25 Elegant Taurus Tattoo Art & Fashion Tips with Deep Meaning

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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Symbolic Essence

Taurus represents elegance and their fashion sense is not driven by attention rather relies on being subtle.

They want things to be not just physically appealing but rather want a deep meaning associated with their sense of style.

Taurus loves to have royalty of choices and they spoil themselves with so many options all the time.

It is impossible to convince them to narrow down to one option without exploration.

Tattoo is a way too personal choice and goes in the heart of Taurus so it is important for them to gain lot of exposure.

Although Taurus loves options but being stubborn, they do not like excess of anything so they would prefer quality choices over a large quantity of choices.

Just like they are particular & cognizant about Taurus relationships valuing stability, they want the best for their tattoo as well as keeping their aesthetics & fashion choices in mind.

Let’s explore what all Tattoos the Taurus can don on their bodies to drive their minds!

Snake Dragon: Rohini & Mrigashira Taurus

The snake dragon is symbolic to the Nakshatra constellations of Rohini and Mrigashira both of which are represented by snakes.

It represents stability and ambition to achieve this stabilization in life through efforts and a holistic approach to goal achievements.

The forward head of the dragon represents channelized efforts.

Not only it looks stylish but the symbolic essence of the Snake Dragon is indeed personalized for the Taurus heart!

Materialistic Lady Tattoo: Taurus Woman Chase for Luxury

Taurus is all about expressing comfort and delight!

A Taurus woman cannot be captured just by seeking love, there has to be money and luxuries in their lives in order to channelize their energies in that direction.

Nothing better than capturing that need of comfort through a Tattoo that empowers as a reassurance to her inspiring this chase to luxury!

Lethal Venus Representation: Perseverance of a Taurus Woman

Taurus is ruled by Venus and nothing is better in form of a tattoo that embellishes their Venus side.

A Taurus loves to capture their perseverance and relate them to a goal.

The lipstick with a divine red flower not just perfectly captures the Taurus need for power but also the snake formed like smoke behind the Venus objects (Divine flower with a modern touch of red shade lipstick) captures the perseverance that is put in by the Taurus woman to get this divinity.

This makes for a perfect tattoo especially for Kritika Nakshatra Taurus folks given their direct relatability.

The Swords that Ties the Bind: Kritika Nakshatra Taurus

Kritika Nakshatra in Taurus is represented by the very Swiss Knife and Katana given their blunt communication and straightforward way of approaching what they delightfully claim in their lives.

They have a charisma for communicating ideas and their symbolism is closely linked to twin swords that showcase their destiny.

Thus, the twin swords with a directional sword satisfies the need of intimacy within their tattoos closely leading them to feel their own vibe better.

Life Direction Dagger Tattoo

Taurus loves to have a clear sense of purpose and direction in life without which they feel deprived.

This tattoo captures that very essence with the symbolic sense of Kritika Nakshatra linked to it giving it an affirmative sense of reminder to pursue life.

Mandala Blooming Flower: Essence of Venus with Happiness of Taurus

Taurus is not new to aesthetics and expression.

A blooming flower especially vibrant colors indicating Venus which is their ruling lord is definitely a vibe check and captures their spirit very well.

The Mandala art design just adds up to the elegance and representation of the tattoo that captures the heart of Taurus again that makes it an ideal contender in the top tattoos for Taurus.

Lethal Rose Tattoo

The Lethal Rose tattoo perfectly captures the essence of Taurus ranging around their ways of life.

They can be pure by heart but ferocious when lashed out and that balance between softness and hard heart is captured here perfectly.

Driver of Time: Capturing Perseverance of Taurus

This Taurus Season, don a tattoo that inspires you to move on with life with more efforts.

Taurus known to be stubborn cannot be better described!

A Taurus will prefer to be down on their own than have someone guide them about their mistakes and this tattoo embodies the same.

Taurus Woman Representation

Nothing better than having the symbol of Taurus decorated with art of Venus against it.

You would feel empowered donning a tattoo representing your inner vibe indeed!

