June Horoscope for All 12 Zodiac Signs

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June is going to be indeed a rollercoaster as we witness things maturing out and some clarity coming, end of the Angarak yoga that had been there for a brief while also ensuring better clarity indeed this month around.

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A good month for professional and career perspective since Sun, Venus and Mercury will together aspect your house of career and you will be benefitted from the same especially during the last week of June.

The beginning of the month will remain melancholic where you try to contemplate what you are going to do and how you are going to go about it?

Yet, you would lack the physical energy to actually go and do those planned out activities so you need to plan less and focus on incremental execution instead.

The need of the hour is to feel blessed. If you do not feel blessed and are becoming too greedy chasing down to your goals, then nothing will emerge out of the situations.

Once the Jupiter gets out of combustion, you will feel much comfortable in terms of your goals and many more things will become clearer for you.

Any immediate money gains is not seen this month around but the expectation is to keep the efforts ongoing and consistent to maintain serenity in life just for sake of your sanity as Sadhe Saati peaks.

The middle phase of Sadhe Saati of Saturn has not been so kind to you especially making you reckless but the worse is yet to come by next year so you need not panic right now rather embrace the chaos and be ready for challenges in life.

Health wise this looks like a problematic month somehow your mental anxiety can peak up, you will try to zone out and away from people, be open for travels for sanity since Rahu will continue to be in your sign anyhow so the tendency to escape responsibilities will be again on a high and to be honest, the need of the hour is same.

You can go for some pilgrimage as well this month around as chances are you are seeking purpose so do visit temples or your respective places of sanity and spirituality as you genuinely need to seek guidance at this moment to be able to restore balance of life.

This irking feeling inside you that is itching your soul that everything is going haywire and you have no way to bring back the older days is just part of the higher perspective that you are compelled to embrace change in life and can no longer be in the same inertia that used to be familiar.

This is similar to what Scorpio had experienced and Cancer are experiencing slightly ahead of you but is inevitable for you as well so yes, we won’t say times are good but hey, make the best out of it, since what else can be the option, right?


You are no longer even bothered to gain back control over life. Things have been chaotic, uncertain and you have been reckless sometimes impulsive, sometimes moody and just trying to not escape, rather survive the times which is as usual a daily thing for you.

Time has tested your patience like anything and more than that, it has vibed a desperation within you that has caused even more impulsive decisions and you have been nothing but melancholic yet the problem is that you are still not ready to accept the status quo and which is fine, as long as you want to channelise your efforts to gain something meaningful out of it but that fake smile that you have been carrying across your friends and family needs to change.

You cannot afford to be by yourself alone this time around, always have someone around you and no, this is not for the fact that you cannot be alone rather the fear is that if you decide to be alone, that Rahu will cherish you and you are going to go down a much darker path.

You are contemplating emotions, gains, losses, new blessings, some networking opportunities and there will be sudden gains now for sure.

Sun, Mercury and Venus together are going to make sure that you will find these sudden gains and it will come out of blue for you better than what you expected but the question is whether you would actually accept these gains or not?

Well, you very well know that you have been facing elevated politics at your workplace and you just need to focus on your duties and fulfill your responsibilities without being too bothered about others.

You have given up on your colleagues and there is no point in expecting help from them anymore either but yes, try to focus on yourself and time is better for business folks.

Business wise this looks a promising month as things will bloom up for better and you will face some major dilemmas and insecurity regarding your business decisions this month.

Try to delay any major decision such as taking debt or contemplating to start a new business altogether and rather focus on your current expansion more to gain better insights and then capitalize upon them in July.

Weight gains that had came suddenly in May for you, will finally go away as you will start a new health regime and should really start exercising soon to get best benefits not just for your body but even mind.

Someone who you think is super special to become a committed relationship should be reevaluated properly otherwise chances of getting cheated by them is also possible.


A good time for career as you will finally experience some major relief at the career side that has been going downside for a very long time now.

You need to take calculated decisions and you will make good progress at your workplace.

A good time for relocation or back to a status quo that you loved as well is possible.

You will finally see some good results from your job hunt as you will be blessed with multiple choices and Jupiter will this time around support you more given you were lacking those blessings earlier due to Saturn aspect on your Tenth House which is going to continue.

There is no room to relax as you have so many thoughts and aims to fulfill this month around and you will keep yourself pretty busy within that as well.

You are going to finally overcome some major health concerns that were bothering you for a while and some of you will be relieved from any major ailments that you had been undergoing for quite sometime.

You need to optimize your work schedule and accommodate multitasking within the same to ensure that you get the best of your efforts and you cannot aimlessly work on anything, rather stick to a schedule.

Time and again, you need to seek better financial stability in life and you will find this slowly only so be patient.

