Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Zodiac Signs: Sunday March 17, 2024 to Saturday March 23, 2024

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The times have been recently very hard for a lot of us as the Saturn transit becomes more intense while Jupiter is slowly maturing and Mercury being afflicted at the same time.

We all are undergoing some serious stress here and there, and about to break our willpower that has impacted our mental health for the worst.

Keeping this in mind, for the benefit of everyone, I am opening a series to come up with weekly predictions so that we can navigate things better and reach better optimisations if not best for this transit so far.

This time around Saturn is slowly opening up all the insecurities that people were trying to hide all this time from others and they are being compelled to face and confront these problems.

This is something already well contemplated by me in the 2024 predictions.

The past few weeks have been about making those choices that we were all trying to escape in the past and wanted to delay but suddenly all of us were situationally forced to make those decisions whether rash or impulsive irrespective, we all have been deprived of the luxury to escape anymore.

We are all standing frustrated with some of us being impacted way more than others and in an adverse way.

For some, it is a good time to introspect while for others, they are already in phase of facing their consequences.

With this in mind, let’s begin our journey for this week for each of the zodiac signs!


Jupiter has been expanding your frustration for better all this time of the year.

Saturn is all about making you insecure in front of your network and colleagues making you feel that work pressure already to a certain extent.

Things appear to be stagnant for you as you feel you are still trying to recover slowly from all the anxiety that had hit you while contemplating many scenarios of life.

You have been crystal clear about approaching multiple issues at work and even at personal front earlier but now that clarity is fading away which means control is not in your hands as much as you loved it and wanted as well.

This fading away of control from you is the main reason you are frustrated as you expect things to function in a certain way always that creates room for dissapointment.

If you had planned a trip then you may decide to buy tickets, get visa approvals if needed and be successful in doing the same this week.

You will rejoice and read your favourite books, listen to your old music tracks and try to contain your sanity as a whole within yourself.

Socialising is not on your immediate mind at the moment as you are in a short introspection phase this week about your career and your health as well.

You are lately experiencing that time is moving slower for you which is weird for you to explain to others but that is the inner feeling that even with everything working properly you are feeling something is irking you within.

What is this feeling? Hypochondriac tendencies?

Well, actually you are just simply insecure about your future and since you want it in a certain way you are creating anxiety loops all around yourself.

Stop doing that!

Allow yourself to live your times beautifully and channelise this energy to something you love doing and constructively get results out of it.

Do not shun the people who love you at this moment as your tendency is just to escape out and zone away to see what you are capable of but innately you know that you need to just get up and exercise, don’t you?

Feel exhausted physically so that there is no time for mental exhaustion, that is the simplest remedy for you this week and look forward to better times than contemplating the “What If’s?”.

Not a good time to confide all that much as you want to be by yourself so take writing actively apart from reading, I know you hate doing that but then well, maybe for your own sanity?

Spiritually, stay uplifted, pray to Lord Shiva this week and if possible offer honey and milk to him on Monday!


You either are planning your next move or are being compelled into a situation to make that next move in your career.

You are confronting your demons to understand what you actually want to do with your life?

Support of friends during this time has helped you out but nevertheless somehow you are still feeling lonely and trying to seek a sense of belonging.

It is a weird time as you are actually happy and sad at the same time.

Food is your sanity and you will enjoy much delicacies this week as usual except do not start stress eating like a crazy person that you tend to become under work pressure or emotional anxiety.

Bloating and stomach issues will irk you this week and you may hate that sudden pimple breakout or skin issue that you always feared was coming!

Professionally, you are trying to sort yourself up and you will manage to get better leads this week to extend your network too.

You may earn profits from your business or increase your online presence.

You may spoil your budget by indulging into luxuries and buying new clothes but if it is to uplift your mood, well, who am I to stop you?

As if you will listen to anyone else!

Try to stay strong and have a good willpower this week as you will be busy with work a lot.

You may think about your materialistic needs with much better clarity and if you have expectations regarding the same then talk to your boss too clearly.

Be yourself and do not try to bring a wave of change within you instead try to optimise where you can fit better to get the best results out of this week.

If possible, you can feed some ants to get a better relief this week and also a tinge of luck that you are desiring.


You are finally getting that rise in your work that you had been expecting all this time but missing.

You will keep yourself busy with work and try to look out for new opportunities too.

