Jupiter Transit to Taurus & May Horoscope: 2024 Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

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Jupiter’s transit to Taurus is marked by the beginning of a new cycle focusing on rewards, stability, and the foundation of a new start for ventures, ideas, domains of life and shaping new experiences that will aid in reaching a better purpose.

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For the Aries Rising or Moon, the transit will be happening from your Second House (2H).

Jupiter had made you chase assets, purpose and caused a lot of pop-up opportunities like browser window ads in the past 1-1.5 years but at the same time there was a flip side to it!

You were anxious, felt dissatisfied and ready to take better charge of life ranging from your health routines to work life to even your personal relations, everything demanded more and more from you till the point you were exhausted out it.

All of this dissatisfaction helped you gain a better perspective from life and made you realize that not everything is about you, some things will come up inadvertently in life and you have to deal with it!

Jupiter now, is all about stabilizing this new found purpose in your life whether it is about a new passion, new work place, new people and much more.

This time around, you are feeling insecure about your wealth, assets and fitness.

You will feel like I am still in a learning phase of life where I have not acquired complete knowledge about my life as times ahead only promise to cause more insecurity about your intelligence.

This time you will not beat around the bush feeling insecure but rather work it out, read more, acquire more knowledge, experiment more and will try to redefine yourself in a better fashion.

Speculation is at an all-time high for you as some of you may get interested in investing in stock market or overstepping your boundaries of risk to gain better assets.

You are required to work upon many things in parallel but keep a note to yourself that the changes coming up in your life – whether it is your dream job, your health or your comforts are not necessarily going to be of your choice rather it may come up as a surprise to you as you would not expect it to manifest that way and this may cause you disappointment to a certain extent.

Learning to let go of control is your key to manifestation, the sooner you realize this, the faster this Jupiter transit will bless you with same.

Expect an increase in workplace politics and you will find yourself in middle of an overwhelming networking opportunity that may demand you to up-skill yourself further.

Jupiter here is to allow you execute all that you have planned during the time you were feeling ambitionless.

However, if you do not work yourself into it, then you will only see a rise in insecurity so instead of telling yourself that you need to do, start doing some parts of it, you planned a new health and fitness routine? Start it!

You planned to give an exam? Prepare for it and go ahead give yourself a chance to it!

You wanted that next great career offer? Go ahead!

You may decide to get into a new relationship as well but all in all you might also be cheated by someone during this time and your suspicious nature will only increase further with time.

Try to listen to your gut instincts without loosing the touch of reality as everything from surface level seems to be gold but when you delve deeper into it, there is a dark side to it!

Keep this as a note every time you allow a new person enter your life or your inner impulse driving a choice!


Alas, all this time you had been under an anxiety finding yourself a sense of belonging but you failed to take a peek inside yourself?

This time around, you shall be fortunate as Jupiter finally grants you that sense of purpose that was making you feel insecure.

The past times have been challenging for you as you were feeling insecure about your network and whether you have any road ahead or not whether it was about your ongoing expenses, your career moves, your relations and the very conviction within yourself that was feeling lost.

This time, Jupiter is here to cause you more and more expansion but remember all this expansion does not come out of dissatisfaction.

You will feel more dissatisfied from people around you and that is when you will finally feel better because you realize that you need to prioritize yourself and learning this will be difficult as you are a stubborn but this time around you already know you being stubborn is not helping you around.

So, you will have to eat up your ego and work around a different way learning acceptance.

Accepting that connections will evolve, accepting that love is not how you define it, accepting that your control over situations in life is going to go away, accepting a new career move, accepting that things do not manifest the way you expect them to be!

Times ahead will be sweet or sour depending on how you navigate your actions.

If you accept the changes, it will help you positively, if you do not accept and want to rebel like the stubborn person you are, well be prepared to get new perspectives in life.

Sometimes, it is better to let your fortune unfold itself and this is what Jupiter is going to transform within you as things unfold slowly, steadily against your nature of accelerating things.

You will go towards the path of spirituality even further and this time you will learn what true solitude means to finally understand that Ninth House (9H) of yours especially given the Saturn energies to the same.

Time and time again, you have learned to be actionable of different sort but this time around patience will be taught to you one way or another and the more you hurry, the more setbacks will come so take things at a pace, use this transit to your favor and not use it to overthink and make haystack over a needle.

You will be compelled to stop overthinking and this time around, you shall finally learn to stop being bothered about others as you will finally learn to erode expectations from them and this is growth in you indeed!


A very different energy is hitting you as lately you have been trying to zone back into familiarity.

Familiarity about your work, your ways of life, your approach to spirituality, your relationships, your friends and you were telling yourself that you want to reinstate that past version of life, it did not matter to you whether that life was toxic or good, you just want to crave that same familiarity.