You will unlock a new knack for research and enjoy some sudden gains as well for you.

Jupiter coming out of combustion will give you some wonderful gains and these gains can also can come from connections with foreign land or interacting with people of other cultures.

Love will be on a secondary note for you this time around and you will be seeing some improvement in romance but not commitment.

Some new people might come to your life and you will run away from them but actually the time asks you to abandon solitude which is easier said than done so prioritize accordingly.

A good time to enjoy time with your family and you will get a lot of love, care and be doted over by your family this time around fortunately.

Definitely, romantic outings are also possible but your mind is too busy and exhausted to enjoy them fully so take decisions wisely in that area.

Not a good time to tie the knot with someone for marriage at the moment so delay that as much as possible.


A wonderful month has been ongoing for you already in May apart from the usual melancholic need of belonging but things have worked out in your favour.

Some of you may have started a new job, or gained better opportunities and are looking to expand life further.

Few of you also may decide to embark on travels for enjoyment and pleasure so watch out for that as well.

You will enjoy a lot of love from your co-workers this month around and you are already resistant to them so time to open up to them so that you can fully get integrated into this new found networking.

You might have already observed that the familiar faces in your life have been disappearing or actually have already disappeared and you are not opening up to others just out of a need of familiarity you had with earlier folks but that is not how you can navigate any further, right?

You need to accept the fact that life will move on and there would be people coming and going, out of your control and you cannot afford to be stubborn about it much, because it is pointless and self-sabotaging you from embracing new people.

It is possible you might not enjoy active attachments easily anymore but you need to give a chance to these new people as well coming in your life.

Time and again, you will see that a consistent routine can make you very progressive, provide you credit in workplace and you will see a much better time now.

If you do not have a job then apply to lots of jobs and you will some positive responses coming to your plate.

Rahu being associated with your 11H shows that you will either make gains from social media monetarily or you are just seeking validation to make people jealous at the moment as a reinforcement to hide your insecurities so possibilities of these two going hand in hand is quite high.

Business will see improvements finally and now since it is in 1H and once it is out of combustion then the malefic impact of Saturn on your 7H will finally be relieved so you will see fresh profits in business.

Earlier you business was thriving but you were seeing some unnecessary expenses here and there that was causing you issues with making sure that you are profitable but you were hardly able to break even, then now will be the time that finally that stagnant curve is going to move in your favour.

A good time period for your health, the more you engage yourself in outdoor activities, the better you will also feel.

Maintain your health with your positive mindset, the moment you ruin your mental overthinking then you will see weight gains.

You are looking to form strong relationships with new people but allow yourself to be loved by others first then indulge into that, you cannot expect your past to keep on ruling your present so have an open mind.

Short distance travels is fine for you at the moment and you may even plan a long trip maybe to foreign lands too this time around.


You will be happy for sometime in the beginning of June that is coming as a relief.

The first two weeks will be good and you may even ace it.

You may see a new job coming to you during the first two weeks and you may even see that you are able to capitalize this opportunity.

If you do not have any job then the first two weeks are going to be significant in helping you out.

Some of you may even see a promotion at your workplace but actually you won’t be much happy about it as times are neutral in terms of reaction to you at the moment.

You have been feeling lethargic lately a lot so try to overcome that by indulging into a new hobby or exploring something that you are curious about and research upon the same in detail.

When you will devote your time to researching something interesting, you will feel that you are able to gain better insights out of the same and you will be helped a lot in terms of achieving much needed sanity at the moment.

The more you go contemplating situations and understanding things in details and delving deeper into finer details, the happier you will get at this moment so this time around that OCD of yours is actually going to benefit you rather than causing distress because you need to keep yourself occupied.

You will be able to finally gain some acceptance around you in terms of relationships that you were seeking earlier and may even see some old folks who used to be in your life pop back into your life but you may not be happy about it.

Time to just treat everyone in a similar fashion, nothing happy nor sad, just the way as it is!

You will feel very happy when you move on to try out new things in life and this is important for you at the moment.

This could be as small as a new restaurant you wanted to try or as big as a new regime for your health that you wanted to start, so embark on the beginning to get better ideas from the same.

Love life will remain questionable to you as you are desiring things but then the moment you feel things are getting vulnerable you just shut down the other person or move away.

Rahu in your 7H and Ketu in your 1H is making you crave love not for a sense of belonging rather out of a desperate need.

It is like you want to indulge into physical pleasures but the moment you try to delve in that, your mind reminds you are you using this to escape problems of your life and then your mood goes off and you just again turn back to melancholy.

Try to be open to enjoyment more as life is going to come and go, but it is important to remember that how you react to sad times shows and builds true character and this will motivate you to persevere this month around.


A weird start to a month that can foresee many choices that you need to make.

