Guru or Jupiter.

Jupiter is a teacher that will help you understand the consequences of your actions and then let you decide what you want to do.

Saturn just throws you under the bus by creating circumstances in your life that cause issues through obstacles and despair.

You will be compelled to adapt to new things and it holds true even more if Saturn is placed in certain positions within your chart.

The flip side is there is no planet other than Saturn which can provide the abundance that it holds ranging from relationships to even wealth.

Let’s explore this misunderstood protector who wants you to rise up out of your comfort zone.

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Saturn in First House (1H)

A very sensitive placement indeed as Saturn will challenge the childhood of the native making them quite aggressive and as age matures they become silent or mature or even passive aggressive slowly out of need to control their impulse.

The person will have a weaker metabolism compared to other and suffer from frequent digestive disorders and skin issues.

Saturn increases the air element (Vaata) in their body and it is natural for these folks to have swings between gaining extreme amount of weight or loosing the same basis their habits as Saturn gives results basis their impending actions and here it impacts their physical appearance quite directly.

The person becomes very easily provoked and such people usually have short temper or low trigger point as they hate to tolerate the stupidity and undue behaviour of others.

They are fearless and usually very rigid about their opinions. They have strong opinions and perspectives about every topic and usually they like to stay quiet by natural instinct.

The person does not have a very long term vision clarity about what they need to do, rather they just go with the flow as they feel every time they try to plan something then they invite disappointment if it is not fulfilled which happens quite often with them.

The individual listens to the guidance of others very fondly but advocates his own experience when it comes to taking action.

They would rather prefer to learn from their own mistakes than listen to others.

They hate to be taken for granted by others because they are very driven and dedicated in whatever task they pick up.

They love to self-impose responsibility upon themselves. They maintain a very fair dignity even in the most despair related situations of life.

They are bit careless about their physical appearance and advocate simplicity often rather than being fancy.

It is not easy for these people to find a suitable relationship because Saturn provides complete seventh aspect on the Seventh House (7H) which makes them quite insecure in approaching people.

They have had traumatic experiences from betrayals of people that it is difficult for them to even trust their own genuine connections.

They are dependable folks and they take friendships quite seriously.

They do not have a give and take attitude in friendships. They are quite selfless usually but are intuitive enough to find out who is misusing them.

If they ever find someone misusing them, they simply cut-off that connection without even explaining themselves.

They have a very good command in learning and can become subject matter experts especially in technical fields.

They can become very successful businessmen as well owing to their straightforward attitude and out-of-box thinking ideas that is usually the requirements to run an enterprise.

They will also experience multiple health issues but the silver lining is that they survive all of it and eventually it only makes them stronger.

They take a long time to open up to people owing to the third aspect of Saturn going to Third House (3H) that makes their communication restricted and reserved.

They do not like small talks much and prefer to remain serious in fact even their humour has a touch of seriousness of too much truth.

They face a lot of static growth in career with Saturn aspect to the Tenth House (10H) eventually makes them give up on service and rather pursue their own business actively.

Saturn challenges them to make friends and maintain them but usually the set of people surrounding them keeps changing often and they face even short-term travels or relocations often more than others.

Very rigid when it comes to passing judgements, such people should refrain from speaking out their mind loud as sometimes it backlashes them and even promotes isolation tendencies within them.

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Saturn in Second House (2H)

Saturn is in a very strong position here even though it gives mixed results.

It causes issues in relationships because the third aspect of Saturn here goes on the Fourth House (4H) and the person becomes perpetually dissatisfied and thankless even to themselves.

This is good from a material point of view as the person is able to manifest and channelise their energy into amassing assets but this does not work around for their relationships.

The 2H is also 8H away from the 7H so there is always a lot of upheaval for Saturn here that creates chaos and delays in their relationships and sometimes even in marriage.

Saturn transit overlapping the 2H can give issues to health of one’s spouse as well so they ought to be even more careful during such time periods.

When it comes to their speech, these people are a person of very few words.

They do not believe in caring for others verbally rather prefer to be much more action oriented when it comes to expressing their concern.

They are quite balanced in terms of give and take with other people and will not help out anyone just like that unless they see a reciprocation back from them.

