March 2024 Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs: Monthly Transits Reading

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March is officially the beginning of the Kapha Season for all of us that usually goes till the month of June after which the summers and rains will onset.

March is again going to be under the influence of Saturn only in sync with what has been shaping ever since the start of the year 2024 which itself is very Saturnian by nature.

The month will begin with Saturn and Sun conjunction in Aquarius with Mercury also accompanying them in the same.

It will be the biggest force of February last week and shall continue with the beginning of March 2024.

Everyone will be experiencing financial worries, mental strain, physical exhaustion and there can be potential unnecessary addictions and formation of bad habits as well.

The biggest issue that has been bothering ever since the beginning of 2024 is Saturn making all of us confront to our realities and we cannot run away or escape from conflicts anymore.

The aggression in people has increased ever since Mars went to Capricorn and this would be calming down a bit soon but the mental exhaustion remains intact.


Aries folks have been checking out various opportunities but lately all they feel is that they want to spend sometime with their families instead.

They are trying to isolate themselves which is against their natural tendency out of insecurity that they are unclear about what truly holds next for them?

They are meeting new people in different ways of life but are not resonating that same level of passion and intensity which is their usual spontaneous way of response.

This is advocated to the Saturn in 11H for them at the moment which is causing them to have serious trust issues with their network.

They are already seeing influx of new people either at work or through random people coming back to their lives or even via friend of a friend.

It is bit overwhelming for them but it is an indication that this is the time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with people.

So, next time in March you get invited to a party?

Do not say NO!

Just go with the flow and attend the same and pinky promise you will find something useful out of this entire experience.

Your dreams and tendency to have intuitions will also multiply this month.

Although, you have been feeling super insecure about how things are going to shape up for you, what you actually are fearing right now is that there is a stability newfound that you are reluctant to loose.

This is not about stepping out of your comfort zone, do not misinterpret, this is just that you are standing at a good platform at the moment and therefore, it is hard for you take that decision what to do next or what should be the next goal in life?

This is a good time to enjoy and you would indulge into self-care.

Family and sense of belonging with the family will enhance further for you now.

Go out and do things that you will love!

There is a bucket list that you have been ignoring for long, aren’t you?

Why are you feeling that a little fun and frolic will make you drift away from your goals?

Not, really, just enjoy this time at least till you can as long as Jupiter is there to guide and protect you!


Times ahead are just an extension of how emotionally insecure you are feeling.

There is this forced solitude upon you for quite sometime where you are seeing people drift away from you and you are certainly.

You will see new people coming into your life especially elder than you either through some new found job or through network or random dating as well.

It is time for you to seek some good guidance and indulge into spirituality this March 2024.

You will see your time passing by quick so be vary of nostalgia.

It is understandable that you are at a different emotion level at the moment but honestly the need of the hour is practicality.

Some trip here and there may be possible for you as well.

You need to overcome your tendency of overthinking and self-sabotaging.

Unnecessary contemplation of situations such as why they did not reply me on time?

Are they not interested in me anymore?

Am I worth anything to them?

Am I doing my best at my work?

All these questions will only ruin your peace of mind even when there is no such problem existent.

You are going to feel much better if you overcome this tendency and rather channelise this energy to your work, to spirituality, to learning and expanding on your opportunities.

Do find yourself a good confiding person if you want to vent on these emotions.

If not, then it is totally fine to even cry out loud alone!

However, do not bottle up this as you are already feeling anxious, best is to keep yourself busy all this month!


A similar situation as Taurus except you do not like confrontations about your feelings!

You will see yourself emotionally restricted as you have been feeling for past month or two that things are getting stagnated or you are seeing a loop of same things and situations happening to you.

Confusion regarding future, too much visionary about what you can become and how you will contemplate your career or work has been on the mind and ruining peace.

This makes you feel uncomfortable at an emotional level because even though you know that you are capable of making decisions, you are not able to make that choice clearly.

Note here that your rationality goes to a toss when you emotionally attach yourself to the goal!

You are feeling that we need to go into correct direction and do not know what to become!

You feel scattered: Should I do masters? Should I pursue a new job? Should I leave job and pursue passion?

Now, stop overthinking on this note and start executing on the best possible incremental goal first.

You want that better gym body? Focus 2 months on that!

You want to give an exam? Unclear whether it is relevant to your future or not? Just give it!

You do not know if you can do a job change? Well, just try it!