The past has been horrific in terms of career and workplace for you as some of you saw that there was a job change but then you got dissatisfied at work and you were taking a lot of blame for other people and taking it personally on yourself that was burdening you even further down.

A constant theme that you may have noticed in the past few months is that people have been gaslighting you a lot and putting unrealistic expectations upon you which is fine but the bigger issue and crux of the situation is that you are being demoralized by these people.

So, firstly, yes, that is how you say it, F*** them! Take a chill out and ignore, ignorance is the bliss you need right now and no you are not answerable to every Tom, D***, and Harry at the moment.

You need to realise that it is important for you to contemplate what can be done to improve your situation than feeling sorry for yourself about your current situation.

Some of you can contemplate a job change or even just leave your current job out of frustration and start preparing for something else.

This time around you will see some positive light in this job change but then again, you won’t be satisfied with that new job for long and may desire another change very soon by next year as well.

Love life is at a halt as you will be more engrossed in handling politics at work but you will see support of your better half or partner if already there to help you find a way out of this.

Some of you have lost the trust over your networking skills and people in general, so now is the time to contemplate starting afresh and find new people in life who could bring something on the table for you the same way you bring upon for them.

Avoid travels this month unless necessary, as you are undergoing a sensitive time for health as well given your current exhaustion so refrain from the same and try to enjoy being an indoor cat as much as possible.

Burdening yourself with expectations and questioning your self-esteem is not the solution rather it will only make things worse for you so stop that!


You have been enjoying your life for quite a while at the moment so continue doing that.

Travel may be on the cards again but then this time this would be to escape out from your idea of not being able to manifest your ambitions but that is fine.

You may see few of your loved ones coming back to your life and your life may also demand more romance and time spent with your favorite people.

This time around you will feel in the need to delve into spirituality as well because you will try to explore new dimensions of the same secretly as you do not want people to judge you about it.

Expenses are only going to increase further for you so do not get insecure about it rather try to normalize the same and channel your wealth very well.

Wealth opportunities will remain neutral as you will neither see any profits nor much gains this month around.

Saturn in your 9H as time proceeds further so this time around you may see questioning your faith and there will be a deeper interest in higher learning even though you may not be accepting them that easily as this is a new area to you in your life but nevertheless spiritual growth is foreseen.

You will be lethargic about your efforts and will spend more time in recreational activities than focusing on your work so not a good time for studies and students may see some repercussions if they do not follow a regime properly or get too lax about their pursuits.

Time for you to evaluate what needs to be prioritized properly in life as you need to make sure that you get better opportunities and also grow further but your sliding down into your comfort zone may only hinder things for you even more.

You have to open yourself to more new risks in life, try to change jobs, try to capitalize new opportunities especially if you really wanted to go for foreign lands and reach newer heights but if you remain addicted to your comfort zone then you will not see some good results so action is needed at the moment.

A really good time for improving your health. You will suffer some ailments that would be seasonal in nature but then that is going to be due to you spoiling yourself with your lifestyle.

Not much of a good time to make new relationships but nevertheless you are undergoing a phase of solitude and you will see that there is a better sanity within the same but you will enjoy support of your familiar folks.

Not a good time for marriage and you should really delay the same as much as possible too.


This is a month of business and not service for you so if you are already having your own business then you will see some good profits and elevations within the same unless you overstep your boundaries of risk.

You will see more money incoming to you and you will also enjoy better things from these profits.

You need to focus on accumulating and hoarding wealth at the moment instead of making your expenses higher so focus on that area of life as well to get better outcomes from the same.

Time to see better results from your lifestyle changes, there were expectations of gratifications from a routine that you had started long back and finally for those of you who have persevered this all along, you will enjoy some good fruits for the same.

Good time for your competitive exams as things become clearer for you and you will enjoy some luxurious trips as well as recreation but make sure you do not overindulge into the same.

A good time ahead to dating and you will be the player that you always wanted to be and this time around you will see some stable connections coming your way and you will erode off all those old connections from you as well.

You will enjoy some good moments with your partner but do not be too impatient in asking them for commitment anyhow just because you are in the zone of that, does not mean that others are also in the same zone.

You have been keeping a low profile and not seeking active attention from people especially given that lately, things have not been going your way but yes, you will finally see some benefits out of the current time period so yes, silver linings.

Your interest of occult is going to increase and you may try to seek spiritual guidance in the current times as well.

If married, you may face some challenges especially in health of the in-laws and if your partner mind peace gets ruined by that then you may need to console them as well and be with them at the moment.

Some losses from over speculation can come from the stock market so be vary about the same.


The career will be going stagnant but quite relieved as you had been overwhelmed with changes at your workplace for a while but now things seem to be settling down for you.

You will see some accelerated results from your efforts now and some blessing at the work front that had been long overdue will be coming your way.