You want to see those same faces who loved you again, you want to see the same stories that you made and you want to recreate those moments again, you have been trying to accept changes in life, but aren’t you feeling nostalgic as if all these new changes do not hold the same meaning to you anymore.

Better visions about your future will be coming to you all this time around during this transit and you will see increase in your expenses as you spend more time in seeking comforts and luxuries.

You were tired of all the hectic work you did last year, so you are already seeing some respite from that now, but are you happy?

Chances are you are again craving that toxic or good environment where you were trying to keep yourselves busy no matter how bad or great that was!

Time for new assets, new vehicles and for some of you even new homes can be seen!

A good thing is that you might decide to relocate back to your homes out of attachment as well but a red flag would be that take this decision after thorough analysis and not just an emotional swing at your mind.

A bad time for you to set up a routine, you tried and tried but you are procrastinating things more and more.

Truth be told, you are just bored of the usual routines and you know deep within yourself that banality is your worst enemy so you should rather try to find something that keeps yourself busy and you enjoy doing it, so you can adopt the same in your fitness routine.

If left unattended, you are going to regret this time as you will delve into overthinking, feel mental anxiety and even reading will not be able to cure it.

So, allow yourself to firstly learn consistency.

Dreaming more and more is amazing and you will be a master at it this time around as you envision yourself into your next big career move, next big venture, and next big relationship.

However, you have to make the choice: You want to be lost in the dreams?

Or you want to wake up and execute those dreams?

Stop running away and confront your insecurities, again and again addressing confrontation by escaping is only going to delay things for you further.

You had a rift with your friend? Address it!

You had thought of applying to new job but aren’t feeling prepared? Just give the interview!

You thought your relationships is going downhill? Discuss it with your partner.

This escapist tendency of yours is stupid and will only cause you much more distress if you are not careful about navigating life with this mindset.

This escapist tendency is finding comfort in past and preventing you from manifesting that better future especially from career perspective.

So, confront your demons, take the move, seek higher learning, seek better opportunities, seek wealth and seek wisdom!


What a debacle it has been for you since past few months?

You were insecure, you lost job, you lost conviction, you lost your very firmness in standing up for yourself.

You are now going to finally experience rewards for this despair, but this will not come without a cost.

The 11H is indeed a lucky place for Jupiter to take a transit for you folks but remember, you need to make sure that you get out of your comfort zone and take that leap.

It will bring you many benefits, expanding income, job promotion, job change and new opportunities.

Saturn is still going to influence your 10H through its 8H transit.

You have already seen challenges with boss, workplace stress and some of you already seen job losses too.

Extra income opportunities will come with this transit.

Business will now start moving back to normal for you as you see more cautious expansion.

Blocking of gains will be definitely coming on your way but remember if you want to expand your skills and upgrade yourself then this is the time around it.

You would need to make sure that you up-skill yourself and utilize networking this time around to make the most out of it.

Expansive social life is here for you and now you really need to make that big decision to relocate for higher education or some of you are already thinking to move away abroad or to new places with Rahu in 9H and Ketu transit through your 3H.

You will also see some issues in your mother, sister, female siblings or daughter and this may irritate you and ruin your mind peace as well.

Jupiter will make sure you get rewards for your preparation so try going that way soon if you are planning as you will ace those exams that you have been preparing for.

Multitasking will be at a peak for you folks this year around and you will have to manage all of this to be honest as you will be remaining extremely busy throughout the year.

A lot of new knowledge will be coming your way and you will have to digest all these new perspectives as well.

A lot of money will also be coming your way too! You have to be patient and navigate things at a higher pace than what you are usually used to!


You are here to break the perspectives of people who think that you were just yet another vagabond who was chill in life.

This time around you will become a very good advisor to others and people will see you as the ultimate mentor as well.

You will be appreciated for your charisma as you will be able to give guidance to others and these will be people working under you at the workplace.

If you are in a government job, then you will see rise in fame and may even see wonderful promotions coming your way.

It will be giving a new edge to you in career but it will elevate stress in your life while grabbing all the opportunities coming your way.

You will feel overwhelmed by all the changes coming to you and you may even develop an imposter syndrome about your future uncertainty.

Some of you will relocate to some other place for education, career or out of need for relationship as well.

Things will change suddenly in your life whether it is work place and nothing is going to remain steady for you so you will really have to adapt to many things changing in life at a high pace.

By the end of the year, you will be seeing more and more stress as you will also see a lot of competitors coming in your life.

It will be causing upheaval through making you confront competition and Jupiter is aspecting the 4H so you will be seeking higher education through that definitely.

You will also see that you are over promising about your capabilities and this will lead to rift with others who may question your abilities.

Jealousy is also unavoidable as Jupiter is also 8H lord for you!

Increase of income will also be coming your way this time around!