You may get multiple job interviews scheduled if you play your cards well and lady luck is on your side this time to even ace a few of them if needed.

You were procrastinating any relocation plans or trips then this is the time to plan its execution finally.

Students who were desiring to go outside the country to study and pursue career will see positive results this time around.

You had been in melancholy and fear of social isolation for sometime but trust me there is someone who is always thinking about you so ignore that overthinking as you are way more cherished than what you think.

The week is favourable for you except that you may feel purposeless slightly about your increased workload and are trying to figure out how to manage the same.

You will be overwhelmed by new work not in the wrong way but rather with happiness that it is there for you at the moment with the Jupiter transit finally trying to favour you too.

Keep your eating habits in check and too much sweet consumption is not recommended at the moment.

Try to feed any animals around you especially on Thursday to get a lot of positivity in life.


You have been undergoing a shit storm since the past few weeks and trust me all that misunderstanding at work are only here to increase.

You wanted to make that decision whether to call it quit and change jobs? Well, you better take that fast now!

You have been hit by the Saturn transit a lot mentally with emotional anxiety, headache and much depressive tendencies too.

First of all, stand up and take a deep breath.

Chill out and monitor your health. You are confused how to confront your boss?

Try to have that difficult conversation this time and see how things fare out for you so that now at least you get a clarity about whether you are belonging to the right place or not.

Stop tolerating people and their stupidity and take a stand for yourself, the sooner you do this, the better you will feel and satisfy what Saturn wants you to do: confront the elephant in the room!

Do not insult anyone even by mistake and try to be professional and cordial with people the same way you are currently tolerating shit from them.

This is for your own sanity because you cannot resolve the problem by stooping to their level rather you need to change the game itself to win the game this time.

Taking decisions based on others advise is not your thing at the moment so listen to your heart and then contemplate the consequences without emotional biases and then take a stand as mentioned earlier.

Visit a Shiva temple if possible and offer abhishekam to him praying for your sanity and asking to show you the path ahead because this time you need that divine help to come back on the path fast.

Remember to pray to Lord Hanuman this week if things get out of hand for you and keep your sanity intact, do not let your mind run here and there, stay strong!


You are in a romantic mood somehow just to satisfy your need for intimacy and overcome that work pressure woes.

Well, that is cool but you need to contemplate things better and have to set your priorities right this week as well.

Work wise this is going to be a smooth week compared to earlier.

You may get scolded by your bosses and keep in mind that you should not vent out actively or lash in anger.

Try to remain calm and do not let yourself get triggered by others because then they will be left desolated wondering why you are so powerful.

You will increase your productivity in sync with your workload and you may try to give more time to your work.

This will make you crave relationships and socialising more so you may decide to actively look out for more things as well but remain ethical in your approaches especially if you are committed.

Week is not favourable for travels especially for long distance trips and if unavoidable try to stay careful and eat less for your own benefit.

You should not try to be in hurry to change jobs instead patiently wait like a hawk to make the right move.

Keep yourself focused and do a proper time management to enjoy this week to the maximum.

Try to visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesday for overcoming any feelings of overwhelming by your competition and offer him sweets and light a diya is possible.


You are finally getting that attention from someone that you were craving to find a sense of belonging with for quite some time.

You are finally out of a week or more long self-introspection phase and even though you lack the clarity of what to do ahead fully you still are in a better position that before from mental well-being point of view.

Good time to enjoy and uplift your mood by staying romantic and try indulging into activities to create a happy atmosphere than being worried all the time about what is going to happen next and contemplating ambitions.

The week promises some recreation and you should keep your work capacity to your capabilities.

Do not overdo things in hope of being the perfectionist as your health may take that toll instead then.

You will hate your colleagues for not understanding you and may face a situation filled with misunderstanding and miscommunication so try to deal with it in a calm way and do not make impulsive judgements.

You will struggle in maintaining routines and may decide to procrastinate a lot of tasks which is fine as you will pick them up later but do not go with the flow to entirely avoid them.

On Thursday, try to visit your favourite Guru or temple that you love and put a chandan (sandal) tilak on your head while worshipping and offering your prayers.


A good time to finally rejoice as you will see some gains financially and also are in a better emotional state than before.

Week is favourable for self-care and bit of shopping spree is also possible as you want to feel better about yourself and are regaining confidence back again after so long.

You will outsmart people at work and also will be appreciated for the same.

