Love Compatibility: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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Everyone is curious about one thing in life: what is their destiny?

And, at the same time, everyone seeks solace in finding relationshipspartners, true love, and friends while finding their path to destiny.

Scorpio, Virgo & Aquarius reading this & smiling ahem, not everyone, but almost everyone, right?

Vedic Astrology characterises the signs based on their elements and true inner nature. Further, it divides the signs into 27 Nakshatras to understand their innate personality traits, and compatibility with other people and explores the possibilities of achieving that true love one desires.

It is not always possible to achieve your true love in life, yet your charts and readings can tell you what you consider true love and desire innately without expressing it to others. Some people express their love openly, some like to keep it private, some are intense and some are emotionless.

One of my favourite novelists Siri Husvedt expressed the diabolical dilemma of people across the world and it suitably explains relationships & love as well.

Each person does see the world differently. There is not a single, unifying, objective truth. We’re all limited by our perspectives.

Siri Hustvedt

It becomes imperative for all of us to try and be with the correct person, more importantly at the correct time. Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to love and friendships. Also, everyone has their own boundary line between love and lust. For some people, lust may even come naturally as an expression of love and to understand the other person deeply.

Vedic Astrology does not taboo love and bed pleasures, it openly shows the true portrait of a person and their expectations from the other half in their respective D1 & D9 charts also appropriately called the Birth Chart & Navamasa respectively.

Modern-day Astrology would be incomplete without holistically covering the details of satisfaction expected from relationships. And, today, we will be exploring multiple dimensions of the same.

You must be always wondering why do some people have more friends?

Why do some people not like attention, while others are over-demanding and super emotional?

Why are some people manipulative and others emotionless?

Curious to understand your own type? Let us decode the mysteries behind your aura and expose your very inner wildness which is hidden from the outer world and comes out only when you are in the absolute delight of pleasure.

This series of blogs on Love Compatibility and Dating will cover all the inner desires of every zodiac and give you a fair idea about the same.

In this post, I will explore the nature of the love compatibility & dating preferences of the Fire elemental signs:

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Sagittarius

We will mathematically understand the desires of these zodiacs and unlike other blogs, I would not be throwing random thoughts rather we will try to understand the true nature of these signs from their birth charts.

Keep in mind, that we are looking at compatibility for the Rising Ascendant Sign and not the Moon Sign. Your Moon Sign will further influence your mind but your physical appearance and innate desires will be captured by your Ascendant. You can actually holistically understand yourself by referring to the traits of both your Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign to truly decode your true nature.

Now, let us, deep dive, into Fire Signs, shall we? So, what does being a fire sign mean? Well, for starters, if both your Rising Sign & Moon Sign lies in Fire Sign(s) or your Rising Signs in both D1 & D9 charts are in Fire Sign(s), then you will be very slim and will not have weight-gaining tendencies much.

Ever had a friend who would eat a lot and still not gain an ounce of weight? Well, one would be extremely jealous of such people. They likely are one of the Fire Signs. They have a huge sex drive, are very lusty by nature, and are passionate folks who get aggressive many times.

If a fire sign is saying that they are not angry, then either they are lying or it is the silence before a huge storm. You need to be patient with these folks and enjoy their open nature. Usually, when not influenced strongly by Saturn, the fire signs are extremely social and outgoing. They just love to be the centre of attention, unlike earth signs.

For them, status matters. Yes, if you are dating a fire sign or into a relationship with one of the Fire Signs, you will notice that they will always try to take pride in having you in their lives. They may have disagreements with you but they would love to show off to others. They love portraying themselves as unusually happy on social media and for them, it is important to seek this validation from others, or they get kind of depressed.

Out of these, Aries is a cardinal sign while Leo is a fixed sign, and Sagittarius is a mutable sign. What does all this mean?

The word “cardinal” comes from the Latin cardinalis, which means “principal” or “pivotal.” The role of cardinal signs is to be a trendsetter, be first, and initiate something that society has not conformed to.

The fixed signs are the ones who are the achievers of the zodiac signs and they are usually conservative, and deeply rooted in the norms of society who respect history and take an unusual interest in creating histories with their work as well.

