Mars in All 12 Houses of Astrology: Decoding Willpower & Perseverance Part-1

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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We embark on a captivating exploration of Mars in astrology, delving into its significance, symbolism, and profound influence on our individual and collective destinies.

From its mythological origins to its astrological implications, we will journey through the different placements of Mars in all of the 12 houses and in this post, we will see Mars in Houses 1 to 6 in your chart.

Join us as we navigate the celestial currents, uncovering the hidden truths and cosmic wisdom that Mars bestows upon us.

Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer or a curious seeker, prepare to embark on a voyage of discovery as we delve into the depths of Mars in astrology, where the mysteries of the cosmos await.

Mars in First House (1H)

Mars in the Kendra Bhava that too the Rising Sign which is also the Lagna is an immense karmic placement.

It provides the person with fierce nature and stellar physical appearance. Depending on the disposition of the First House (1H), it gifts the person with different characteristics in appearance.

If Mars is driven by Sagittarius here then a majestic yet fit appearance as it is still a fire sign ruled by Jupiter.

If Mars is driven by Pisces then despite Jupiter supporting it, it gives them a majestic and slightly chubby appearance due to water sign.

The person has a lot of anger built up within them and if Mars is in a calm sign such as Libra or Taurus or Cancer then the person does not even have an outward expression of the same.

They just tolerate toxicity.

Martian people are super impulsive and these folks are no exception either.

They become driven by goals and are very visionary.

If you ask them to start doing a task such as preparing for exam, working on a project or even something as simple as take the car for a drive, they will imagine the results and accolades that they can get out of this and then use that as reinforcement to drive themselves for motivation.

This natural idealistic optimism within them is very charming.

These people are the ones who do not fear to make mistakes and take a stand or opinion in every situation because they want to understand things better and they firmly believe that being wrong is the first step to satisfy their curiosity.

Mars driven folks in First House (1H) can be very controlling as well.

They have this weird expectation of result that is static which means any deviation from the result will bring them dissapointment.

That is what it meant for Mars in 1H as being visionary.

They have already envisioned themselves passing the exam with flying colours, or have already imagined themselves being the lead of the team at workplace and then when this does not manifest the way they thought then they are sad about it.

These people see the world with a very blind eye which means that they trust people easily and then they see them misuse them.

This makes them inadvertently scared of emotional intimacy and that is why Mars hinders the person getting into relationships here.

We need to fundamentally understand that being Manglik does not mean being unlucky in relationships directly.

It implies that the person undergoes experiences in relationships that fundamentally challenges them due to which they have to be careful while navigating relationships and sometimes even friendships with others in general.

Mangal Dosha is used as a fear mongering tool unfortunately by many but it is very important for us to truly understand what, why and how behind the same to decode the true interpretation.

When Mars comes in the First House (1H) then the person is controlling and if they are not gaining access to understanding the other person and trying to make choices on their behalf without consent then obviously they will face issue in relationships.

However, if the person works on providing space, gaining consent or find a partner who is truly amused by their controlling nature and is attracted to someone impulsive, then it will not hinder your relationship directly, right?

Think about that!

Mars wants to take charge of things and take up responsibility on their own but when it comes to navigating relationships, consent is very important unless your partner enjoys you taking decisions on their behalf.

You enjoy the finer things of life and sometimes act very impulsively.

You are a good goal setter but do you like to work till you achieve that goal?

Well, you have this habit of not completing your goals and starting with another goal immediately.

This is not procrastination but rather you suffer from scattered focus all the time.

To mitigate issues here more than the spiritual remedies, learn to accept your fault and overcome your controlling nature.

If you channelize your energy into constructive feedback and positive mindset then there is nobody in this world who can compete with you or stop you.

However, you need to work on your ways and change your attitude toward approaching relationships and interactions.

Getting too emotional about someone makes you prone to anger issues as you are opening your happiness dependent on other people fulfilling the expectations, but ask yourself, are they capable to do so?

Every time you feel angry, ask yourself is this worth it? If the answer is no, then digest back your anger and focus on yourself instead!