Embody the power within yourself with this balance.

Classic Bull Tattoo

The stubbornness of Taurus is represented by their direct symbolic representation of the Bull with a zodiac glymph under that which indeed makes it unique!

This tattoo embodies that stubbornness within the same and connects the Taurus to their rightful spirit.

Classic Taurus Constellation Tattoo

The perfect Taurus Tattoo is complimented with their constellation of stars.

This tattoo makes them shine like the star they are and imparts a different sense of confidence within the stubborn sign.

Intense Rose Forest Snake Transformation Tattoo

The realistic forest with a lost snake represented as emerging from the inner roots of the Venus flower is what shows the two sides of the Taurus.

Their inner stability does not come without being toxic and it proudly showcases that representing a dark but divine vibe within Taurus.

Enchanted Moon Tattoo for Taurus

Moon despite being Cancer ruling lord takes an exaltation in Taurus to be precise within the Rohini Nakshatra.

This makes the waning and waxing phases of moon tattoo a perfect embodiment to help them understand their true interpretation.

It serves as a reassurance to keep their emotions in check indeed.

Warrior Woman: Taurus Royalty Tattoo

A perfect way to capture the stability and stubbornness with an essence of beauty is a warrior lady tattoo that embodies the spirit of Taurus lady in the correct fashion.

It is indeed aesthetic and brings the much needed courage to the otherwise conflict free Taurus who hates ruining their peace.

It becomes a symbolic essence of peace for them.

The Bull Lady Tattoo

A different take would be to get the bull controlled by the striking aesthetic lady embodying the spirit of Taurus.

It demonstrates that stability comes to their lives when they take over the control on their own otherwise they just get trapped in chasing happiness.

Hanging Vine Tattoo

Dagger with Angel Wings

This is a classic representation of Taurus who do not get angry without being provoked.

It shows the balance between being an angel and being lethal that captures their mindset perfectly indeed.

Classic Taurus Glymph: Vintage Minimalistic

When it comes to shining the old vintage way, Taurus is no exception.

With its love for minimalistic tattoos, the classic Glymph captures the beauty of Taurus and its ferocious anger both at the same time and place much.

Divine Neo-Traditional Tattoo Heart

It is no surprise that Taurus loves to stay attached to its roots but the most attractive designs and arts are those that give them a hint to move on vintage to modern without loosing the roots.

Yes, the neo-traditional heart perfectly captures the essence of Taurus in form of the rose and the lethal roots of the roses showing their soft and hard side at the same time.

Antique Dainty Taurus Zodiac Tattoo

The minimalistic dainty tattoo representing Taurus is just perfect with that antique vibe of Latin word ‘Tauro’ and at the same time capturing minimum space.

It is compact and much simpler with ease of art at the same time.

Dainty Tattoos Small Garland

The perfect garland tattoo which is dainty and small to upkeep on your back.

Taurus loves tattoos that are hidden on their bodies and this is what their spirit is all about.

Enjoy the amazing sense of aesthetics through the dainty small tattoo with design supporting their mood.

Classic Taurus Glymph Tattoo for Guys and Tattoos for Women

A dainty yet minimalistic and vibe is an ear tattoo for Taurus glymph.

It is classic and very simple yet elegant that is the exact personality description for Taurus.

Cow Skull Tattoo or Bull Skull Tattoo

A simple way to embrace the intimidation of Taurus sign is to come up with the bull skull right on your body.

It shows the dark and hard side of the Taurus but embraces the soft side showing equilibrium of emotions and friendships.

Taurus Mountain Tattoo

The ability to withstand the hardest of circumstances and inspire others is what Taurus is all about.

Whether a Tattoo for guys or Tattoo for women, this mountain shows reassurance to the conviction of Taurus mind to continue their work with much perseverance and succeed eventually making it a great companion.


Taurus is all about aesthetics and stability when it comes to relationships and materialism.

They are fun to be around but needs that reassurance from their partner and tattoo is a personalised choice that embodies their spirit so it revolves around these suggested designs to gain more love and acceptance from people around them!

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