The mutable signs are explorers who love adventures and are the most adjustable out of the zodiac signs. They love adapting to new changes and are not usually homeostatic like the fixed signs.

Now, coming back to the details of love in Fire Signs, let us deep dive into what every sign seeks when it comes to relationships one by one. Before that, let me explain which houses in the birth or natal charts are significant for understanding relationships, marriage, love, and bed pleasures.

House 5 in every birth natal chart indicates the house of romance. Leo is the natural owner of this house as it is the fifth zodiac sign in Kalapurusha Kundli (Aries Rising Chart). Sun is the karaka of romance and even children or progeny are seen from House 5 of the native. A strong House 5 indicates enhanced intelligence, and romantic inclination, and imparts a sensuality to the native, as well as blesses them with good relationships with children.

House 7 in every birth natal chart indicates the relationships, spouse, and even marriage in some cases. Libra is the natural lord of this house as it is the seventh sign in Kalapurusha Kundli. Venus rules over Libra and it is the karaka of love, relationships, and your satisfaction from those relationships emotionally. Sometimes, House 7 also represents business partnerships and your ability to be crafty in business.

House 8 in every birth natal chart indicates the death, bed pleasures, sudden gains & losses, ability to deal with emergencies and in some cases even shows the relationship of natives with their in-laws’ post marriage. This is considered to be a malefic house in Vedic Astrology and the presence of any malefic planets here (Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or functional malefic) will be desirable positions. It may have mixed results with malefic but usually a malefic in a malefic house gives an unusually good result as well.

House 12 indicates the satisfaction from bed pleasures, extramarital affairs, multiple relationships, separation from the homeland, hospital visits, expenses & losses, and even eventual attainment of moksha or life after death. It is ruled by Pisces whose natural lord is Jupiter. Jupiter represents spirituality and righteousness, and when the native overcomes all these desires posed by the world, then only they can truly interpret the energies of House 12.

Now, that we are clear about the Houses that deal with love and relationships, we will move on to our first sign in limelight today, which is the cardinal fire sign of Aries.

Now, firstly let us understand the mathematical insight behind the attraction, love, and romance of Aries by looking at the birth chart.

Aries Rising is considered Kalapurusha Kundli and it is quite lucky as all the karaka are sitting in their own houses in this case. A quick summary of the respective ruling signs for the houses indicates love, romance, relationships, sex, and satisfaction.

In summary, we have the following:

House NumberRuling SignRuling Lord

Aries Rising native is extremely romantic and with Leo, in their fifth house, they are very good at creatively expressing their love for their partners. The Aries native enjoys romance when it is resonated with equivalent creativity and even slightly more feminine as well. They love their better half when they pay attention to the Aries and are slightly submissive towards them too. They love when the other half worships them and contrary to their own intense & violent personality, they enjoy a homely better half who is emotional, avoids conflicts, listens to them and enjoys aestheticism evident from Libra in House 7.

Now, of course, these results will be changed when there are planets present in House 5 or House 7 to a certain degree. Let us say we have Jupiter or Sun or Mars in House 5 then the romance will be very intense, and it is also likely that the native may have more boys as their kids than girls.

If Mars is present in House 5, then the native may have issues regarding child delivery as well and the romance will be rustic. Sun will give a very romantic mind in House 5 and possibly the native may also be vulnerable to being horny frequently. Jupiter in House 5 may make the individual very traditional in terms of romance and they may prefer other creative ways to express their love.

If a feminine or calm planet like Venus comes in House 5 of Aries, then the intense romance will exist with sensuality like none other. The native will enjoy expressing their love through creative foreplays and also will be highly scrupulous by nature. Further, the native will give all the material luxuries in their lives to their children.

If House 5 is occupied by Moon then the native will get very good control over their urges and will be able to stabilise their thoughts into intelligence. It will also impart very interesting chemistry between them and their partner, and make the native very intellectual too. The other half will admire their charisma and different ways of expressing love.

If House 5 is occupied by Saturn, then the native will be having problems with their children. Also, such a native will be very calculative and probably even slightly emotionless during romance. The other half will feel neglected during romance but at the same time, the native would complete all their duties towards them responsibly.

