Unveiling Intensity & Instincts: Decoding Mysteries of Scorpio Moon

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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What does it mean to be a Scorpio Moon?

Some people help others and go out of the way beyond their comfort zone to make sure that the other person is instilled with a sense of belonging but do not get anything back in return except criticism.

Some people feel emotions intensely but due to their lack of expression, all they get back in return from others is disregard for their feelings.

Some people feel love the most intense compared to others but with great power of love, all this love transforms to hatred and vengeance when they face betrayal from the very people who they valued beyond their own conscience to the extent that they develop a habit to laugh at their own fate and trauma.

Moon is the very essence of our emotions, mind, thinking and ability to feel & react to our circumstances. The Moon gets debilitated in the sign of Scorpio owing to its polarised and extreme nature and being the natural ruling sign of the 8H which stands for death, mystery and unexpected emergency situations.

Scorpio Moon natives true to their natural ruling house suffer from struggles and transformations throughout their lives.

The water signs which are known for their emotions and ability to nourish others behave in different ways.

To visualise the explanation of water signs, Cancer is where the water flows continuously like a river with ability to heal and purify others. The river lets everyone immerse their belongings into it and its flow cannot be hindered no matter whatever you immerse into it.

Pisces is where the water behaves similar to its form of ocean. It is brimming with imagination, possibilities and abundance. It is lost in its own world but has a sense of wiseness and sanctity associated with it. But, what happens when we talk about the water in Scorpio?

The water in the sign of Scorpio is similar to a stagnant swamp where it appears extremely calm from its surface to others who witness it from the outside while there is an intense storm ongoing inside the depths of the stagnant water where the shining rays of the sun also are unable to reach fully and it is this darkness that can be characterised as a state of despair, hopelessness and fear which associated to the natural signification of the 8H that is death, emergency situations, hidden diseases and mysteries that are not easily explainable to others.

The 8H stands for experiences that are sometimes beyond our conscience and this makes it difficult to interpret and understand by others. The Scorpio Moon has a similar aura to the 8H for which it is the natural ruling sign.

What is the Ruling Planet for Scorpio Moon?

Mars being the ruling planet for Scorpio adds the fire in these people but being a water sign that is unable to relate to their emotions easily makes it very difficult for this Mars to navigate its usual behaviour of aggression.

The fiery Mars that provides the native with anger, gives them energy and boosts their ability to fight becomes lost into the deep water trenches of this water sign.

It transforms all this anger and aggression into a passive aggressive behaviour that does not like to outlet their emotions rather have them bottled up inside of them slowly and gradually until they cannot take it anymore.

When the emotions are brimmed to the maximum beyond the boundaries that cannot be tolerated by the surface of the stagnant water, then all of a sudden it explodes out like a volcano and at this moment, this anger is so much beyond even the direst anger feared by all which is that of Aries because this anger usually is containing an emotional burden and most likely a lot of silent sacrifice within itself that makes it so intense and fearful.

Scorpio is also said to be ruled by Ketu or South Node or Pluto (Western Astrology) but Vedic Astrology emphasise on Ketu. This is simply because Ketu is all about depth and research.

Ketu is about obstacles in life and is also the most linked planet with your past life. It is headless and lacks purpose trying to desperately search for the same by becoming a powerhouse of knowledge and seeking a sense of association with society desperately making attempts to integrate with it but despite all its efforts it is seen as eccentric correctly summing up the life of a Scorpio Moon.

Ketu is also very deceptive and at the same time ironically receptive. It makes a person either emotionally biased or emotionally unavailable with no swings in between but only intensity at extreme edges which perfectly defines the Scorpio Moon indeed.

With such intensity of research through Ketu and brimming with warrior like tendency of Mars, Scorpio is definitely one hell of a mystery to others and sometimes even to themselves as they desire depth but want to remain impulsive, they desire vulnerability but do not want to reveal their own cards, all in all creating a conflicted person who is definitely eccentric and all their lives they run to accept their true self which is very hard indeed.

What Personality Types are Scorpio Moons?

The most usual personality types associated with the Scorpio Moon sign are INFP, INFJ-T and INFJ which are usually introverted personality types with a strong focus on intuition, perception and judgement.

