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Holistic Astrology


The varied facets of astronomy, Vedic astrology, and its intersection with mathematics intrigued me to develop a style of modern astrology.

As an engineer, astrology was initially a field for which I distrusted and considered it a pseudo-science! Inspired by the human calculator Shakuntala Devi who firmly believed in astrology, I started reading works by her, KN Rao, and KB Parsai that made me realize how wrong I was! 

Astrology is both an art as well as the science behind truly understanding one’s own nature and its characteristics. It is about finding your own purpose, understanding the karmic balance that you are part of, and appreciating the energies that lie within yourself!

In my observations over the years, I always came across misinterpreted astrology as either god-fearing or fear-instilling which drove away so many people from appreciating the true idea of Vedic Astrology.

Let’s truly understand what astrology is all about!

Vedic Astrology

A Lost Treasure from Ancient Times!

Over the years, the science of Vedic Astrology has been lost, with various interpretations given by various people. People who professed astrology as a fear-mongering tool have set a misleading and poor impression of society, which now perceives it as a pseudo-science.

Vedic Astrology focuses on 3 major aspects of a person called the Lagna (Nature and Physical Appearance), Surya Rashi (Sun Sign), which is the soul, and Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign), which is the mind.

For years, I have seen many people looking at their horoscopes incorrectly and eventually stop believing in them. Through this blog, I will try to eradicate this perception and introduce you to a journey to discover yourself truly!

We will also have fun with numbers as being a statistician and mathematical scholar, that is something very close to my heart, and I will walk you all through the world of mathematics that can make you understand everything (sort of) right from yourself, your friendships, relationships, careers and how each number has a different energy associated with it! Numerology is so intricately linked with astrology that we cannot study them individually without understanding their intersection.

A New Perception

The Modern Art needed in this Kalyuga!

Let’s face it, we already have enough negativity to deal with in life and do not need more such fears and insecurities from Astrology. This is the most common excuse or complaint I have got in all my consultations from the people, and unlike others, I admit, yes, I agree with you all! 

Astrology is all about karmic balance and tradeoffs! This is no different from the job of a regular common man who faces challenges everyday and comes up with a workable solution. Hence, I profess a new design of astrology to maximize the benefics and minimize the malefics which I call the practice of Holistic Astrology that promotes optimism!