If House 5 is occupied by Mercury, then the native will extend a very communicative and friendly hand towards their partners. They will be analytical, extremely intelligent and very good at understanding the needs of their partner. When it comes to romance, the native may be slightly less romantic, yet they share a very strong bond with their other half. Such people become very good parents and understand their children very deeply at an emotional level.

So, you see the results of the House of Romance changes with different planetary placements and influence when some planet comes into the ruling house of Leo.

House 7 represents the attraction of the Aries Rising native and their preferences when it comes to their relationships. They love diplomatic people, do not have expectations from the natives and enjoy being meticulous in taking care of them. The Aries rising loves people who balance their professional and personal lives very well because they are demanding in their relationships. Further, they like to dote over their other half and love the sensuality in their relationships.

The influence of different planets in House 7 may lead to changes in the attraction desires, further, this is a strong place for any planet to be in, as this is a Central (Kendra) House. Even though the Aries native loves being dominating and wants to achieve things very fast in their lives, contrary to their own personality, when Saturn comes in House 7 then it is in an exaltation state. The Saturn in House 7 of Aries rising is an excellent placement because they will be attracted towards the disciplined, hardworking and dedicated other half. The other half will be very high in terms of status and enjoy a lot of luxuries from the Aries Native.

The highly masculine planets in House 7 may not give very good results because the nature of the ruling sign (Venus as the ruling planet of Libra) is very calm, aesthetic and attractive. The presence of Sun in House 7 is lucky for the native as the seventh aspect of Sun is over the First House and makes the native attractive, yet they become very vary about the status of their spouse or other half in relationships. They sometimes may even get into relationships only to enhance their status in society which may become unhealthy later.

Jupiter in House 7 gives mixed results as it is going into the House of Venus and further may even cause the native to marry twice. Such natives are very susceptible to having simultaneous multiple relationships which they should avoid at every cost. Further, the native may become a gold digger and even make relationships just for seeking money, and interestingly the wisdom of Jupiter may even help him achieve it and keep it a secret from the other half as well.

Mercury in House 7 of Libra may make the natives run away from their responsibilities. Such people are very innocent and love to be the perfect friends for their other half. However, when it comes to standing as a support pillar for the other half, such natives may feel uncomfortable about the same. Further, they may be gender neutral as well and can be even attracted to the same sex.

Venus in House 7 of Libra which is its own sign will give the results like none other for Aries rising. It makes the native exceptional in handling their spouse, the couple will enjoy luxuries together and even love each other physically very well. It will fill their lives with love and they will be inseparable and trust will become the foundation of such a relationship that it will set an example to society and people may even be jealous of your charisma as a couple.

Moon in House 7 gives a good result, however, it will also make the native very emotional about their relationships. Such people are deeply attached to their other half and their minds function the same way as their other half. They cannot undergo breakups easily and will always try to get back their ex-other half. Further, the relationship will be filled with love and attachment like none other.

Curious about why I am not mentioning Rahu and Ketu influences? Well, they deserve a separate post itself when I will tell their effects in every house as it is influenced by the other house as well. So, keep reading till the end!

Now, comes the most interesting section that you all have been waiting to hear about. What does the Aries Rising desire innately in form of sex and what makes their bed pleasure satisfying?

Aries Rising has the other most mysterious sign ruled by Mars in their House 8 which is natural at sex, the revengeful Scorpio. It is common for the Aries and even Scorpio Rising natives to be very driven by the idea of coitus and consummating with their other half. Usually, they cannot have relationships without consummating them. They love to try out wild foreplays and enjoy rough, intense and raw fun when it comes to bed.

A lot of Aries Rising enjoys rough fun due to the violent and impulsive nature of Scorpion in House 8. When accompanied by a highly masculine planet in House 8 (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) then the native definitely loves to indulge in rough fun or innately desires about the same. Usually, the Aries Rising are very straightforward in telling their expectations about bed pleasures to their partner and enjoy indulging in long hours as well. Yet, if somehow, they are not expressing their secretive desires then you can definitely ask them about the idea of trying out rough fun. High chances are that they won’t refuse and pass a smirk to you.