Saturn provides them with gradual rise of wealth and they even may start their own ventures too.

They are challenged to build a large network owing to their introverted nature with Saturn seventh aspect on the Eighth House (8H) and tenth aspect on the Eleventh House (11H).

They receive aid from their own family and are quite protective about them even if they misuse them.

They are naturally protected from jealousy, criticism and harmful action against them and are quite fearsome as well if they become enemies with someone.

They are quite stellar speakers as they anyway speak less and only are driven by data and insightful essence of work when it comes to speech.

Very crafty, they drive themselves away from attention and always have a habit of playing the victim to avoid attention as well.

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Saturn in Third House (3H)

A good position for Saturn as it gifts the person with a lot of rigour for physical labour and hard work.

They are quite strategic individuals. They have a very blunt style of communication and are very authentic when it comes to their friendships.

This authenticity needs to be reciprocated back by others around them in order to befriend them otherwise they like to stay away and keep boundaries established with people.

These folks are very well-networked usually but not attached to anyone easily.

They have a knack to take up responsibility and love to be confident in front of other but in reality they do this to mask their insecurity and fear of failure.

This fear is not actually an issue with them rather it is a very good tendency that makes them optimistic with a reality check for boundaries that is beautiful.

The person becomes slowly very cunning owing to their daily interactions but the problem is that even though they do not want to talk with people but they always end up in situations where they are forced to interact and this leads to a lot of perspectives within them.

They usually hate people who profess what they have not achieved, if you tell a Saturn in 3H person to listen to motivational speakers, chances are they will roast them heavily.

They do not believe in higher authority and always have been challenged in finding the right guru or teacher.

These people will actively tell you that life only comes to you in abundance when you realise that you have to be your own teacher.

They advocate that one needs to learn to develop their instinct through experiences and life teaches you beyond textbook.

They are the ones who will tell you that you cannot learn marketing by doing an MBA or reading books rather get up and go try selling something to someone or work in a store to sell products that is when you will realise what it means to be a salesperson.

They are very conservative when it comes to their beliefs and extremely rigid about it that it is hard for them to change their perspective about someone if they have had a bad impression of them.

These folks are usually very devoted to their younger siblings and help out for them, sometimes even voluntarily taking responsibility of their education as the sponsor but hardly they have a very expressive affection for them.

However, Saturn here if has a Mars accompanied in the 9H then there is a mutual aspect to each other causing even loss of sibling or life threatening situation to the sibling and father too.

They have a cold nature with their father, sometimes polite disagreements or loss of father or their love is deprived as they learn to become independent of them.

If they have a 2H or 4H placement of any other planet with this Saturn, then chances are father is having a business but they will still not pick it up to make that as their income source rather will start their own.

They win over their competition very vividly and this is very good for competitive exams as well because they have a luck oriented with the exams here as the Saturn is placed 6H away from 10H slaying all competition and enemies without much obstacles.

They attract a lot of jealousy as well because Saturn will always deprive them of the others being happy for their achievements that leads to dissatisfaction within them too.

They may suffer from bone density issues at later age and should always take care of their posture because they are prone to backbone issues or lower back problem too.

They are the types who advocate everything is fair in love, war and game!

They will pick up all means to prove themselves to be a task master and become very oriented toward their goals.

They need to become very adaptable to short term travels as Saturn pushes them out of comfort zone.

You will always find these people complaining that they never get an office or workplace near their homes.

They either face a lot of relocations or they just travel far off to their workplace always.

This makes them frustrated and Saturn challenges their time management.

This is due to the Saturn seventh aspect on Ninth House (9H) and it is true even vice versa case when Saturn goes to the Ninth House (9H) as well.

Saturn is actually favouring the person here by providing opportunities through hectic lifestyle and compelled schedules to them.

It breaks down the native to the extent that they stop complaining and start being action-oriented toward difficult circumstances.

This becomes such a powerful aspect for them that they eventually become very strong in dealing with life and responsibilities.

They are driven by travel for sure as well because they eventually just embrace it as an essential part of their life.

They need to be careful when talking to others as they are prone to attracting jealousy from people especially younger siblings, friends and anyone younger than them in general.