These are one of the rarest personality types in the world and very less common that makes the Scorpio Moon hate themselves in the initial early times of their childhood when they are trying to integrate with the society that has a preconceived notion of how people should behave, how they should communicate and attaches expectations about how anyone should grow and feel a sense of belonging with others.

The society has a natural tendency to shun others and this makes it difficult for the Scorpio sign to feel a sense of belonging.

What eventually happens is that their usual INFJ or INFP personality types tries to emulate these behaviourial characteristics to make them appear as an integrable version of themselves into the society hiding their true nature, tendency and even intentions, sometimes even using lying as a tool to conceal all this.

This leads to creation of different avatars within the same person when they are put into different situations of life.

This also makes the Scorpio one of the most splendid actors who are natural at theatre and dramas because they are subjected to such experiences early within the life and they use theatre as an escape from their overthinking that they are different from others, intrigued by the notion of stepping into different shoes through acting that makes them feel normal unlike their true self.

What is the nature of Scorpio Moon?

The Scorpio is a fixed sign and yet owing to this ability of concealment, you see them adapting to so many situations in life, the only constant in their lives is change which defines their destiny is transformation, the natural signification sign of the eighth house (8H).

So, what does Mars even give the Scorpio if it is deprived of outward aggression like that in Aries? Well, it gives सहनशक्ति (Tolerance) and संकलप (Willpower) to the Scorpio Moon.

All this transformation and experiences that are similar to emergencies, panic attacks and diseases cannot be survived without these two gifts from Mars. This fills the Scorpio natives with the ability to handle all the dire situations and changes experienced in their lives.

The childhood of the Scorpio native is usually dark and fills them with a traumatic past that is usually not recoverable for them for their entire lives.

Even if they experience physical damage, that is still recoverable but their emotional wounds never sustain as they face that as a past karma within them.

On flip side, this provides them with a distinctive memory beyond contemplation because they cannot forget the pain and agony that they have faced and usually many a times they also face death of near and dear ones sometimes within the family itself or someone very close to them that causes a change in their mindset and way they perceive society.

This serves as a learning point for the Scorpio native who tries to stay bold and bottle up their emotions even post facing such an emotional turmoil.

This turmoil also makes them see the real duality of the society from which they constantly were seeking validation and appreciation. However, owing to the debilitation of Moon, they continue inflicting harms to their own emotions by being receptive to the toxicity that they are facing.

The society treats them differently and they slowly mature to grow and learn that what matters is their own internal validation. This maturity is gained after quite a while in their life and will not come easy owing to their idea of seeking vengeance.

Subjected to such high burdens and complicated expectations from society and sometimes even their own family, the Scorpio natives are often forced to take up responsibilities earlier in their lives even when they do not want the same which makes them crave for their inner child that they embrace as they grow up.

You will frequently see Scorpio wearing swings between dark and extremely bright shades when it comes to dressing sense and this swing is again proof of the 8H signification, they are either way too mysterious or way too brightly shining.

The emotional turmoil owing to such a dark childhood where they were ignored and felt under-appreciated, faced difficulty in gaining acceptance from the society makes them value only one thing in their life: loyalty.

The Scorpio native seeks connections and commitments that are extremely loyal to them. The friend circle of a Scorpio native is usually quite contrary to expectations very wide and famed. Even their experience with parents is shaped by commitment issues where either they are stringently attached with parents or they are completely aloof or detached from them.

Why does Scorpio Moon have no real friends?

Scorpio Moon folks are extremely well-networked and resourceful contrary to their eccentric impression in society, especially the Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatras. Vishakha Nakshatra is well-known to be seasoned player at making enemies more than they make friends but their attachment is also more intense compared to Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatras. However, this is not defined as friendship by these folks contrary to perception of others who think they are very social.

Friendships don’t come easy to Scorpio Moons, they have a knack for passion & intensity that swings between extremes, this makes them super loyal & at the same time super vulnerable as well & this flip causes them to feel emotions at a whole other level.

A Scorpio Moon is usually very reserved & takes much more time to open up compared to others when it comes to forging bonds, especially in friendships, they have a knack for not letting many people come close enough to their actual self & they craftily even lie to prevent this.

When someone provides them with the reassurance of being trustworthy, the Scorpio Moon suddenly who was detached feels a need to establish intimacy in friendship with this person & allows them to slowly sneak into their lives still not fully trusting them completely.