When influenced by a feminine or calm planet in House 8 (Moon, Venus, Mercury) then the native will enjoy being slightly submissive towards their partner. They will love when their partner owns them in bed. They enjoy being dominated or having even partners who will misbehave with them in bed.

With Moon here, the native may even desire getting induced by pain and find it extremely satisfying. They will love to try out new kinks and will be very lustful towards their partners. You must have seen some people who just keep thinking about sex, right? You would keep wondering why are they like that?

Well, you will not understand them as they will be too driven by their lust. Such placement makes them very horny, but yes, Moon in House 8 also makes them too fast in bed sometimes. Such natives enjoy indulging in multiple rounds than fulfilling their desires in one long round. If you know, what I mean!

What if Saturn comes in House 8? Well, from the point of view of sex, such natives will be ruthless. They will love to indulge in rough fun and sometimes, be emotionless about the needs of their partners. They love inducing pain in the other half. However, they should keep in mind that if they compel someone to satisfy their lust then they may face dire consequences in their lives too.

Finally, let us see the effects of House 12 in the Aries Rising Kundli. House 12 is the house of losses, expenses, separation from homeland and even satisfaction from bed pleasures or extramarital affairs. Keep in mind, that this is also the house of Moksha so do not think of it as an entirely malefic house.

House 12 of Aries Rising is ruled by the wisdom-oriented Jupiter sign of Pisces. This imparts a spiritual inclination to the natives and makes them flip towards Moksha in the latter part of their lives. Under the influence of calm planets such as Mercury, Moon or Venus, the native becomes submissive in bed pleasures.

If Moon is in House 12 of Pisces then the native may be susceptible to weight-gaining tendencies if Mars is not in a strong position. They may even be emotional apart from being submissive in bed pleasures and will desire innately to leave their homeland to settle abroad. They will be spendthrifts and may even spend a lot of money for their other half and may end up getting misused by people. Such people are emotional wrecks in their breakups and usually may even take to increased alcohol consumption post-breakup to relieve their emotional trauma.

If Venus sits in House 12 of Pisces then the native will be extremely lusty by nature. They may be attracted to other relationships and I have also observed an increased desire for voyeurism in such natives. They find different and creative ways to satisfy their needs for intimacy and will be very defensive about their relationships (including extramarital or simultaneous). They may be unfaithful in a relationship and will be slightly guiltless about the same. Yet, when in bed, they can rock your world literally with this exalted Venus, or get rocked equally!

When Mercury sits in House 12, such natives definitely are going to settle abroad and may even indulge in multiple relationships abroad. They will be gender neutral and may find bed pleasures from the same sex intriguing too.

In case a strong masculine planet sits here, let us say Mars comes to House 12. Such natives will always be exhausted and feel tired quickly in bed. However, they will enjoy being rough and inducing pain in their partners. If Sun comes here, again such natives are pessimistic and may even be confused about their sexual orientation or even lack the motivation to indulge in bed pleasures.

If Jupiter comes in its own sign, now here Jupiter may end up expanding relations and will make the native secretly indulge in extramarital or simultaneous relationships for satisfaction.

So, did you enjoy understanding the true nature of Aries? Use this next time to impress your Aries better half more!

Tips to Impress Aries Zodiac in Relationships & Dating

  • Let them dominate the conversation and give them space to speak. This makes them feel very valued and they think you are a good partner. Hearing ability matters more to them than your oration.
  • Don’t be shy to indulge in wild fantasies. Make things interesting on the bed, and add that fire which they love to your romance.
  • Reciprocate back to their romantic nature with equal intensity, and they are going to fight to keep you with them forever.
  • Try resolving their anger sometimes. They will immediately see you as mature than them and that attracts them a lot (Remember they are attracted to Libra-like qualities, and if you are good at resolving conflicts and their anger then they will love you even more.)
  • Do not react to their anger, if it is directed toward you. Let them burn in their own fire, and once they are done with an outburst, then you can point out what is wrong with them, instead of angrily pointing out their mistakes.
  • When it comes to your sex, it is supposed to be strictly confidential and not something they like to discuss out in open (Remember Scorpio sign in House 8 loves mysteriousness and secrecy.)
  • If you love rough fun, this is the sign you want to be with. They can be wild, monstrous on the bed and give you that burning intensity you desire.