The hidden side for this person is that everyone thinks you are so serious in completing your work that they forget you do have an inner child inside you especially if your Mercury is well-placed.

You have to be ethical in your earnings from this placement otherwise Saturn comes down on you heavily especially strained relationships with siblings become a common issue and even separation from father.

Always remember that you may hate doing what you are doing but you eventually find a meaningful purpose to drive yourself toward!

After fulfilling all your responsibilities, usually post age of 30 and Saturn return these people finally prioritise themselves and become very amazing explorers.

They drive themselves to share experiences with others, try to overcome their insecurity of communicating vividly to others and become great advisors as well.

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Saturn in Fourth House (4H)

The perpetual loop of dissatisfaction and being in denial of the materialistic assets in possession characterises this placement.

Saturn devoid the person from gaining assets and materialistic desire fulfillments without putting in due karma here profusely.

Saturn strongly aspects their tenth house with its seventh aspect and this makes the native face frequent ups and downs in their career.

Saturn advocates simplicity so the person eventually finds more pacifying nature within their possessions and does not crave too much luxury ultimately.

They become very defensive about their homeland and are people who would pick up a fight with anyone who threatens them.

These are people who often suffer from ups and downs in health due to some ailment or other usually more from Vaata (wind and air element) issues ranging from respiratory problems or often prone to cough and cold too.

If Venus is not well-placed, these people are even prone to chronic health issues and have to take up medicines regularly to keep themselves fit.

They become very rude to others who threaten their beliefs as well.

Saturn makes them crave for motherly love but they are not getting easy validation from the motherly figures in their lives.

Sometimes, they even have to leave their homes early childhood shifting to hostels or separation from mothers is also seen.

This is Saturn’s way of making the person more trained in handling emergency situations and comes at cost of making them overcome their emotions vividly.

Saturn does not allow room to these people to provide emotions.

Saturn will always make them emotional and then train them to overcome this by logic which does not bode well with the theme of fourth house (4H).

What Saturn gifts here to them is that they become very good parents to their children if Fifth House (5H) supports them.

This is because they know what not to do!

They overcome their insecurity of being a parent with Saturn placed twelve houses away from Fifth House (5H) and this makes them excellent parents indeed.

They actually go on to build a home they really desire.

They want stability and this is one thing that they constantly work toward but thanklessly.

Ultimately, they do achieve the goal but by the time they do, its fruits are enjoyed by their future generations and they leave a legacy like none other.

So, what holds special for you?

Well, you need to embrace the legacy you are leading but the most important remedy which is easier said than done is that learn to be thankful to yourself.

You are goal-driven which is fine but if I tell you to acknowledge your achievements, all you do is wonder, do I have any?

This is not because you did not get the results rather because you are so used to change goal posts once you have achieved it that you just move on to the next task completely ignoring yourself.

Learn to be thankful for what you achieved!

When you acknowledge your gains and assets, you find peace.

Satisfaction does not come from stability rather it is a state of mind that acknowledges your efforts.

Society will always be cruel in imposing expectations upon you!

Why are you seeking this external validation?

Down the years, you stop seeking that yourself but the earlier you realise that, the better you get and the more awesome you transform indeed!

You are driven by the passion of spirituality.

Yet, for long, you are scared of it!

It is because random thoughts come to your mind when you try to concentrate.

Saturn in Fourth House (4H) makes the person a natural pessimist when it comes to accepting blessings.

All you can think is what is the next thing that will go wrong!

Stop doing that! Be thankful for what you have achieved and never ask for wishes to be fulfilled in your prayers.

The moment you stop desiring, that is the moment you start getting things in abundance indeed!

You are pessimist which is fine, it helps you have realistic expectations from life but lean toward developing energy by focusing on your mind more than using it to discourage yourself.

If someone tells you to be optimistic, you know you never relate!

So, what?

Why bother about people and their opinions?

Shape up your own life, take charge, be thankful and build things from scratch and be proud of your efforts.

In this world driven by results, being proud of your efforts makes you develop a conviction that will take you towards results even though you may be in denial for them.

You are destined to be a star but what prevents you from being there in the limelight is your own fear and unnecessary desire for stability.

