A Note on Mercury Retrograde and Recent Transits in April

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Let’s understand what does the Mercury Retrograde hold for all of us!

The intention of this post is to help you deeply understand what the retrogression of Mercury means!

Mercury will be moving between Aries and Pisces signs this time around in its retrograde stages indicating that people will find communication indeed difficult.

Pisces is a sign of delusion, dreams, visions, wiseness and higher learning as well as spirituality which is fundamentally different from how Mercury navigates the way of life!

Mercury enjoys learning through impulse, fast-paced & result-oriented and when it is subjected to the waters of Pisces then it will feel lost as there is limitless possibilities of exploration into these deep waters.

How will this impact us?

We will be lost in terms of what we need to communicate to others, we will be contemplating our own thoughts and we will be working more on gut instinct than rationalizing outcomes and situations.

Why gut instinct dependency will increase for us?

It is because we will see times where our intelligence is just taking a toll as we try to process the situations at work and even our reactions to others.

Mercury had allowed us the intelligence of what to speak when, frame our communication and most importantly when to shut up!

Now, with Mercury getting afflicted, we will be waived off our judgements that advocated logical explanations.

The exploration will rely more on emotions and emotional biases are going to be easier to develop.

We will be trying to avoid arguments but the situation will shape up such that you will eventually have to confront with people and argue.

Even with all the fuss around the world, there will be bouts of solitude and serenity coming to all of us where we would be sliding into zones of regrets about the past and sometimes so delusional that we will be reminiscing what could have been done?

We would be terming ourselves as failures when we see our past and contemplate whether the ambitions we wanted to achieve are even done yet in life?

There was this hope within us innately that we would be certain results and certain things will result in an expected certain way.

Even though this sounds so weird and senseless, but that is essentially how the regret phase will look like for all of us since it did not work that way, right?

Clear communication might not be possible for all of us at the moment but normalizing unclear communication and appreciating folks for their intuition is going to be something that we can probably come up with!

That shift between Pisces and Aries is very significant here!

Mercury was at the Gandanta point (Degree on both sides when Fire and Water signs meet – Pisces & Aries or rather more specifically from Nakshatra of Mercury Revathi to Nakshatra of Ketu Ashwini) and then went retrograde.

Later, Mercury will also be becoming combust again as times ahead will be even more challenging.

Mercury will give you too much ambition due to the fact that it tends to emulate the tendency of planets along side with it.

So, what happens when Mercury is emulating Jupiter in Aries?

Jupiter is all about higher learning and expansion, everyone just wants to stay focused on its positive qualities and aspects.

Everyone loves Jupiter, calls it the biggest benefic and what not?

Let’s understand the flip side of Jupiter!

How does expansion happen in life? Well, it happens when there is dissatisfaction, right?

When you have dissatisfaction about your knowledge, then only you seek higher learning and expand your knowledge further.

When you are dissatisfied with your job then you search a new one by developing yourself and expanding your horizons of learning and adapting to new domains, that is when fortune unlocks, right?

When you are dissatisfied with your body, you decide to work on it and expand its comfort zone to become fit and more vital.

This is how fundamentally expansion operates and thus, Jupiter advocates this expansion by making you feel that urge more and more.

This is fundamentally different from Venus that advocates feeling of satisfaction!

Thus, if you have a very good Jupiter but an afflicted Venus, you will never be satisfied with whatever you earn or do, there is always room for more and more!

Now, coming back to the crux that Mercury emulates the characteristics of the planet it gets related with, this time around when Mercury will be in Aries, it is trying to show you the ambitions and new beginnings that you need to undertake and have neglected in the past.

But, Jupiter here will make you crave for expansion and faster expansion that is going to activate some desperation within you indeed!

This desperation will either result into impulse oriented decision-making or acting on gut instinct and learning by making mistakes.

Worst would be that since Mars and Saturn are related closely to each other during this transit time, we would see development of rigidity about one’s opinions.

How does this operate? Well, Saturn will make you very rigid about your beliefs.

Beliefs here does not mean literally your spiritual pursuits or religion related rather it means your simple foundation of understanding concepts and perspectives.

What does this mean?

Well, currently with North Node and South Node being in an influential position since we are going to see an eclipse soon, the attention span of people has decreased.

We are seeing an upsurge in the amount of content we are consuming and all these content are not logically questioning or giving in-depth insights or knowledge to us at the moment.

Let’s say you read an article talking about how Aquarius is a very introverted and isolated sign.

Now, you might be an Aquarius yourself and relate to this but then when you see another Aquarius who is extroverted and having a lesser degree of introversion compared to you then you will become rebellious about the fundamental belief you developed that Aquarius is introverted and lash out on the other person telling that they are not Aquarius but probably something else!

Draw this analogy to another situation!

Let’s say someone told you at work that learning programming is beneficial for you and you would spend sometime upon it!

Now, when someone else will come and tell you that probably management is a better scope for you and you have more calibre for that then you will lash on them saying programming is better suited to me because I have fundamentally explored that more as of now!

This development of inertia within us that prevents us to understand the perspectives being presented by others is called as Rigidity and we will all be relying on this rigid mindset more and more as time passes with Mercury retrograding.

Why? Well, because simple! When you need to make a decision or choice – you rely on your Mars for the final decision cause that is your willpower and the rationality for making that choice – the pros and cons SWOT analysis is given by Mercury.

Now, that Mercury will not support you as much as you had thought it would then you will solely rely on your gut instinct to take impulsive decisions.

You may decide to take decisions out of desperation that I want to do this and want to solely do this alone!

That is not how energies will work right now, you would make few mistakes and then learn from those experiences again and again. Why? Well, that is what Mars under Saturn influence will bring the picture to!

Now, this time around, you will have to waver yourself away from desperation and use this time wisely to navigate plans and then make decisions.

The time will be argumentative and people will advocate that their belief is superior to others.

Well, now that you know the fundamental problem, then let’s find a solution.

Firstly, start writing your thoughts! When gut instinct rules over rationality, writing down and penning your thoughts activates your South Node and heals your Mercury because when you speak the same you are already feeling misunderstood and not able to explain properly too.

You would see a lot of positive change when you are expressing yourself through penning your thoughts as it heals you and makes your communication clear and transparent.

Subtlety is going to go down the dust this time around and in fact this year itself.

So, you will have to firstly realize is it worth explaining why you are right or wrong to anyone? Or is it better to prioritize your mind peace over petty arguments?

Do you achieve something if you actually won an argument and lost a genuine connection?

Or, are you happy loosing the argument or coming to middle ground and still keep a sense of belonging with that connection?

Some of you may see harassment on social media or other Rahu mediums such as digital media and we may even see higher influx on following of argumentative channels or content that advocates confrontations.

Hilariously, this content can be meme channels such as Ghar ke Kalesh (jokes apart!), Kids getting hurt (again jokes apart!) or even roasting content!

People will enjoy these more but the essence remains that you need to be kind in real life irrespective and be open to accepting perspectives that you do not agree with as well!

When you will advocate acceptance, that is when you will never resort to argument and be saved from this transit rather you will end up channelizing this energy into something productive!

Correcting people for their grammar will be at a high this time around, and jokes apart, I for one will be supporting that tendency completely haha!

Reading will be another wonderful outlet for you, whatever you love or want to start that you have procrastinating for very long, so rather just go ahead and converse with yourself!

Introspection does not always require isolation, keep that in mind and also not having situations in your control is not always wrong, remember that!

Whatever is happening, is happening for a reason and this too shall pass should be your mantra!

So, ignore the fear mongering, ignore the haters and have conviction in yourself to proceed ahead with life much happily! Cheers!

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