Some of you will also see profits from property investments and you will now move away from your place indeed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Avoid being over speculative about your investments and pursuits to avoid loss.

Do not become workaholic rather just try to adapt to the changes happening in parallel in your life.


Jupiter finally comes to your aid and this time around it is a tricky transit for you folks!

You will see expansion from future education point of view and even erosion of past life has been happening and will finally take you to its completion.

Jupiter is your 7H Lord as well so you will be traveling to foreign lands for business, partnerships and you will realize a new sense of belonging with your spouse or partner in relationship.

You had been struggling with people and were quite disappointed with them but now you will finally gain appreciation for who you are and this time around you will finally see some luck coming your way even if not being promoted but you will try to take financial risks this time around.

You should listen and actively take advise about your risk boundaries to avoid losses.

Some of you who have been heart broken in past lately will try to go for arranged marriage or consider getting into a relationship with a known connection which will be in your favor.

Now, keep in mind that you will be confused about your path to life.

You will have Jupiter aspecting your sign and it is very good for you but then again remember Ketu South Node is sitting in your sign and this is causing you stress.

You are going through a transformation process at the moment and you are having self-esteem issues at the moment too.

You are feeling people are against you and everyone is making fun of you, now if Jupiter is going to 9H then you will witness a multiplication in spirituality and experiences in foreign lands.

You will try to escape from all of problems in life and will take exposure to new religious and spiritual thoughts but then you will be very confused while making choices.

You will see that the most difficult thing for you during this transit will be to make the right choices at the right time.

You will witness an increase in resentment towards people as you will develop trust issues.

You will have to evaluate authenticity towards people and then you will identify new connections in your life who will aid you in getting better.

Check whether you are accepted by others or not?

If not, then do not again make the same mistake and forge a bond with them!

Further, you need to go back and apologize to people who may have been wronged by you but again if you already put the effort and did not see them back, just move on!

Time to transform and get things moving as you will be struggling till next year to see changes in life indeed!


You will be seeing a lot of solitude this time around as you are now contemplating about your future plans here in life.

You will become more secretive, you will not be opening up in front of friends and you will like to keep your thoughts to yourself.

You have already started seeing some losses in your finances and you will just become more and more desperate as you will be indulging yourself into many areas to make money but then develop a jack of all and master of none type of trait within yourself.

You will also see a change in the way you decorate your homes and you will see that mood brightens up when you will see a revamp at your place and you will actively indulge into the same.

Some of you may change your homes too but you will see some good property deals coming your way yet you will also see glitches and legal matters may also come your way so avoid short term property deals.

Traveling will be your new found peace of mind as things get better for you when you are away from phone and people as you are seeking seclusion so be that side!

A good time around for you to revaluate life as things will be coming as an introspection to you indeed!


A lucky time as you will finally feel stress free and you will not be on guard all the time now!

You will feel a sense of comfort indeed and the first few months you will exploit the favourable opportunities your way.

Jupiter is aspecting the 11H Ketu for you folks and you have been giving up on your friendships so far and have been feeling isolated for sometime.

But, now you are going to see friends from past who were known few years back coming your way and your sibling will also support you in your new endeavours.

New income sources will be coming your way and many of you are now changing jobs, or thinking about starting your new ventures so you are already working on that way!

Some of you will find excellent opportunities of romance and you will find new relationships in life.

Keep a check on your weight gains too! In fact, you have already started over eating since past week.

You will see new relationships coming your way and some of you may even marry up!

Time to utilize this and now communication will be actively happening in your life as Jupiter will facilitate a new path all the way around.


Problems and contentions with unnecessary quarrels also is going to come your way.

Sagittarius has been all of a sudden feeling tense and you are witnessing neglection at workplace or overwhelmed by competition.

You may see yourself taking new loans and debt actively in your life.

If you take more debt than you can repay then you will see a backlash in the long term.

If you are a government employee or work for a direct authority reporting to administration, then you need to try to control your temper as you will see people triggering you again and again here and there!

Learn to control your impulses especially when it comes to life decisions as Jupiter transits through your 6H as well so you are trying to do things out of desperation and sometimes out of the need just to compete with others.

If someone is doing a great job, it does not mean you will change your domain to their domain to compete with them.

If someone is doing a higher degree, it does not mean you should also do it just for the whim of it!

You need to evaluate your priorities very well around here else you will see a backlash happening around it!

Foreign lands and travels will be on your mind as well because you will feel exhausted from workplace stress and you will keep yourself aloof from same.

Weight gains are seen from stress eating similar to Scorpio but you are now seeing no control over this so try to get back to a routine at least.

You have a big vision in life so now you need to rise above contention.

This year you will invest a lot in yourself and much expenses are going to come your way but next year you will start finding ways to repay this if done realistically and you will replenish this wealth so do not feel insecure!