You are contemplating loyalty at workplace and may later take a decision to look out for other jobs if you feel that your potential is reaching a pinnacle at your current workplace.

There may be some old friendship reunions this time around for you.

You will feel elevated and may overthink as to what is going wrong next?

Well, you know deep within that is matter to worry about later so why bother now?

Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday to stabilise your blessings.


Aren’t you feeling sad and exhausted about so many things whether it is your personal life or your work?

You are already in deep uncertainty about your choices regarding work and are feeling overwhelmed by work pressure.

You tried your best to manage and fit into these emergency situations that have been recurring at work since a long time around a few months now, but deep within you know you need to confront the elephant in the room soon, don’t you?

Listen to your heart and do things in a logical way this time around.

Avoid unnecessary expenses at the moment as you need to start building your savings better soon.

Difficulty in maintaining work life balance has been your area of concern since few months so now take a step ahead and decide to make that change or just stop tolerating people.

You need to reassess your interests and have been pressuring yourself in difficult situations with that Saturn aspect on your midheaven tenth house of career and karma.

Remember this advise: Is it necessary to always take the road not taken or make that hard choice to reach a goal?

Well, maybe you just need to choose the road taken and the easier path to reach the same goal.

Others will not understand what I just said but you are deep within already interpreting this deeply so now think about it and come to a decision quick.

You will see support from your friends and network all your good past karma and help to them will be reciprocated only if you allow yourself to be loved the way you love them.

You will make back up and contingency plans for your future this week.

Some fun and entertainment is also here to cheer you up so do not avoid that as a useless activity rather indulge into it for your own sanity.

Pray to Maa Durga and get better results for yourself this week.


Even though life has been better for you than last year, but you have been feeling restless and bit insomniac for sometime now.

Travels were already on the cards for you and you will make more plans to further the same just as an escape from your problems as usual.

You will finally feel bit rejuvenated this time around and may get rid of debts and financial issues that were irking you for sometime.

Focus on your promotion intensely and you will be brimming with many new creative ideas as well so channelise your goals well in order to experience better results out of the same.

Job changes may happen but you will rather focus on long term gains than these short profits at the moment.

You may socialise a lot during this week and may even reunite with some loved one.

You will enjoy being the centre of attention and try to optimise around your activities to balance the expectations of your friends this week.

Do not over exert yourself just to impress and cater to everyone rather learn to say ‘NO’ as well to people.

Visit a Hanuman temple on Saturday and pray to him and be thankful.


You may get that desired promotion which you had been seeking all this time.

You will feel happy to finally solve some problem that you were long stuck with and feel relieved due to same.

You will benefit a lot from your colleagues and you will feel elevated for the appreciation that they will have for you.

You will finally take out sometime to spend with your family as you had been guilty of not paying much attention to them.

Some sudden new work or project might start this week that will leave you little tensed as you wanted some free time.

You will get the desired support from family and friends.

Pray to Lord Vishnu for your material fulfilments this week and if possible chant the Vishnu Sahasranama.


You finally are getting that support from colleagues that will make you feel a new sense of belonging with them.

You will have a mixed reaction when you ask for promotion at work and may even get slightly sad that you are under appreciated.

You will finally see yourself disciplined and have a routine as well.

You wanted to develop a routine for long and are finally getting the same and even with better clarity.

You may see reunions with few friends or miss them this week.

Keep yourself hydrated and keep your skin issues in check too.

In case you are feeling bit homesick or down then take a day off.

You will have the urge to learn something new and may vent out frustration at work if you feel stagnant.

Spend sometime in solitude to feel rejuvenated.


You will be a wonderful friend to others and may get appreciated as people are feeling blessed to have you in life with this Jupiter transit.

You may make some impulsive decisions and sudden plans that you yourself have not foreseen.

You will increase your productivity and efficiency finally is going to increase beyond your expectations this time around.

You will leverage your creativity and learn some new technical skill as well this week around.

You may see some health issues coming up this week for you and may decide to take out sometime to chill as you are feeling overwhelmed.

Your competition may defeat you that will make you feel bad but eventually you will resort to rejuvenation to escape your problems.

You will feel difficult to execute your vision but slowly you know you are progressing so do not waver your focus and keep calm pursuing your goals.

Do not be insomniac and try to get adequate rest too.

Pray to Lord Vishnu to get clarity in your path to execution beyond vision.

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