People are not worth enough to trigger you and stay focused upon yourself instead.

Mars in Second House (2H)

Mars is not a very comfort oriented planet to sit in the Second House (2H).

This placement acts as a double edged sword as despite the person loves earning much more from their varied sources of income, they either love spending that much or witness unwarranted expenses coming to their plate.

There is a lot of responsibility associated with this placement as the person has to take up responsibilities towards family early in life and many a times they even distance away from their family.

These folks obtain a lot of willpower as time progresses for them because they see so many ups and downs throughout life.

They like to make visions about their gains and how they want to earn money.

For example, if you tell this person that you can become a Chartered Accountant, they will not ask you how or what?

They will imagine and visualize themselves at the top of the accountancy field first then dream of the results they will obtain from becoming that top dog.

Now, they will use this vision as reinforcement to go ahead and achieve their dreams.

The bigger problem with this approach comes if Saturn dominates their chart more than Mars because then they see manifestation issues and invite a lot of disappointment.

Mars is definitely quite a career driver as well with this placement so the person will chase income and higher materialistic growth throughout life.

They want to make sure that they are in a comfortable position financially but they will always suffer from the insecurity that they are not able to attain that financial stability.

This becomes problematic as the person is not able to acknowledge their blessings as well.

They have arguments with family and can be quite rigid about their opinions.

They believe in spirituality a lot and will always seek more blessings from the higher authorities to make sure that their manifestations work.

They are charitable folks who really enjoy sharing their life experiences with other people in the hope that others do not make the same mistakes and will appreciate their insights.

Alas, that is not how others react to them sharing their experiences, rather people get intimidated by their intensity and passion they bring to the table when they are sharing experiences and fear them taking over the world or they induce a fear of missing out in the other person who is listening to them.

A very straightforward mind, they are blessed with a keen sense of judgement but they develop emotional biases fast that cloud this judgement a lot too making them tolerant of toxicity.

Short-tempered and love to be rude on the face of people, these folks will not hesitate to call spade, a spade but the worse happens if Mars occupies a soft sign such as Cancer or Libra or Pisces where all this anger boils up and channelize inwards into their mind.

This causes them to become complacent and very cranky at times.

Mood swings are common with this placement and the person goes to self-isolation many a times when they feel hurt or cannot take anger anymore especially as they mature and learn to control over their anger.

Too much root chakra in the body is seen here so if Muladhara (Root) foundational chakra is not controlled in the right way, this person can use their high libido to seek a lot of physical pleasures in their lives.

They should stay away from being unethical as well especially since they like to just validate their different sources of income as legitimate if that is profitable to them.

This is not the way to seek or approach life because then you are hindering your Jupiter from giving you manifestation properly.

You are downright rude when it comes to expressing yourself and many a times you do not enjoy thinking what you are saying also as you are impulsive.

You actually care about people but the way you express yourself people get intimidated by you and feel that you are emotionless.

This leads to loss of genuine connections and gradually you learn to control yourself while speaking out your mind aloud.

You are a lover of spicy food and sometimes if Mars is driven by fire or even air sign then you learn to cook it as well.

You enjoy over eating and stress eating is your coping mechanism when things do not work out for you the way you expected which is pretty often than what you think.

Mars gifts you with the ability to stand up for others here but if you do help out others and do not control your speech then you might say something hurtful that would lead you to drift apart from the people you love too.

Patience is an outright teacher when Mars comes to the Second House (2H) because you will channelize all your energy into making a better fortune for yourself.

You become a great teacher as well as you would love to share your experiences with others and make them aware about the possibilities.

The way you profess your experiences is so different from the usual sugar coated teachers because you have courage and guts to tell people bluntly what mistakes you did?

And then you will tell them do not do these mistakes..

That is how, people get cling to you because your authenticity and straightforward attitude is what makes them accept you eventually.

You foresee some hindrances in your education indeed always and slowly you become a very good learner and knowledgeable person too.

A very interesting take when Mars comes in the Second House (2H) is that you may also have some family member of yours serving under someone.

If Sun is very positive in the chart then your parents may be related to defense or government services.