You do find stability later though you would be in denial but do not stop yourself from exploring career options with this placement.

Inertia has to be overcame when it comes to this placement from career point of view.

Be open to relocations, be open to exhausting yourself at work and drive towards materialism through the eyes of spirituality.

Then, you will see the magic happening!

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Saturn in Fifth House (5H)

A difficult placement again, especially if the native has less willpower and conviction then it hits them with too much unnecessary anxiety as well.

They overthink like crazy and are perpetual pessimists.

This is not in the bad sense, in fact they are used to being slightly less enthusiastic but actually are very emotional from inside.

Remember, Saturn does not take away emotions directly from anyone rather it just makes them adopt logical thinking through situations encountered in life.

Saturn advocates them to follow a set of beliefs that becomes a huge conviction eventually.

They become stubborn and obstinate about their beliefs indeed.

It is because they are always challenged by the society intellectually.

They are constantly underestimated and their silence is mistaken as their weakness which leaves them frustrated.

They are prone to issues in having children, initially they are driven by insecurity of parenting but later they become quite diligent about it.

They are very hard working and are suitable for laborious jobs as well.

They pick up difficult jobs themselves and challenge themselves intellectually always.

They develop a very fierce opinion about parenting because they are injusticed by their own parents as well to a certain extent that makes them question parenthood in general.

If Sun gets associated with this Saturn, then the person even has issues in pregnancy or infertility in both genders too.

They are related with management and industrial ventures strongly too.

They usually start from a technical field as a job or in terms of education but they eventually have to end up in management related positions to which they learn to adapt.

They see swings in their career owing to Saturn third aspect on the Seventh House so partnerships and business see a lot of transformations.

Saturn in Fifth House (5H) delays the rewards for these individuals due to Saturn’s fifth aspect on the Eleventh House (11H).

They always suffer from lack of desire fulfilment but it works unusually in their favour.

They achieve something even beyond their own desires which they deny but that is how things operate here and it operates for their own good.

They constantly chase what meaning to find in their life and karma.

They seek help from spirituality as well for the same.

The tenth aspect of Saturn on the second house (2H) makes the person wealthy indeed.

It fulfils their crave for wealth but this wealth cannot always satisfy their desires because they themselves are unaware what they truly desire.

Saturn breaks down them indeed yet fulfils its duties to make them an intellectually driven and capable person here.

Honestly, this does not require remedy rather they need to learn how to adapt and how to experience despair and panic situations with calm.

They can practice meditation in days of anxiety and are very good in mantra chanting if they want to try it and bend things in their favour.

They need to develop their faith in others very well and overcome their unnecessary suspicious nature that leads to loss of genuine connections.

They should pray to Maa Durga and Maa Lakshmi to alleviate their issues with having children or insecurity about wealth in hard times.

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Saturn in Sixth House (6H)

Saturn in the Sixth House (6H) is a gem.

Sixth House represents the enemies, competition, health issues and Saturn sitting here does no injustice to the native so it eliminates all of these very well.

The native is blessed with a knack for serving others and they are quite grounded and humble usually unless Sun is too strong in the chart.

They are blessed with a very wide social circle and they spend a lot of time in catering this circle as well.

This sometimes pisses off their spouse as she or he feels insecure about not having been attended to or rather not getting special treatment from them but truth is that they love everyone equally.

They are very friendly with the lower subordinates and they should maintain that decorum to see more abundance.

They should never maltreat domestic workers, unskilled labours or anyone serving them directly or indirectly.

They usually have some family members either direct or indirect with political connections or in high positions though they do not desire to go to that field.

They need to be very ethical and if the native has a strong Mars then they end up becoming very good police officers or army related positions.

Saturn favours them with recovery but they struggle very badly with procrastination tendencies and get bored very easily shifting interests.

They can be either too loyal or too disloyal to their workplaces as they go all out with intensity exhausting themselves with work to make sure that all tasks are completed on time.

They are very simpleton and advocate simplicity a lot and are sacrificing by nature as well.

They go out of comfort zone to help out others but many a times they realise lack of reciprocation.