You had been facing some issues at domestic front last year and now you will alleviate all of this!

A new creative venture is on your way in life now!

You had been feeling insecure about your sudden changes faced at the career front and you had been developing an imposter syndrome due to same.

You will need to wait for getting better results and just because it is a new environment does not mean you will not go back to the top here.

In fact, Jupiter coming through your 5H will make you super creative and grant you with a gift to think strategically that will aid your intelligence.

You will also see better rewards from your career moves very soon but you need to be careful about your network who may have more superior knowledge and authority than you.

You have been feeling and developing an inferiority complex lately mostly because people have been calling you out on the work front and you have not been taking a stand rather taking all the unnecessary hatred driven towards you like a soft blow.

It is time to look out actively for mistakes that others have been doing as well and there is no need to evaluate only your mistakes alone.

It is good to take a stand and the faster you take that, you will see a peace of mind.

You were feeling overwhelmed with all these new people coming into your life so now, it is time for you to reflect upon who to actually get close to and learn from them as well.

You are transitioning towards being the mentee again instead of being the mentor, and this is little hard for you to accept but that is how you will learn to navigate out of this path effectively.

Finally, you will be also taking calculated risks in making changes in life. You may take a job change out of toxic work environment and will be placing your mental peace above the toxic treatment that others are putting you through lately.

A lot of time will be spent with your kids if any and you will actually feel better if you spend more time with people who are younger than you so keep them around in order to feel the elevated energies indeed.

You will be learning how to be the perfect boss in the future post getting treated by your current bosses in a poor fashion and you will use this experience as a lesson of “What not to do as a boss?” this time around.

It is disheartening but you will feel overwhelmed and a good advise for you will be to stand up for yourself, tolerate problems and rants, but do not tolerate disrespect at any level.

Stay healthy, keep yourself hydrated much and feel blessed to forge ahead no matter what the circumstances.


You will feel mentally disturbed as your peace of mind is already going to a toss with all this multitasking, debts, changes, uncertainty through this peak of Sade Saati of Saturn.

You had been ignoring some problem that has been bugging you whether it is your education, career, relationship and other areas of life, all of these have been either facing stagnation or you have been feeling that things are developing at a very slow pace compared to others.

You have to get rid of your emotional clog, all the grudges and past experiences needs to be eroded.

A good time to start research or pursue higher education for you folks this time around as efforts will be rewarded.

You will have a hard time in investments and may see some losses coming your way.

When Rahu North Node comes to your sign next year, that is when you will see some changes in your financial front, till then you will witness again a stagnation indeed.

Traveling to foreign lands is important here to give yourselves a break indeed.

You need to make changes to your lifestyle, you cannot afford to be clumsy anymore, more and more responsibilities are coming upon your shoulders and the more you run away from them, the more you are going to see a downfall.

So, accept this challenge and forge ahead to make more assets.

You will have a peak sense of dissatisfaction throughout this year even if you make some good gains and take the next career leap because you will keep asking for more and more.

You will become thankless to your achievements but do not leave your blessings unacknowledged.

Always keep your closed ones in check this time around and you will witness an upsurge in your life indeed.

Do not keep yourself isolated at one place, whenever you feel negativity, take a short break to shift your environment and then again come back to approach the same task again.

If you do not keep yourself in frequent motion, you will feel anxiety is peaking within you a lot so this can be harmful for you.

If you are not feeling good, change the place, not the people! Remember this indeed.


You have been in such a fired up mode to achieve things in life. Now, you are feeling that you are no longer under obligation of others to help them.

You want to show the world that you are capable of rising above the top of everyone and this will be important for your identity.

You are feeling that people are not paying much attention to you so now you want solitude.

You are feeling so focused on your goals and you are trying to make sure that your future stability is certain and there is no room for problems within the same.

You are trying to get a physical makeover whether it is your body, your mind or your work as well.

You are no longer immediately reacting to impulse rather you are being balanced.

Too many cooks spoil the broil and you should approach your problem in a very organized fashion which is not happening currently.

You are being scattered and you are using the escapist tendency to start something, leave that incomplete and starting something new.

Your way to approach organized routine is being unorganized.

Sounds ironical but it is true for you, you cannot have a set routine, accept that, some days are super happy, some days are super melancholic so have an acceptance for these mood swings.

Flip up, focus on yourself, erode connections that were superficial and you will be much more strategic about your approaches.

Do not cling to your beliefs, let’s say you were thinking that the same style of working, same style of approaching relationships, same style of communication that you have learned all these years will work around again but it will not.

You need to detach yourself from your rigid beliefs and find new and innovative ways of communication, relations, approaching problems, earning money and you will find a fantastic new approach to life with this transit so keep up!

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