This risk taking factor can only satisfy your curiosity so honestly just be Nike: Just DO it !

If you do not stop overthinking about your visions, chances are you are going to miss immediate opportunities that are in front of you and even immediate people who are in front of you!


You are down both on a physical and mental note honestly.

More than mental anxiety with that Saturn through your 8H, you are feeling physically exhausted with all that travel, all that ailments and things are only getting more worse with a Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan at the end of the month.

You have been feeling that you are no longer to find control over your life.

Work has been exhausting, taking a toll on you and you have been really feeling down, misunderstood and even criticised by your colleagues.

A job change not immediate but soon can be on the cards as well especially through your network.

It is important to focus on not playing the victim all the time rather pick up your priorities.

It is normal with all this condescension by people around you that you are feeling really down and you have been stunted in terms of confidence as well.

People are moving on, you are witnessing so many ups and downs at the same time that it is becoming despair.

To be honest, respite is not soon but definitely some silver lining would come up soon from April and May but not immediate.

Be strong, focus on yourself and most importantly do not question your self-worth at this time.

You need to accept the fact that you are pointing your own mistakes and tolerating toxicity so take a bold step if you do not want to deal with same and move on from things if you want that control back so badly.


February had already been like a roller coaster for you with that urge to travel, you are all set to move on to the next adventure.

There is this sudden influx of nostalgia in you that you are seeking to take things “AS IT WAS” just like Harry Styles probably!

Jokes apart, you are recollecting many memories such as the vintage games you used to play in childhood or the old songs you used to hear, some old movies you loved earlier and you are revisiting them like a new canvas again.

Barrier is there in your life as you are already contemplating what holds next?

But, are you able to let go of what was there earlier? Chances are you going to say a resounding No to it!

This is an emotionally overwhelming time for you and you as usual want to stay in denial about it!

You want to create a barrier in terms of expressing your feelings and may become too proud to admit that you are missing some old friends or people who are absent in your life at the moment with whom you shared cherishing moments.

Always remember, loosing touch with a friend does not mean end of the world but you can always regain new ground and move on to better times again so do not overindulge into nostalgia rather focus on being in the present more!


A time to reflect on regrets and some past mistakes that may need rectification here and there!

Maturity is when you realise that some things can be unchanged but we need to accept them as is and move on to the next possible optimal option.

Self-introspection is on a high for you already, right?

You feeling you regret shunning that friend or ranting out to someone contemplating that you may have handled the situation better?

Relationships not just with partner will become focus for you this time.

You want to understand who is on my side?

Who am I on their side?

How is this world accepting me?

Am I reacting properly? Am I lagging behind others?

Well, just do not be so hard on yourself that you feel that you do not mean anything to anyone!

If any mistakes are done by you and you innately acknowledge them, then learn to forgive yourself!

What is point of just going back to something in past and hitting your head about how it can be changed when it is already done?

What can be done now is think and reflect about your future and use this self-introspection phase to come out stronger not weaker instead.


You feel some ailment or other is impacting your health in a continuous fashion.

You are down with slight cough and cold after eating that favourite ice cream of yours that you thought will alleviate your depression, didn’t you?

Now, yes it is true that you are down with minor health issues but thinking about them all the time will only make you more and more hypochondriac.

Ignoring it and feeling some enthusiasm may instead give you some much required energy and happiness.

Better to keep your workout routines at a low key at the moment as you should focus on cleansing yourself especially your mind and aura.

Clean up all the mess around you that is obstructing your energy, ever since Ketu went to your 12H all you do is take out things from almirah and spread them on your bed and table like a decoration.

Get that clutter out! Same goes for Pisces too!

Listen to your favourite music and stay away from intoxications and addictions unless you want to feel and experience the limits of your bloating.


What is going right for you is the question you are asking yourself?

The answer to that you know already is nothing to be frank!

Scattered mind, lack of clarity in what you are doing, unnecessary work woes, conflicts that you never imagined coming out of blue and you fearing that if you speak your mind loud to others, they will just report you to the nearest mental hospital.

Following your dreams and passion is something you have been advocating since a long time but now that you do not have the bandwidth or time to do it properly, you are realising its significance even more.

You had been in denial of blessings you had for sometime and now that an alternate reality has hit you, you are feeling why you did not capitalise on your passion earlier?

You are asking whether what you are doing is your passion at all?

Are you supposed to do this forever? Contemplating all this scattered energy is freaking you out.