They should avoid gambling due to the third aspect of Saturn on Eighth House (8H) and they are subjected to a lot of problems as well in life.

They come across too many dilemmas in life and they are always prone to decision-making.

They ask for advice from others way too much sometimes but eventually realise that they do what they want to do and just use this as an impulsive tendency.

The individual draws suspense from their spouse and gets irritated by them sometimes.

They usually are not on very good terms with their spouse family but at the same time they are very spiritually protected from people.

They are lazy usually and tend to learn consistency.

They lack a routine but if they overcome this tendency and try to develop a routine to approach their life then they reach a very high abundance.

They gain a lot from gym training and find themselves build their bodies and metabolism better than others.

They are prone to respiratory issues and often fall ill but they are always coming back fast.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balance is a big challenge for them.

This is wonderful from materialistic point of view and growth from workplace.

However, business is not something suitable for you unless Jupiter supports Saturn here.

They are wonderful friends and great people to have around you provided you cater to their insecurity of lacking a sense of belonging.

This honestly does not need to be remediated but try maintaining a routine and focus on completing tasks instead of leaving them hanging and shifting interests to utilise your maximum potential.

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Saturn in Seventh House (7H)

Saturn is a difficult placement sitting in the Seventh House (7H) as it provides a lot of challenges to the native.

The person witnesses a delayed marriage.

They are prone to accusation or pre-marital affairs are also possible so the person needs to have the balls to make the right choices and do not do people pleasing at all for choosing their spouse or relationships.

The initial years of married life are difficult for the person and they slowly mature in their lives.

They miss out on opportunities sometimes but slowly they develop a good knack for business and have a great acumen decoding ideas.

The person is better off to delay their relationships and not feel sad about it.

This is because the person is actually very devoted to even the fundamental friendships they have formed in their life.

This makes them very devoted people but the people are not exactly kind to them.

They find 1 out of 10 genuine connections who acknowledge them and out of people pleasing tendencies, they are prone to tolerating toxic people as well.

This may work around for friendships where rift and catch up are workable but definitely cannot afford to have the incorrect choice with marriage and partnerships.

The person should logically evaluate their relationships and also put forward boundaries actively to establish a good relationship that is not tolerant of toxicity otherwise their lives can become hellish.

They have a strong fear of abandonment and rejection so these natives need to be really careful with their relationships indeed.

It does not deny marriage. This is a myth. Saturn is a very karma impending planet so you need to put in efforts to engage others.

You can get married if you put efforts but what you fear is what if you end up with the wrong person?

If such a person ends up with a wrong person, they tolerate even such a toxic one-sided relationship.

Thus, it is fine to delay things till you find the right one, do not rush it.

You have commitment issues which is fine, why run away from the problem? Face it, first accept this!

Once you accept this, then reiterate to find right person and if you do not find the right person, then you know that you are better off by yourself so it does not deny marriage, it just provides you a perspective about your purpose!

Balancing independence and partnership can be a theme with this Saturn in the 7H.

The native may strive to maintain a sense of self-respect while navigating the responsibilities of committed relationships.

You need not burden yourself alone with all the responsibilities, then it is not a healthy relationship or business partnership.

Saturn here blesses you with a realistic business sense and you can actually start a business with your spouse as well.

You are made to make a family business as legacy because sooner or later you get frustrated by working under others and you already are not in strong liking of your bosses.

You are a star player indeed, and you want to build a solopreneur startup going single handed such as brand building or even working on enhancing business where all the control lies within your hands.

You are not exactly very lucky with finding the right guidance.

This is fundamental in you missing opportunities and that is why you develop trust issues with whatever you study or whoever teaches you.

You become your own guru in a way here too.

You are always striving with some ailment or other impacting your body and physical appearance but if you put some effort, you will be able to build quite an impressive physical stature indeed.

You are blessed with a great home, multiple properties and indeed you are able to perpetually enjoy material comforts sometimes not from your own money as well with this Saturn.

You are eventually aiming to find stability in relationships and see a lot of growth post marriage late in life.

A good remedy for this Saturn placement is always worship Lord Hanuman to relieve your issues with missing right opportunities and take charge of your life, confront problems and do not escape from your responsibilities.