This act of reassurance can be so little with the minutest detail that the other person might not even have observed its occurrence. It is always something small that makes the Scorpio Moon feel special. This could be gifting them something, or acknowledging their presence or even criticising people together who Scorpio Moon hates.

Scorpio Moon has a knack for getting attracted to damaged people or people who are judged by society early. Someone at the corner of the room who is not interested in opening up or talking, or is feeling unwanted immediately diverts the attention of the Scorpio Moon toward them.

Contrary to the belief that Scorpio Moon is always alone, it’s true that they are detached but usually they have a wide network divided into inner & outer circles with two completely different personalities in each closely crafted post researching & validating behaviour

The Scorpio native has a habit of developing a boundary zone within their friend circle. They will serve with utmost devotion when it comes to the inner side of this boundary and they will not bother much about the outer circle from this boundary.

The outer circle of the Scorpio Moon see them as intimidating, perseverant folks who don’t tolerate non-sense much & are very bluntly rude as well as not someone to mess with, this is usually their workplace or even professional network who values them for hard work. These are the people who can easily point out that the Scorpio Moon is not opening up to them and they are concealing or hiding something within. Honestly, the Scorpio Moon does not give a damn hoot even if they are criticised by these people.

The inner circle of Scorpio Moon involves people who they believe to be trustworthy & they slowly become very sacrificial for this inner circle, but this is where the danger ⚡ sign lies as this circle is where Scorpio feels intense emotions & faces both love & betrayal equally.

At one point, the Scorpio Moon who was not even considering to value this person in outer circle suddenly feels an intense emotion & love when they transition this person to their inner circle post they have earned their trust by doing something that Scorpio found valuable.

This act of finding something valuable does not always mean help or even buying things, it simply means Scorpio Moon found something reassuring about this person in the outer circle that made them worthy to come into their inner circle where they see a different personality of you.

Now, the Scorpio Moon will become very sacrificial for this person to the extent that they intuitively start feeling what the other person needs & they will start fulfilling all of this for that person without even them asking for it impressing that person very much. The other person will be in complete awe with this because they cannot believe someone can decode and understand them to such an extent.

Loyalty is a dual-edged sword when it comes to the inner circle of Scorpio as the Scorpio Moon who has felt so much love wants to be devoted to this person & connect with them on an emotional level to the extent that they end up changing themselves to suit others personality too to accomodate this new person and make them feel a special sense of belonging uniquely exclusive to the Scorpio Moon.

This loyalty even though as per Scorpio Moon’s thinking makes them special to other people actually slowly Scorpio Moon becomes so caring about the silent needs of another person that their love doesn’t seem to be easily reciprocated by this person anymore leading to only 2 scenarios.

If the other person is not genuine and only using the Scorpio Moon, they will continue using them but will not be there for them the way Scorpio Moon would be there. It becomes a one-sided journey and slowly Scorpio Moon who already has intuitively realised this, simply continues bearing the toxicity of the other person in hope that they will turn around.

However, that turn around does not exist as the other person is not interested and for them, the Scorpio Moon is just an option friend who exists to provide resources. Hence, this eventually leaves the Scorpio Moon in huge trauma to the extent that sometimes it can even leave them in a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to their sacrificial nature that never got reciprocated.

The Scorpio Moon shuns this person and moves on, this can be either very brutal or a sudden disconnect where the other person is left guessing what happened and they would have wiped out themselves from their life by that time.

The second scenario happens when the other person is genuine and really wants to be the friend of the Scorpio Moon. Now, the problem arises that Scorpio Moon is again very independent and loves their own space, enjoying their independence and slightly hesitant in asking for help as well as expects innately that the other person should understand their needs just like they did for them.

In this case, the Scorpio Moon is again disappointed because the other person is not intuitive like them and does not satisfy their emotional needs or even the smallest of expectations again leaving them wondering whether they are worth the shot or not.

The other genuine person feels extremely guilty for not being able to reciprocate this back to the Scorpio Moon and eventually they will themselves drift away from their life. This sudden change in behaviour of the inner circle person triggers the Scorpio Moon as they feel that they are being unacknowledged for their sacrifices & devotion as well disregard for their love too but they don’t realise that other person wants equal ground of independence.