Coming, to the next fire sign Leo, ruled by the king of all zodiac signs, the very essence of our soul, the Sun.

Sun is the ruling lord of House 5 in the Kalapurusha Kundli making it the very essence of romance and kids. It represents our intelligence, our creativity and our very soul and past life karmas as well. Let us look at the Houses of Leo Rising or Ascendant.

So, what do we see here?

Let us note down our observations.

House NumberRuling SignRuling Lord

Now, let us see the house of romance for a Leo ascendant. It is ruled by the wisdom of Jupiter in Sagittarius. These natives enjoy using their creative wisdom for inducing romance into relationships. They love to have intellectual debates with their other half. They love when someone guides them philosophically and also have the relationship of a guru or teacher with their kids.

The Leo Rising will always enjoy the traditional style of romance and is not into high amounts of kissing, and foreplays and may even find it unnecessary. They love when their better half cherishes them in front of others, connects with their individual vibes and makes them think about the relationship on serious terms which is very beautiful from an overall outlook.

The attraction of the Leo Rising is towards the qualities of the hardworking Aquarius ruled by Saturn. Leo loves people who are opposed to them. They love being the centre of attention, and their attraction is towards people who like to hide from others, who work secretly and succeed. Leo Rising natives are very creative and think with their hearts, and they are attracted by the logic of Aquarius who is calculative, very meticulous, an excellent engineer and probably not as creative as them.

The House 8 of Leo Rising is again ruled by the wise Jupiter in form of the Pisces sign. They love to indulge in sexual fun only with people who resonate with their intellect and understand their vibes well. The Leo Rising, unlike Aries, despite being a fiery sign, is very selective about their relationships. They enjoy being intimate only with wise and intelligent people who loves being loyal to them.

Leo Rising wants loyalty above anything in their relationships and they love expressing their love with creativity and expect the same from their better half. They are very emotional about their relationships even though they may not express it directly and keep it a secret. They get hurt easily with Moon-ruled House 12 and their bed pleasures may be characterised by sudden mood swings and sometimes will be confusion too.

Now, let us understand the influence of different planets sitting in these houses. If House 5 ruled by Sagittarius is occupied by a highly masculine planet like Sun, Mars or Jupiter then it will give great results for the romantic side of relationships as well. Such natives are very intuitive about their other half and can see through betrayals easily. However, if Mars is there then they can be slightly rude towards the other half in romance and may come out as raw and rustic.

If a feminine planet like Moon or Venus or Mercury occupies House 5, it may give a wise and emotional nature to the native. They may let others exploit them in relations and should take care of their mental health. If Saturn comes here then it makes the person very calculative and logical in terms of relationships. They may not like to actively indulge in romance but will become very famous and dutiful.

When Saturn comes in House 7 of Aquarius for a Leo Rising then it gives a very keen business sense to the native. They definitely get more attracted to their discipline and enjoy guiding them through the process. The Leo and Saturn combination is loyal to each other and values their differences.

When Jupiter comes into Aquarius of House 7 then it gives a very logical and restrictive nature to the native. The native does not like romantic partners but rather seeks someone realistic and slightly pessimistic as well. When Mars comes here then it is an explosive combination and the Leo Rising native is attracted to someone as impulsive as them and may even be used by their partners.

When Venus comes here then the native is attracted to beauty with brains. Someone logical and very attractive is their choice for relations and dating which is kind of hard to find, and the native experiments a lot before finding their perfect other half. When Moon comes here, this makes the native afflicted and emotional about their partner and is not a very good position to be in.

When Mercury comes into Aquarius, this indicates a native who wants someone younger than them and who is highly intelligent and seeks excellent writers. Such natives should try blogging together as they both will form a closer bond doing the same. Anything associated with studies and research will make them come closer to each other.