You will get better support from your colleagues and you will be encouraged to gain recognition from your colleagues and higher authority channelising your efforts in a better direction.

Not a good time for business and you should not experiment things at the business front.

Do not trust people coming in your life easily and try to maintain the status quo as such only.

Travels are foreseen again this time around as you are advocating a change of scenery again and again to alleviate yourself from the mental stress that you had been undergoing.

Health and vitality will be elevated this month and you will enjoy better metabolism, indulge into food more and will become quite a glutton too.

Be patient and do not over eat especially as a stress coping mechanism otherwise you will see a lot of weight gains coming your way again.

This time you will put love on the secondary card and this is not on your mind much at the moment except that you may just see new people popping into your life and you will ignore them.

Students who are pursuing competitive exams will have better progress in the last two weeks of June but your concentration may wipe out in the first two weeks.

You may see some long distance travels rather than short distance trips just for change of environment and things will get better that way as well.


Good times ahead as you are finally getting financially secure, feeling better and moreover your purpose is becoming clearer to you day by day.

A regime that you had earlier started has finally began to give results and you will feel really good about it.

You are seeing an increase in your networking as you are going to meet new people and even gain some spiritual guidance from them.

Your interest in reading books, revising through your syllabus and understanding the better research of folks is becoming increasingly more visible and you are going be to more voracious forever.

Be vary about your gains at work as you are contemplating some really fast increase in your rewards but things are on their own slow pace and you will have to persevere for now as it is likely you may be denied a promotion or you may see some job openings getting closed for you.

You may network with like-minded people when it comes to your business and you will find new ideas to grow your existing startup and it will also aid you in becoming much powerful at your own venture.

Finances will support you if you have your own business and you will see some slow gains and big orders coming your way.

You will see a great time coming your way to when it comes to your health but make sure that you are careful about your physical self especially given you may be prone to some injuries physically and you should avoid too much impulsive adventures while travelling, be away from adventure activities.

Be cautious of the people you meet through social media and evaluate whether they have the best intentions of you in their mind or not then only navigate things further.

A good time for marriage and some of you may even find connections that you had been craving for but you may also get cheated by some too.

Be vary and cautious, and things will progress wonderfully.


Career is finally shining for you folks as you are going to progress further.

Finally, you are going to be recognized by your bosses and many of you will see a promotion or moving ahead to a much better opportunity as well.

Business wise you will do amazing work as well and you will enjoy the support of people in order to navigate yourself, you have been quite calculative in your approach and finally you will actually see a much better way of fulfilling your desires.

You will acquire new wealth and you will see multiple exits out of your problems this month around.

If you do not have a job then you can actually seek a job more actively and you may get wonderful results from the same too.

Dating and love life will be elevated this time around but you are contemplating on taking a separation from an existing commitment or relationship and your choice will be based upon circumstantial needs more than just the usual.

You will try to contemplate existing connections and further them as life moves on but then again, you know deep within that this is not practical and time will test whether this connection will actually last or not as well.

Be happy about your needs being fulfilled and your expenses are going down this month so finally a reason to rejoice.

You are going to live like a king so do not be prone to addictions at the moment as you may lose your health and also your focus on your goals.

There is a difference between love and lust, you will sooner or later realise this within this month when approaching relationships and much needed clarity is going to arrive soon too.

Some of you may plan an outing but chances are not likely to manifest in June itself rather you will delay the execution for later in July or last week of June.

Be happy about the good times and cherish your existing connections as you will be soon seeing new set of people and entering a new phase in life as Rahu matures through Pisces for you folks and time moves ahead.


What an overwhelming joy, June will be!

You are all set to embark on new beginnings, seeing better health, excited to travel and are already planning taking higher education soon to ensure that you remain relevant to the market as well.

You will be enjoying all these fruits and that frustration within you is finally being wiped out and this is for your own good.

Cherishing your loved ones will be your priority this time around and you will see some really great foundations in building new relationships and some of you might even start dating again.

You will be overwhelmed with libido this month and physical pleasures are also on the cards so enjoy and make most out of it.

You may see a fear of commitment to this newly found relation but do not worry things will be alright and your pace and phase of relationship will both be respected.

Try to be yourself and do not change your personality to please others as you may regret this later.

Jupiter will give you that support in overcoming enemies this time around and you are strategically planning to cut down on office politics and some of you may even vent out of frustration as you no longer can hold back your words.

You will be forced into uncomfortable situations that will transform you as you realize that your needs are above your current job and you will manage to overcome all barriers to seek a change if respect is denied at your current place.

Be happy about your findings and enjoy the time while navigating your anger and keep it in check otherwise, health can prove to become a detrimental concern which is not the case if you learn to control these emotions.

Be your authentic self and see the magic happen!

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