The Scorpio Moon wants to help the other person always but they feel extremely hesitant in asking for help when they need it & slowly they come to realise that this person is changing their behaviour toward them which disappoints them a lot but they still persist.

At a point, the Scorpio Moon decides to detach themselves from this person as they feel emotionally vulnerable & since they feel more intensity of emotions, they bottle it up & don’t even speak out what the problem is eventually just zoning out expecting the other person to realise their mistakes.

This tendency forms and shapes the creation of trust issues for people within the Scorpio Moon native. The other person meanwhile feels that they are happy to be out of dependency on this Scorpio Moon as they wanted an equal ground of friendship where they are also asked to sacrifice as much as the Scorpio Moon but they weren’t sure how to navigate this situation.

Meanwhile, the Scorpio Moon would have shunned this person out of their life fearing insecurity & their usual fear of being misunderstood & betrayed, which they silently decide to move on acting strong on faces & silently feeling intense pain inside trying to act brave.

This is why Scorpio Moon is one of the signs that will always complain of being betrayed, being unrecognised, claiming to be unlovable but at same time there’s no right or wrong here because there is a lot of grey area of perspective when it comes to these friendships & relations.

It’s a karmic burden on Scorpio where they ignite the fire of Mars on outside to be strong & independent while be intensely emotional on inside craving intimacy & reassurance making their inner circle have power to love & hurt them at same time.

This is because the Scorpio native always tries to wear an illusive shades of emotions over their eyes when they try to help out others. This induces them with a bias like none other and sometimes even clouds their logical judgement.

This makes them vulnerable to others and that is why they do not have many attachments in life especially in terms of friendships but even further, they take a very long time to gain that level of attachment.

They seek constant reassurance from the other person as to whether they are even capable of their friendship or rather they want to validate their own insecurity that whether they should become vulnerable to the other person and tell them their secrets which have been hidden from the other person through the constant web of lies they use for concealment.

Why do Scorpio Moons Lie?

The actual question is: Why do Scorpio conceal things from others? It is due to their inward emotional energy, a very common feature among the introverted personality types such as INFJ, INTJ or INFJ-T and INFP, the Scorpio native is having a vivid imagination.

They are known to love the depths and are natural at researching and understanding things that are usually shunned by the society.

This makes them unique and people are not exactly content or happy seeing them rise. The Scorpio native often faces situations where they have divulged their intention to others only to witness a hindrance in their manifestation.

Let us say that they felt a deep connection with someone and shared their future goals such as career ambitions with them, not only they were later betrayed by this connection that they assumed to be deep but also they could not attain the goal that they shared due to some circumstantial coincidence or other.

When such a situation happens once, the natural human tendency is to reject the same as a coincidence but when it happens multiple times again, and again, the native realises that there is a pattern.

To overcome or break this pattern, the native who actively earlier seek validation for their goals, pointed all this emotion inwards and stopped telling any details about it to the world.

They want the world to witness the manifestation result instead of the process and journey associated with the same. The struggle behind this manifestation is bottled up within their conscience and to hide it, they actively will lie and try to avoid such conversations.

This makes the Scorpio a very intriguing breed which wants to know and decode everything about the people who enter their lives but at the same time, they do not want to reveal their own cards, rather they will slowly reveal their cards based on how much reassurance they get.

They are also pathological liars as they are insecure about their manifestations and play very good blame games. Seasoned at debating especially Jyestha Nakshatra, the Scorpio Moon is well-renowned in the field of politics and climbs up to higher authority as well as are natural leaders within their respective fields.

They have a mentality to play the victim sometimes because they want to divert attention from themselves and their blessings, as soon as something nice happens to them, they try to hide that as they feel the world is about to come back at them.

Scorpio Moon is well-known for their intensity and always shunning people out of lives as people who get to know them well seldom stay for long and use them for their own means and benefits.

Contrary to the belief that Scorpio Moon is rude and appears selfish, they are very sacrificing folks to the extent that nobody can easily reciprocate their level of friendship again one of the reasons that scares people.

Scorpio Moon is happy even in solitude because they find zoning out as an escape from expressing their anger to others and this is the time when they push all their emotions inwards.

They will bottle up all these emotions and suddenly this will outburst when patience is tested and this leads to devastating the other person who takes it all upon themselves.

Does Scorpio Moon People become rich?