The very idea of bed pleasures is a topic of research and confusion to the Leo natives. They like to be extremely selective and are very passionate partners. The House of Sex and Death is ruled by Pisces for the Leo Rising and again wisdom is what turns them on. They are not a fan of hookups, and one-night stands and have very high standards when it comes to the bed.

They will get intimate with only partners who they feel are either as wise as them just like the ruling Jupiter of Pisces or who have a status higher than themselves. Sex is not a driving desire for the Leo Rising, unlike the Aries who are very lusty in comparison. It does not mean that Leo is bad at the bed, rather in fact quite the contrary they would love intimacy at their own levels and guide their partners like a true Jupiter to reach the heights of satisfaction.

The influence of any planet on House 8 of Leo Rising will actually give good results only even if Saturn comes and occupies House 8, it is sitting over the wisdom of Pisces and may even elevate the status of the person even in rumours. The best example can be Meryl Streep or even Tobey Maguire for the same, their reputation will not get tarnished even if they come in the news for bad reasons.

The very beauty of Jupiter here is that it will give great results unless Moon comes here then it makes the person lusty and may even seek simultaneous or extramarital relationships. Moon and Jupiter are not enemies but do not have a good view of each other and the emotional & impulse-driven Moon does not take account of the wiseness given by Jupiter.

The House 12 of Leo Rising is ruled by Moon itself in form of the Cancer sign. Leo Rising natives are very emotional about their satisfactions, losses and even expenses in general. However, the Moon is the best friend of the Leo Rising ruling planet Sun gives wonderful results here when not afflicted by a malefic.

If Saturn comes here, then Cancer may not be able to give very good results here, and the native will become a spendthrift, seeks outside relations, and even become quite lusty. They will constantly feel dissatisfied by their bed pleasures as well. If Mars comes here, then the native will always feel exhausted in life. They will get tired easily, even during bed pleasures and may end up in dissatisfactory coitus.

Mars will make the native spend their finances like anything with high impulse in a debilitated state in Cancer. Natives will also frequently complain of bone density and muscle-related issues. They will not be able to build up stamina easily.

If Mercury comes here, then the native will become super calculative about their expenses, yet they will not be able to manage losses easily. They will be not interested in bed pleasures and become conservative too.

If Jupiter comes here, then this is an indirect Raj Yoga as it is in an exalted state, sadly, however, in the house of losses. So, the native will be very good at managing finances, but not gaining money. They will get satisfaction from bed pleasures and will be very loyal to their partners.

If Venus comes here, then the native may like to indulge in multiple relationships secretly and may be very emotional about their losses too. They will not be able to bear the burden of a breakup but at the same time, they would not question their own actions and be very self-pitying by nature as well.

If Sun comes here, in Cancer, this is really a sad state. It is not exactly malefic and in fact, it is with its best friend Moon. However, it will not give good results, and make the native really lethargic as well with Cancer is a watery sign, and in House 12 as well. Such people will not be able to fully enjoy the pleasures of the bed and may become slowly disinterested in sexual activities as well with time.

In summary, Leo, unlike Aries Rising, is very selective, values loyalty overlooks and will be very wise in choosing their partners.

Tips to Impress Leo Rising in Dating, Love, and Relationships

  • Leo hates hurrying up in a relationship, give them ample time to understand you. They are not the type who would like to indulge in amorous activities immediately post knowing you and is a major turn-off for them.
  • Be wise with your words when dealing with a Leo Rising. They hate people who are not careful with their words and are impulsive in taking decisions in life.
  • A logical approach to any concept in life is what attracts them the most.
  • Embrace the creative side of your Leo partner, support them in their creative endeavours, try to genuinely indulge in their work, and give them honest suggestions. Nothing turns them on more than honest opinions, but only when it is a valid criticism.
  • A weird piece of advice will be to embrace or embellish the ego of Leo natives. Leo Rising are very proud people, they absolutely do not mind when someone comes out as an intellectual sycophant to them. From time to time, they love when their partner comes and appreciates them. In fact, they are innately expecting you to soothe their egos. So, do it, without thinking twice!
  • Do not come out unprepared in bed, especially if you want to engage in amorous activities. Also, don’t direct them into thinking you want to indulge in bed pleasure and guide them creatively to make them open themselves to suggesting amorous activities.