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Saturn in Eighth House (8H)

The person becomes very frustrated as if they cannot find a sense of belonging in society.

They are always in alert mode on!

They feel what is going to come next to add to problems in their lives.

The person is adamant in becoming better and achieving larger goals in life while Saturn poses obstacles in their way.

They are blessed with a long life if they play their cards well.

It gives them survival tendencies but sometimes they just feel like why aren’t I giving up and die.

They have a huge potential to survive all situations in life.

They see emergencies often in their lives and they eventually become so used to it that they are excellent escalation managers.

They are frustrated by lack of promotion at work and usually are very silent workers.

They hate attention and have a very good knack for research.

They are misunderstood by people around then due to which they always find it hard to trust them.

They have a very suspicious demeanour at work as they have been betrayed by colleagues before.

What they find hard is changing jobs constantly to find a meaningful purpose.

They are always trying to optimise their financial assets seeking stability but seldom they are satisfied.

They face huge challenges on the job front.

They should avoid gambling unless Saturn is supported by Jupiter then they actually become tycoons also!

They are prone to hidden diseases at alarming rate if they do not take care of themselves.

The problem is that Saturn will not let them die so easily so they undergo through a lot of pain and suffering if they are not careful.

It is very important for such a person to not loose conviction over themselves.

They will find it hard to integrate with society and will feel lonely in a gathering as well but you need to understand that you are better off without people.

Mistrust, malice and suspicion on others is quite normal with this placement.

Saturn will make you crave higher income. You will work toward getting more income constantly throughout the life.

They are prone to epilepsy issues especially if Mars comes to the Sixth House (6H) apart from this placement.

Saturn will help them with recovery but subject them to issues such as genital diseases, epilepsy or even hidden other diseases.

They are proven strategists owing to the losses that they have experienced in taking risks throughout their lives.

Saturn here asks them to be cautious about driving as well. They are prone to accidents and can even succumb to disabilities if not careful.

They usually settle at a different place than their place of birth.

This actually gifts them with a very few set of good and dependable friends even in foreign lands that aid them and support them in their pursuit of happiness.

Jupiter position matters here a lot. If there is any exchange with Saturn or Jupiter aspects this Saturn or Jupiter goes to the Sixth House (6H) then there is lesser obstacles and better results too.

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Saturn in Ninth House (9H)

Saturn here causes issues with father and polite disagreements or permanent separation from father is seen.

The person is a rebel toward higher authority and they do not easily accept their defeat.

They are hardworking folks who travel a lot usually in their lives as they have led a comfortable life in the past life and they are here to exert physical energy at their work.

Expect a lot of short term travels, multiple foreign travels to make sure that you achieve your maximum potential in life.

Very good listeners and amazing orators who have a deep sense of insecurity or stage fright at early age, Saturn in Ninth House (9H) blesses the native with a lot of oratory skills.

When they speak, they mesmerise but they have to overcome the fear of speaking and expressing themselves, they usually are the ones who are super quiet, detached and aloof in the room but when they stand and speak up the entire room listens.

Good for nepotism and mass mobilisation, Saturn here may advocate even their spouse coming into the area of politics or whatever occupation, the native works into especially if Saturn is connected to 7H too.

They have to be careful in taking debt and never over estimate their effort to make sure that Saturn grants them with the ability to make money but not easily pay back.

They are usually always studying something and then end up working in a different field than what they have studied frustrating them.

Saturn teaches them to expand their knowledge and wants them to understand the true essence of spirituality.

They should avoid oversharing experiences and focus on execution more.

They are indeed happy folks who gain multiple properties but are always in denial about their happiness chasing more and more.

They should not buy more than two properties on their own name as they will be stabilised and bound by the properties then preventing them from adapting to relocations that potentially benefit them.

They are indeed looking to expand for better friendships but unfortunately they will be traumatised by their people moving away from them.

They will learn how to embrace changing friends and even sometimes attracts toxic people for whom they silently sacrifice if they have an afflicted Jupiter or develop too much attachments to someone.

This is because of Saturn’s seventh aspect over the Third House (3H) of the native.

Saturn enables them to explore higher education but delays it.