If Saturn is more prominent in the chart then the family may have a history of lineages or business as well, this gets even more true if you are a Cancer Rising as Mars becomes your yogakaraka as well.

The more weird part is the greater you go away from your home, the more success you see in life.

Mars advocates independence and self-reliance, to a certain extent impulse and emotional bias led mistakes as well.

In that case, you actually go on to fulfil a lot of responsibilities through taking risks especially in shifting your income sources but remember, if it is not stable then you cannot sit on a single table!

Always learn to balance between the passion and responsibility when it comes to earning money.

If you do not do this, then you will regret later so why give room for that?

Realize that responsibility also has meaningful purpose and might be banal for you but matters a lot for others and then align your passions accordingly in life.

Mars in Third House (3H)

A good placement for Mars to come in the area of hard work and house of efforts as well as friendships.

Loyalty is what you seek and loyalty is what you give to others when it comes to this placement for friendships.

You want adventure, rigor, excitement and constant zest as well as thrilling when it comes to approaching friendships.

You like to take decisions on behalf of others and you really enjoy doting over your younger siblings, who is even more impulsive than you.

This Mars is naturally attracted to people who are younger than you because your energy levels are resonating to a higher degree compared to your own batch mates.

Mars makes you make mistakes and learn by taking risks.

You are very entrepreneurial.

You enjoy taking risks and sometimes take impulsive decisions about leaving jobs, starting ventures and then suffering from consequences when you have not planned out things very well.

The Mars alone cannot give good results always here.

Since Mars can provide you with the required willpower to approach tasks and obstacles in life, Moon plays a significant role in manifestation of the correct deeds through this house.

If Moon is afflicted or poorly placed let’s say Moon goes to the Eighth House (8H) then the native suffers from problems in vigor and determination to complete even the bare minimum tasks.

They become procrastinating and lazy, sometimes are driven by their drive for physical pleasures way too much and let it overtake their sanity as well.

If the Moon is in the Sixth House (6H) then the person is overwhelmed by their competition and enemies.

They will constantly complain that they are being treated less specially compared to their siblings and are always looking for venting out on others by playing the victim card and seeking sympathy.

If the Moon is placed in the Twelfth House (12H) then they become insecure about their finances and have to sometimes support their younger siblings way too much monetarily or the younger sibling is too demanding that causes them distress.

If positively placed with Moon supporting the Mars then these people get the power to mass mobilise.

They are fiery orators and people reciprocate their loyalty and are even ready to die for them that is the level of intensity they bring on the table for them.

The people expect them to be the leader and they will voluntary take leadership roles wherever necessary.

They are always looking to take the lead and their energy is channelized towards making their career grow more and more.

They crave authority and actually gets authority as well if Sun is well-placed otherwise they are more suited to be the sidekick to others or the perfect right hand.

They are intensely passionate and bring charisma to their communication, aggressive voice and always are opinionated taking a stand over every issue.

A Martian person by heart, they have the rigor for travels and many a times they find themselves doing too many short-term travels that exhaust them but they just love the thrill associated with it.

The best remedy for these folks is do not ever use abusive language and prevent manifestations for yourself as it brings negativity to you and then you get emotionally drained.

Another significant optimization is loyalty to just anybody is never beneficial, learn to be selective and recognize who is on your side too?

Prioritize the correct set of people to avoid emotional trauma.

Being there for friends is fine but stepping out of your comfort zone and then trying to make decisions on their behalf sincerely needs consent from them too, so do not over do things!

Mars in Fourth House (4H)

A very strongly influential position for Mars which does not imply positive always but definitely has large influence on your life impacting a kendra house.

The Fourth House (4H) requires satisfaction and satisfaction comes when one learns to compromise and have the patience to accept things happening in life.

This Mars is opposite, it will ignite the fire power within you to become a go-getter.

If Mars is placed in its own sign (Aries or Scorpio) or disposited by Jupiter or Sun which is friendly with it then these folks are absolutely in awe with their mothers.

They receive a lot of love from their mothers who support them by even going out of the way and making sure that they feel super comfortable and obtain the required resources to grow and reach better heights in life.

