Weekly Notes & Musings for All Zodiac Signs

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Cancer Scorpio Pisces

The week will witness a sudden onset of people from the past coming back to your life as they are suddenly curious what you have been upto all this time.

You will witness some inertia and suspicion in accepting these people back to your life because they may not be necessarily helpful but you may just simply accept them as it is in your life.

Always remember while interacting with these people, were they there for you recently a while back when you probably needed them?

If your answer is No then do not develop any emotional bias and you very well know that they are just trying to use you again or rather being curious about what you upto?

You will be overwhelmed with work and some of you may even be frustrated and stressed out due to same.

You are preferring to keep yourself busy so that you do not have to witness overthinking phases but you are being burnt down from all the pressure around you.

You have been free spirited lately and are trying to regain your focus back.

Some of you who were having deep physical health issues may see betterment of health as your old ailments are slowly going away.

Mind peace is at a ruin since you are constantly finding yourself scattered in terms of what you are planning to execute.

Good news is you have a gradual clarity as to what to do in your life now!

Having a positive mindset and hustling more will open better opportunities for you very soon.

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Taurus Capricorn Virgo

You are trying things out of desperation now but that is not how things are supposed to work.

You have acknowledged your past mistakes and are trying to welcome new connections and people in your life.

Attaching expectations down to someone is not in your league at the moment and you know very well that things may backlash against you if you keep on doing this like a reiterative loop.

Having a realistic attitude is necessary but turning realism into completely delusional self-sabotaging situations where you keep on blaming yourself will only bring in fresh anxiety to you.

Some of you will be meeting someone special very soon and you have been waiting for the moment for long now.

Do not hold your hopes too up since you will think about working out the situation with this person in a certain way but that may not be the case.

Adapting to the changes and overcoming your inertia is the primary focus you need to have at the moment.

Eating your favorite food and discovering more cuisines is going to be right up on your palette for you.

You are really happy in your own state of melancholy now and you know very well that you need to execute things but remember things will move at their own pace, your desperation can only ignite impulsive decisions and you know very well how you hate such consequences.

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Aquarius Libra Gemini

Melancholy is a state of mind and so is happiness and you are finally realizing this at your own comfort.

Stagnation does not mean you are unworthy and growth does not mean you are successful.

This has been your feeling so far this time around and you are feeling elated and enervated both at the same time now.

Good thing is your overthinking phase is slightly decreasing as you will find out time to have recreation and will be focusing on your visions and goals again.

Time to step up and run that last mile to put in efforts that you think will help you attain your future goals.

Some of you may see someone trying to be too peaky about your movements and current situation that will make you feel uncomfortable because you are not getting the right vibes from this person.

Avert unnecessary vulnerability to these people, we know you are craving for social validation lately but you need to be open to more experiences rather than connecting with unworthy folks.

You feel that people who are not authentic will cause more trouble to you later so you are on a shunning spree soon too.

Just remember sometimes early judgement does backlash too, so keep your priorities straight.

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Aries Sagittarius Leo

Everything is going fine but something is off is the feeling you are having.

Much better physical and mental health is seen in you and you are busy brainstorming about your future now.

You had been planning to break the news of moving on from someone for quite sometime and you may decide to confront this situation to end it all now.

You would have to make a choice in moving away from this person or accepting them and seek a sense of belonging from them, and this is going to be difficult.

Planning a vacation and looking forward to reunite with some friends is also seen on the cards for you which is quite cool.

You need to be happier and you deserve but keep your temper tantrums in check.

People are here to trigger you more but always remember whoever loses their patience first, loses the battle first too.

Some of you may think it is fine to peek into other people lives but it is not when others are not comfortable around you so take the hint and stay away.

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