Saturn wants them to gain more and more experience then pursue higher education.

They may feel frustrated by this but as mentioned earlier, Saturn makes them explore their true interest.

Since higher education is irreversible which means that the person will eventually stay within that domain, Saturn protects them from these erratic decisions by subjecting them to failures until they become capable enough to march forward.

Saturn will benefit them by the core but subject them to a variety of health issues as well.

They will face challenges early childhood with ailments due to Saturn tenth aspect on the Sixth House (6H) but eventually they survive and transform.

They do not get easy desire fulfilments due to the Saturn aspect to the Eleventh House (11H).

This is because Saturn wants them to understand what they truly desire then only fulfil the same.

An easy remedy for this Saturn is to become logical and eliminate emotional biases toward friendships.

Survive health issues and embrace as well as adapt to multiple changing of locations and relocations to grow more and more!

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Saturn in Tenth House (10H)

A double edged sword placement indeed!

Saturn helps the person drive many changes in life but it is also closely monitoring their karma and impending efforts to achieve goals.

Saturn will enable them to manage a lot of subordinates directly or indirectly.

If Saturn is more prominent in the chart then they will develop an assertive authority where they will be granted the power to make decisions indirectly without even being the higher authority.

This may frustrate them at a later point in time but that is how things get shaped up here.

They sometimes desire to leave and quit their job but out of self-imposed responsibility they will still continue tolerating the problems in their job.

They have a hard time in gaining satisfaction from their jobs which is due to the Saturn’s seventh aspect on the fourth house (4H).

They normally do not enjoy to seek separation from their country unless Ketu conjuncts here with Saturn or the Saturn is related to the Ninth or Twelfth House.

These people even post moving away from country come back to settle here.

Saturn has a close monitoring about the partnerships and even relationships that these people develop in their lives.

They are susceptible to betrayal from business and many a times have a hard time bargaining or claiming their own rights in the business indeed.

Saturn makes them cognisant of people and their malice.

They are intuitive enough to detect who is on their side and who is not!

Saturn may cause health issues for the mother of the native and sometimes even cause separation or loss of mothers too.

They crave nourishment and want to be loved more and more from their mothers and elderly women but that is unfulfilled usually.

If Saturn is supported by Venus in the Tenth House (10H), a lot of income is gained by the native indeed.

Saturn in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) causes relocations here for work.

They have a very keen sense of mass mobilisation and learns what to speak when and capitalising opportunities at the right time is important for these people.

They can expand over a lot of side income if they tap into the same.

They have to be ethical and giving as well in order to reap benefits.

If Mars is well-placed with this placement of Saturn then avoid distributing sweets without offering to God.

They know how it feels to not get motherly love too much so this contributes them to becoming excellent nourishers for their kids unless Sun is in the Fifth House (5H) and afflicted.

The best remedy for Saturn in Tenth House (10H) is to relocate voluntarily and prove that you can adapt to situations and the sooner you become self-reliant, the sooner you gain more abundance!

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Saturn in Eleventh House (11H)

The Saturn in Eleventh House (11H) is an excellent position for regular income and earnings for the native.

The individual is assured of higher income always and they usually are working even post retirement because they have a dopamine boost associated with constantly working.

If such a person is asked to go into a job that allows them relaxation and ease of work-life balance then they get frustrated as they want to constantly hustle.

If Mars is in the Fourth House (4H) with the eighth aspect on Saturn here then the person actually even starts earning from a low age itself.

The person usually has influential parents who are either in government services or even if private are blessed with a good income that contributes them to gain resources better than others.

They are usually very affirmative about logic and will not believe anything that is told to them.

They feel overshadowed by others and want to chase materialism to the extent that society respects them as self-reliant but actually they should learn to be thankful to their network, elder siblings and moreover even to their family for providing them with due resources.

They become thankless to themselves and anxiety hits them often due to Saturn aspect on Fifth House (5H) that makes them mediocre at studies.

You will often find such people not taking studies seriously but eventually working super hard when put into physical labour or asked to earn money.

They learn on the go as a need rather than being subjected to theory especially if Jupiter is afflicted.

Saturn grants them with many benefits but at the same time takes away from their physical appearance.