Scorpio Moon individuals are natural planners, and they approach their finances with a well-thought-out strategy. They are not the type to take financial risks lightly.

Instead, they prefer to plan meticulously and consider all possible scenarios before making a move. This careful approach often leads to a solid financial foundation.

They have a strong desire for control, and this trait extends to their finances. They are not comfortable with leaving their money in the hands of others without a clear understanding of how it’s being managed as control is their natural comfort zone and anything that is beyond their control leaves them frustrated.

They tend to keep a watchful eye on their financial affairs and often take an active role in managing their investments, savings, and expenses.

These individuals are often drawn to investments and financial ventures that allow them to exercise control and delve deep into the details. They are not afraid to explore complex financial instruments and enjoy the process of understanding and strategizing for long-term financial growth.

Scorpio Moons often make savvy investors, as they are willing to take the time to research and analyze potential opportunities. They are generally averse to debt.

They prefer to live within their means and avoid accumulating unnecessary financial burdens. While they may not mind taking on responsible debt, such as a mortgage for a home or a loan for education, they will do so with a carefully considered plan for repayment.

Financial security is of utmost importance to Scorpio Moon individuals. They aim to build a solid financial foundation that provides them with a sense of independence and freedom. This security gives them the peace of mind they need to explore their emotional depths and passions without being hindered by financial worries.

However, they are well-known to be emotional and impulsive spend freaks too. They can invest in their friends without regrets and try to seek active validation by spending a lot on others than themselves too.

They love to self-care and can go to the extent of living paycheque to paycheque especially if Mars is poorly placed or does not provide them the willpower of control. They can be avid luxury seekers who are constantly addicted and sometimes even very materialistically selfish people.

This actually motivates them as a reinforcement to chase money even further. Particularly, the Nakshatras of Scorpio have huge wealth-amassing potential compared to other people.

Vishakha Nakshatra in Scorpio is owned by Jupiter with Agni and Indra as their deities. They are naturally very rich from heritage and culture within their family. However, they are susceptible to losing this wealth which makes them very insecure. So, they resort to seek independence and establish their own business in order to amplify their identity and also deserve what is earned from their inheritance.

Anuradha Nakshatra owned by Saturn is symbolised by lotus and has the power of Lakshmi herself. This placement always attracts a lot of struggles in life just like the muddy waters surrounding lotus and hence, eventually, they learn to transform all these obstacles into opportunities as they do not have any option. Hence, they work super hard and then

Scorpio Moon individuals can be prone to jealousy and possessiveness. This stems from their intense emotional investment in their relationships. It is important for them to strike a balance between passion and control to maintain a healthy and harmonious connection.

Despite their strong exterior, Scorpio Moon individuals are highly empathetic and in touch with their own vulnerabilities. This quality allows them to connect with others on a deep emotional level, making them compassionate and understanding partners.

They thrive on deep emotional connections and intimacy. They are not satisfied with surface-level interactions or casual relationships. They yearn for profound emotional and physical intimacy, and they often excel in creating it.

They understand that relationships go through phases, just as they do in life. They are not afraid of change and transformation within their relationships. They are willing to confront issues and challenges head-on, seeking growth and improvement instead of avoiding conflict.

They have a keen awareness of power dynamics in relationships. They may, consciously or unconsciously, seek to maintain a sense of control. This doesn’t necessarily translate to dominance but rather a desire to influence the relationship’s direction and maintain emotional equilibrium.

They are known for their private and secretive tendencies, they may keep certain aspects of their relationships hidden. This secrecy is not necessarily a sign of dishonesty but rather an expression of their need for control and protection of their emotional vulnerabilities.

They are drawn to relationships that offer the potential for transformation and growth. They thrive on deep, meaningful connections that challenge them emotionally and spiritually. They often seek partners who can help them evolve and become their best selves.

Trust is paramount in any Scorpio Moon’s relationship. They value loyalty and fidelity above all else. Once they trust someone, they are fiercely loyal, but betrayal can lead to a deep and lasting wound. It takes time for them to open up and trust someone completely, but when they do, their commitment is unwavering.

Just as they approach life with intensity, Scorpio Moon individuals infuse their spiritual practices with fervour. They are not satisfied with superficial spirituality. They crave depth, seeking profound and meaningful experiences that resonate with their souls.