So, did you enjoy the hidden secrets behind Lion’s mind?

Ready for moving on to the next fire sign? Well, time to get an insightful outlook on the optimistic Sagittarius, ruled by the wise Jupiter itself.

The Sagittarius sign can be described in one word as Optimistic.

They are philosophical, enjoy being idealists more than a realist, and sometimes realise reality later, but still do not accept it, and insist that their experiences by pursuing ideal endeavours, have benefitted them in reality. Sometimes, they may even lie to themselves to just feel optimistic.

It isn’t a bad quality, except, they really need to realise their situation on time before it makes things worse for others.

The good old Jupiter sign loves food much more than the earlier fire signs. It won’t be wrong to say that Leo and Aries eat to live, but honestly, Sagittarius lives to eat.

So, what did you observe? By now, I think you are also catching up to the idea of reading Astrology charts now.

It is not that difficult, except for now, I am here to guide you in validating your interpretations if you have done it already (Yes, Scorpio & Virgo natives, I know if you reading this, you have already done your evaluation.)

Now, let us see how things shape up for our final fire sign.

House NumberRuling SignRuling Lord

Now, let us understand the true nature and desires of the first Jupiter-ruled sign, Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius is very good at romance, and actually innately desires romance the most even more than sexual desires with the Mars-ruled Aries in House 5. They are extremely good at making impulsive decisions, in fact, are naturally gifted to make quick decisions, as the action on things first, then later may regret but that is also qualified as other risings may not dare do that.

They love intense romance and always love when their partner tries to seduce them. They enjoy aggressive foreplays, rustic and raw vibes when it comes to sexting and enjoys when the other half puts a lot of energy into trying to impress them. This makes them seek multiple dates many times, before narrowing down to a single partner, and yes, Sagittarius loves to try out all the play fields, and loyalty is just not their thing.

The Sagittarius may themselves come out as wise and philosophical to their partners, but they want their partners to be impulsive and super talkative. Gemini ruling House 7 indicates that the Sagittarius natives love loquacious people. They love talking out things with their partners, enjoy communication a lot with them, and want someone to always confide in.

Keep in mind, that this is a very interesting combination because both partners love to confide in each other but are not loyalists. The Gemini is going to bitch about the Sagittarius partner to their best friends revealing their double-sided personality, while the Sagittarius loves when the Gemini spreads rumours about their relationships and does not mind even being infamous because of them. I like to call it embracing toxicity, which is an oddly intriguing quality.

The Sagittarius natives love the kiddish nature of their better half. They want to stand out as the guide and mature person in a relationship and want their partners to be like a kid who listens to their idealistic ideas and appreciate them. They love people who would bring a fresh vibe to them, and make them feel younger.

Sagittarius loves the company of young people around them, you will find them befriending juniors, or younger people in age than them, almost very easily, and sometimes they even may value them more than their elders, batchmates, and friends. This sign is gifted with the ability to make friends, but whether they keep friends or not, is a different question altogether.

When it comes to bed pleasures, the Sagittarius is super emotional and confused as well. They may seem outright confident people from the outside, but these are those people who get awkward, and sometimes shy when it is time to get intimate. They do not enjoy intimacy easily, but are very natural at it, just that they are nervous.

They love to be submissive in sex, yes, now this does not mean they love to be always dominated. It is just that they like to keep their partner’s emotions in check while they do their things evident from the nurturing Cancer in House 8. These people can get really wild once they are comfortable with their partners evident from the House 12 of Scorpio.

The Sagittarius natives love trying out new innovations in bed. They enjoy sex pleasures at their peak and are always satisfied with their pleasures given that the very karaka of sex the Scorpio sits in their House 12. They love to be versatile when it comes to bed and can be equally submissive and dominant as per the partner’s needs.

Different planets coming up in these houses can have varied influences. Curious to know about them? Let’s find out!

If a highly masculine planet like Mars, Sun or Jupiter comes to House 5 then it resonates with the energies of Mars in Aries of House 5, and makes the native highly romantic, idealistic, and optimistic, who loves talking, and enjoys intense foreplay with their partners. They would love to make out and gets intense in action too, sometimes even more wild than sex itself leaving hickeys.