They inherit properties as well here and obtain their own comforts and luxuries at a much later point in time in life.

They will also build their own properties even post inheritance and if it is a Cancer Rising where Mars becomes Yogakaraka then they may even have an inherited property business from family but not very willing to take it over and have fear of rejection issues.

They are prone to addictions if they do not keep it in check and suffer from severe heart issues or cardiac arrest at much later age if they are not careful about their consumption and lifestyle.

The Mars here enjoys a lot of rewards if the person navigates their willpower in the correct direction.

They can make a stellar career because they have the resources at their disposition which they can utilize very well to move forward in their lives.

The only problem which comes in their lives is relationships because they feel they need too many validation and approvals from people to be able to indulge into this in the first place.

Mars in Fourth House (4H) creates rift between the mother of the native and their spouse.

The spouse finds their mother to be very demanding and the mother tries to control their marriage a lot.

Especially if the mother becomes too controlling then it may also cause separation from the spouse here but again the only way to navigate this placement is to have an open communication channel.

The person may get trapped between the tussle of their spouse and mother fighting and also may take side with their parents in this case.

The person is also prone to physical injuries if they are not too careful with driving and their other recreational activities.

These people have many subordinates working under them or for them at later age and they absolutely hate disloyalty, indiscipline, disobedience and develop trust issues in working with people quite often.

They are more suited to roles where they can be individually contributing and hate working under others.

They are very suitable for combat as well if the Mars is placed in a fire sign then they are having intensity and passion to even join military too.

If Mars is disposited by Saturn in the fourth house (4H) then the person becomes very perseverant by nature.

They do not give up even under adverse situations.

They are very motivated and reach a gradual rise in authority.

The best remedy for Mars in Fourth House (4H) is learn to manage time well and develop a holistic balance in your relationships too.

Do not try to be one-sided when approaching the balance between your family and spouse and learn to understand the perspective of other people as well.

When going for business, do things solo first and then involve your family but trust other people after careful consideration otherwise you will regret.

If you do not overcome your fear of rejection and failure then you will never gain the determination to achieve things in life especially if Mars is present in a feminine sign such as Cancer or Libra here.

So, take this placement with a pinch of salt and navigate it well, it is a blessing when you overcome the specified limits in your life and then become limitless.

Mars in Fifth House (5H)

Mars is in a very delicate make or break state when it comes to the house of intelligence and intellect.

The person is definitely a courageous and brave person.

Many a times, they become leading members in the army or join police forces with this placement especially if Mars is in Aries or Scorpio.

Things become even more likely to join these type of occupations that involves defending others if the Sun is associated with this Mars.

The person is definitely into secret services or occupations that involves decoding unseen patterns or finding insights from data with speculation if Mars is driven by Saturn here.

The person is prone to issues with children as they can be very controlling.

If Rahu comes influencing Mars here then the person may have issues during child birth and the child may turn out to be very rebellious and sometimes with some learning issues too.

Problems with females is higher here as they may see themselves have multiple relationships before marriage and if Seventh House is not linked to the Fifth House then they will not see love marriage being manifested further causing rifts in life.

Infertility or issues with menstrual cycles or even in general problems during child birth sometimes comes here with Mars.

If Mars is accompanies by Sun and Venus as well then the person may even see lack of child and may resort to adoption.

If the Fifth House (5H) Lord is conjunct with Venus and Sun along with Mars in the Fifth House (5H) then it causes childlessness too.

They are very passionate when it comes to education but they keep changing their focus and areas of interest in life hindering their education.

Contrary to their hyperactive image in society, they are secretly very introverted and prefer to keep their personal feelings very private to the extent that they do not even share or confide it with their own family many a times too.

Mars if negatively placed in a water sign except Scorpio can cause the person to suffer from a lot of willpower issues and laziness comes naturally to them.

They are very inquisitive about their ambitions and goals in life.

They are highly spiritual as well because they have seen so many unexpected twists and turns throughout their lives.

People become strong by facing so many obstacles in life as Mars is having its aspect on Eighth House (8H) that make you learn adapting to emergency like situations.