Unclear and thinking about overdoing things may take a toll on your health so prioritise things well.

You are missing your old friends and old days a bit and may revisit them or talk with them all over gain.

Reconnecting with people will bring you some relief and maybe new people in your life will also bring you some happiness.

Travel is on cards again so be ready for exhaustion.

You have been feeling under slept for quite some time and there is this burden on your shoulders with increased responsibilities that has been killing your mind peace seriously.

Creativity is brimming and you are finally doing things that you love and are passionate about much more.

This time you are not just doing it for passion but also contemplating and truly valuing it as you see what is the importance of time indeed!


New opportunities and much more savings are on the cards for you!

Gaining perspectives and taking a complete new look on your investments much will help you out for now.

You are craving to earn more and more money but are you taking any steps to ensure it?

You need to start making a plan or else you are simply wasting your time.

Avoid ranting on people and over confiding into someone!

Take your routine very seriously and follow with discipline, do not deviate yourself from your goals at the moment.

New assets, investment opportunities are on your way and on your plate as well so enjoy them and make good use of them this month.

Good time to engage yourself in spirituality and be respectful toward women.

Lakshmi is coming to you and so is materialism but if you do not value or respect it, you will see it go away soon too.

This is a time to evaluate your risks very well and understand your current condition and speculate your future economics.

Do not overindulge yourself into too much comforts and luxuries to be honest.

Be advocate of simplicity and be responsible, I know you love your freedom but think it this way, if you are escaping responsibilities now then freedom may become a prison for you later.

So, think on lines of your future and then make the right choice and the right move.


An optimal time better than the past few months and now is the time to go out and chill.

Socialising for better cause, you are always the advocate of: “Work is Worship”.

Well, true but not cost of your personal life too.

You never will know where to find that sense of belonging unless you try it out!

You need to understand things better, include yourself into a better picture and not the time to socially isolate yourself.

You need to stop focusing on you alone all the time.

Get out there, think about what can be done to help others.

Think about your family who has been craving to spend time with you.

Think about the friends who are missing you but you are neglecting them saying you do not have true friends.

Spend sometime on each aspect of your life and expand your horizon of satisfaction.

Deep within you know what is right but are you confident enough to make that right choice? Think about it!

Sometimes, being right is not as much worth it as being in a sense of belonging! Take the hint, anyway you are smart enough, right?


Yes, you have witness anxiety!

Yes, you are feeling money is going away on so many unwarranted expenses with negative cash flows into your bag of wealth!

Even without the negative flow, you see there is financial stability but not growth!

This is the theme of your life since months but new changes, new places, new people and inertia of adapting to all this is both exciting and fearful at the same time for you.

Use this determination of yours to move forward, use it as reinforcement to get things better.

Give your best to the times that are hard so you can tell yourself tomorrow, yes I survived!

Avoid eating stale food and try to cook on your own.

You are going to miss some old times soon and you will be missing some people too.

It is like you are not able to explain, how life is moving on!

Life is moving fast forward and you are feeling slowed down but it is for the best try to optimise times till April then see the magic happen!

Feeling cranky is not the way around right now, talk to others, talk to your closed ones, let them know if you feel despair, read out things and write down thoughts!

Take care of health a lot this month! Think about what can be done? Not about what could have been done?


Similar to Aquarius, you are going to feel exhaustion and bloating issues here and there this month!

When was the last time you cleaned that almirah of yours?

Chances are you neglected and procrastinated that to much delays.

With Rahu in your sign, all you are doing is starting something new, feeling passionate about it and then leaving yourself to overthink is this worth it?

You are stress eating and routine is something you are trying to achieve, but you could not, didn’t you?

Stop being so hard on yourself defining what success equates to? Stop thinking that following routine is only way to success!

First of all, clean your environment, you took out that book you wanted to read long back and left it on desk then cluttered it with many other books and ended up reading nothing?

This is your current state of mind and your physical reality of the workplace and home too at the moment.

Clear that clutter up and you will see some sanity.

Engage in much better things and try to be simplistic when it comes to expenses as you are feeling insecure about your money with that 2H Jupiter at the moment.

Hard work is only expected to increase post May so until then yes, plan and envision things, it is okay to not have execution immediately but at least silver lining you would have a plan.


Special mention to Pisces, Aquarius, Leo and Cancer folks please take care of yourself a lot this month! All the best!

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