They approach spirituality with a deep, unrelenting passion. They have a profound desire to seek and understand the truth, both within themselves and in the world around them. This pursuit can lead them to explore various spiritual paths and philosophies.

They are often drawn to mystical and occult practices. They are unafraid to delve into the hidden and esoteric aspects of spirituality. Astrology, tarot, numerology, and other esoteric subjects hold a particular allure for them.

The concept of transformation and rebirth is central to Scorpio Moon’s spiritual journey. They resonate with the idea of shedding the old to make way for the new. This may lead them to explore spiritual practices that focus on personal growth and renewal.

They are not afraid to confront their shadow selves—the darker and less-acknowledged aspects of their personalities. They see this as a crucial part of their spiritual growth, believing that only by acknowledging and accepting their shadow can they truly evolve.

Many Scorpio Moons possess strong intuitive and psychic abilities. They have a keen sense of perception and can often tune into the energies and emotions of those around them. These abilities are invaluable in their spiritual journey, allowing them to connect with their inner selves and the spiritual realms.

They often prefer to explore their spirituality in solitude. They may keep their spiritual practices and beliefs private, allowing them to connect with their inner selves without external influences or distractions.

They have a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of life and death. This can lead them to explore belief systems that honour these cycles, such as nature-based or pagan spirituality. They find comfort in the idea that life is a series of beginnings and endings.

They are private by nature, and this extends to their communication. They don’t readily share personal information with just anyone. They carefully choose whom they confide in and are discerning about what they reveal. This selective approach is a way of protecting their vulnerability.

They have a fascination with unveiling the hidden truths in any conversation. They enjoy probing and digging deeper to understand the motivations and emotions behind people’s words. This trait makes them skilled at unraveling mysteries and solving complex problems.

When engaged in arguments or debates, Scorpio Moon individuals bring their signature intensity to the table. They are not afraid to defend their viewpoints vehemently and may become emotionally invested in the process. While this passion can make for engaging conversations, it can also lead to heated exchanges.

They may feel a strong sense of telepathy in their close relationships. They can often sense what a loved one is thinking or feeling, even when the other person doesn’t explicitly express themselves. This intuition deepens their connection with others.

They have a fascination with unveiling the hidden truths in any conversation. They enjoy probing and digging deeper to understand the motivations and emotions behind people’s words. This trait makes them skilled at unraveling mysteries and solving complex problems.

Active listening is a strength of Scorpio Moon individuals. They give their full attention when engaged in a conversation and often remember details that others might overlook. This attentive listening allows them to connect deeply with others.

They have highly attuned to non-verbal cues. They can read between the lines and pick up on subtleties in body language, tone, and facial expressions. They often rely on these cues to understand the true meaning behind what is said.

Food is not just sustenance; it’s an experience for Scorpio Moons. They savor each bite, paying close attention to flavors, textures, and aromas.

They often have a preference for rich, bold, and spicy flavors. They enjoy foods that pack a punch and excite their taste buds. Spicy cuisine, complex sauces, and bold seasonings are right up their alley.

Just as Scorpio Moon individuals love exploring the depths of their emotions and the mysteries of life, they relish culinary adventures. Trying new and exotic dishes is something they find exciting and fulfilling.

They can be selective eaters. They have strong preferences and may avoid foods they find unappealing. This selectivity is tied to their desire for deep satisfaction and meaningful culinary experiences.

They have a passion for cooking. Preparing a meal allows them to infuse their emotions and creativity into the process. They often enjoy experimenting with ingredients and crafting intricate dishes.

They may turn to food as a source of comfort or a way to cope with intense feelings. Being aware of this tendency is essential for maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with food.

They often appreciate a sense of privacy and intimacy in their dining experiences. They enjoy sharing meals with loved ones in a cozy, warm atmosphere. Romantic candlelit dinners or intimate gatherings at home are especially appealing to them.

They have heightened sensory awareness, which extends to their sense of taste. They can pick up on subtle flavours and textures that others may miss, making their culinary experiences more vivid and profound.

While they may sometimes indulge in emotional eating, they understand the importance of balance and self-control. For Scorpio Moon, food is not just nourishment; it’s a sensory experience and a source of emotional connection, reflecting the depth and complexity of their inner worlds.

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