You struggle in being vulnerable to others because you know whenever you have overshared your experiences you see problems in manifestation and backlashes.

They are very prone to getting annoyed by others.

Very much expert in administration and management as well, frequently you will see that if they do not get into the discipline related jobs then they pick up government jobs and serve under leadership of someone authoritative.

They are known to achieve their goals hook by crook if Mars is in a fire sign or earth sign.

A good remedy for Mars in Fifth House (5H) is that accept yourself and be authentic.

Understand that change is the only constant in life and accept things more as go with the flow than try controlling them.

When you adapt with your changing life then you thrive and become one of the best possible person in world known for their work and famous as well.

Mars can make you extremely short-tempered as well with this position that will cause you to have less tolerance.

You will have a more than usual drive for physical pleasures as well.

You bring a different level of romance in relationships and you get bored very fast if the other person is not sharing the same level of intensity as you.

With fourth aspect on 8H and eighth aspect on 12H, they become very driven by their drive for pleasures and will go to every extent to seek that happiness.

This is the same reason that they are highly spiritual too.

They slowly learn to control their anger but yes, they do vent out their frustration actively on others very often so be vary of that tendency of yours else you invite problems easily like a magnet in life.

Mars in Sixth House (6H)

Mars is in a ferocious position in the Sixth House (6H). Even if it gets afflicted, results may change slightly but the position still favors the native a lot.

They have more willpower and endurance than physical strength compared to other strong Mars placements.

The person slays their enemies even if it comes at later point in life.

They are vengeful also because they have a very tit for tat tendency when approaching friendships and relationships.

They are very charitable and love to help out others in need.

They stand up for those who are not helped and will always show themselves at their friends facing difficult times and trauma.

They have this habit to overcome their severe competition by closely analyzing their enemies and then capitalize on their weaknesses.

The person gets excellent results when they develop a routine and focus on their body as they have Mars aspect on their Rising 1H or Lagna.

They are driven, motivated, optimistic and even repay off their debts very well.

They have a tendency to spend more but then they should avoid taking debts from others as they repay it slowly.

They see a lot of abundance in life when they serve others and indulge themselves into charitable activities.

People like them are quite a gem to be friends as well because they are the set of people who do not fear taking a stand for you and also throw truth bombs or advise when you feel emotionally drained.

Great confiding buddies, these people keep your secrets safe and have a way to navigate life like none other.

If Moon goes to the Fifth House (5H) then they are seriously prone to being worried all the time and if Jupiter goes to the third house (3H) then they are in serious trouble of litigations against them.

They have a knack to win court cases and actively earn money through litigations as well if there is a malefic along with Mars here.

If Saturn aspects Mars here then they see a rise in life gradually but they also have to be careful about their health especially in childhood as it is sensitive.

If Mercury conjuncts this Mars then they are prone to nervous disorders such as epilepsy and severe fits.

They have a rage like none other because they are very tolerant of other people so when the water rises above their head or anger boils down to the extreme, they just take out all the frustration so badly that people will run away from them.

Very driven towards physical fighting and debating, they are intrigued by physical activities such as wrestling, boxing, racing and anything that has a thrill of overcoming and showing dominance to others.

They are well-known to be highly argumentative and have a habit to mess with their friends taking sides to annoy them even if they agree with them.

This is weird way to show their love and admiration for others but if you want to evaluate if a Sixth House (6H) Mars person is being genuine to you or not then simply see if they are arguing with you.

If they are arguing with you and throwing truth bombs that means they care a lot for you and are truly loyal to you.

If they start agreeing with you then they have already moved on from you and do not care for you at all anymore.

They inherit a lot of property as well and will make their own lands too.

They desire to become owners of many properties and work towards that area of life too.

They are capable to start their own cult and even mass mobilize people sometimes even violently because they just love that intensity.

They do not give up and have a lot of perseverance.

They go into deep spirituality and do not fear the people who try fear mongering over them.

They are dedicated but need to practice routine to bring out their full potential which is the most important remedy for this placement.

Stay focused and incremental about your goals instead of being over optimistic.

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