If the feminine planets like Mercury, Moon, or Venus come here then the native becomes really sensual by nature. They are gifted with the ability to seduce others, and with their raw personality has that seductive charm that wildly attracts people.

However, if Moon comes here then the native may feel slightly confused when it comes to taking action and wants things to move at a slower pace in relationships, and yet at a fast pace compared to their partner. Contrary, right? That is what I meant by Confusion!

Now, coming to the House 7 of Sagittarius rising which is the double-minded Gemini. The Sagittarius natives are super friendly and gender neutral. They have a much more broad mindset when it comes to accepting the desires of the people. Sometimes, a Mercury sitting here may even make the native have feelings for the same gender too.

Moon in House 7 is not a very good sign to be in, for others who come in contact with this native. It is because the Sagittarius becomes wild, talkative especially philosophical, has extremely good convincing abilities, and is a wild dating lunatic.

They love to go on multiple dates, especially, sometimes, one after the other. They play the entire field before narrowing it down to a single person, and sometimes they will date even when they are already in a relationship! It comes naturally to them but may become hurtful for the other half, and god saves the Sagittarius native if that other half turns out to be Scorpio as they will become the victim of revenge planned to ruin their lives at different points in time. A very keen piece of advice to Sagittarius natives, please don’t date a Scorpio, you are not made for each other at all.

Any malefic coming here such as Mars, Sun, or even Jupiter will not give good results. The Sagittarius natives will face delays and strains in relationships with malefic in House 7. Even Sun will become very problematic as placement in House 7 for such natives as their partner will become unfaithful, and not be satisfied with their demeanour.

A general observation I have seen is that Sagittarius natives especially Moola Nakshatra do not have very successful marriages. They tend to be disinterested in their partners and generally become so idealist with time, that their partners start feeling neglected, and eventually many times the marriage either breaks up or they grow apart.

Sagittarius natives need to understand that even though they are the players of dating, they should not hurt other feelings, especially, not a water sign. A Cancer or Pisces may only be hurt by them, but if you play with fire like Scorpio inside a water sign, the consequences can become bad for you.

When it comes to sex, Sagittarius is a confusing sign. They are outright confident in dating and are so amazing to talk with, but when you get to the bed, under influence of a malefic planet such as Mars, Jupiter or Sun, or even Saturn, they will become dominating and disregard the feelings of their native. The confusion will lie in the fact that they think their partner is enjoying themselves, and many times it might not be the case.

If a feminine planet like Moon, Venus or Mercury comes here, then it indicates a very pleasure-filled sex life. Mercury here, in fact, can lead to multiple relationships, sometimes even with the same sex, and the native will be very secretive about their relations, it might not even come out to others including their opposite gender partners.

When a masculine planet like Mars, Sun or Jupiter comes in House 12 ruled by Scorpio in Sagittarius Rising natives, then the lust becomes a natural affinity for such people. They will be constantly driven by sex, and may even face loss of reputation, and finances, and even become unfaithful by indulging in multiple relationships. With a feminine planet here, they may become submissive and find solace in being dominated by their partners.

Now, that we have understood the nature of Sagittarius natives, let us see the tips to date them.

Tips to Impress Sagittarius Rising in Dating, Love, and Relationships

  • You have to be really good, and fast-paced in conversations with them. They are quick to judge others, sometimes, even incorrectly but if you don’t place it, then they will be bored quickly and move on to the next.
  • You need to resonate with their intensity in romance and make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you.
  • They love talking a lot, especially being idealistic, and do not break their optimistic bubble even when you know they are wrong.
  • They are actually super emotional when it comes to intimacy, and not the outright confidence they portrayed to you while dating, so embrace the shyness, and make them feel comfortable first.
  • Do not have high expectations from them about loyalty, yes, I know this may sound problematic in relationships, so be on clear terms with them if you plan to get into one.

Did you find the insights interesting? Well, Holistic Astrology is all about decoding life, and does not treat love as a taboo!

Stay tuned for many more insights on other signs in this series of blogs on Love, Dating & Relationships!

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