They can be very selfish at times caring only about their needs and it backlashes to them severly.

They are subjected to a lot of issues indeed when it comes to trusting people especially their network of people at work as this is what the Eleventh House (11H) represents.

They will see their network drift away circumstantially if they feel emotionally attached to them because that is how Saturn operates.

They will see abundance when they are detached with no emotional bias toward their network.

They will see a rise in obstacles throughout life because that is their destiny challenge.

Can you transform all these problems into opportunities?

Yes! That is what Saturn wants or expects from you here!

You are quiet when you approach your network but once you become comfortable you open up to them but you have a serious fear of vulnerability.

You never want to feel vulnerable to your network as you want to put up a strong demeanour toward them.

A lot of struggle in improving physical appearance comes here as the person feels subconsciously insecure about their appearance with Saturn aspecting the First House (1H) with its third aspect.

The person does not like revealing this insecurity and advocates simplicity should be practiced but eventually they are just known innately to enjoy glamour as much as others.

They should overcome this insecurity and allow themselves to be expressive more!

They should learn to be thankful for their wish fulfilments and learn to acknowledge their achievements.

They should be very careful about their health as well.

They are prone to accidents and veneral diseases. Usually, they even sometimes suffer from infertility or issues with genital which is either underdeveloped or have issues with physical intimacy in both genders.

They should learn to find someone who accepts them rather than someone who is fancy.

They expect way too much from network and people which should not be the case as they need to learn how to be aloof as well with that tenth aspect on Eighth House (8H).

Overcoming your insecurities about individuality, loving people who accept you and not being too hard on yourself gives you a lot of happiness and abundance in life!

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Saturn in Twelfth House (12H)

A difficult position here as Saturn challenges you, can you attain moksha?

Usually the person is insecure about their height and yes, they are usually people of short stature too unless Mars is strong in the chart.

They are prone to skin issues from young age and need to take care of their digestion a lot.

Vaata (Air) and gas or constipation issues are common for this placement.

They are prone to weight gain.

If not careful, the person is impacted by physical appearance and they have this habit of not bothering about dressing up properly or leading life like a wanderer but please do not do this!

Saturn will also encourage the person to leave their country.

These people are usually the ones who struggle with initial competitive exams in life.

They will see failures and their competition overcoming them or they not getting the desired results.

Why? They ask!

Well, as told Saturn is a secret protector, right?

It wants you to leave the country or overcome this massive competition with sheer willpower.

Well, option first is better and easier to be honest but definitely there are people who survived even option second but after making a very stringent routine with no room for procrastination and a lot of discipline.

The person is eventually even settled abroad if the Ninth and Seventh house supports them.

The person is known for inadvertently spending others’ money but miser about their own.

They have to learn to control their unwarranted expenses but later in life if they continue being a freebie, they see backlash in health.

They are very away from eyes, away from heart people and do not believe that people can be attached to them.

They usually make friends with their enemies unfortunately due to Saturn seventh aspect on the Sixth House (6H) knowing fully well that the other person will harm them but in hope of changing them and making them turn over a new leaf that almost never happens.

Saturn here makes them develop a superiority complex over their family and they usually prefer to stay away from them due to third aspect of Saturn falling on the Second House (2H).

They are dreamers and know how to make dreams into reality only when they become consistent.

They have a knack for spirituality and are here to fulfil their purpose of life but if they are too insecure about the meditation and have a hard time embracing spirituality unless they personally experience the same.

It is recommended for them to keep their spiritual pursuits private and away from others to make sure abundance comes from it.

A very easy remedy for this Saturn is sponsor someone’s education or donate to charity without any expectations and money revolves back to you double the amount.

Saturn can tempt you here to do unethical things to achieve higher income but beware of the consequences.

If your Sixth House (6H) does not support you then you can end up in jail or even a lot of litigations.

If Sixth House (6H) has Mars, interestingly, the person manages to get away with unethical means of incomes as well but eventually it accounts in their karma so their purpose of attaining moksha is spoiled.

Saturn here makes you crave for better life and understanding true purpose of your life here, but if you do not confront these difficult questions, chances are you won’t fulfil your expectations.

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