A Bird Eye View for All Moon Signs: New Year 2024 Horoscope & Predictions

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Aries Moon

The year 2024 is all about discovering and introspecting your individuality in your life. The world is driven by ideologies and focuses on finding a sense of belonging or association within a group & Aries Moon have been actively seeking validation from society for the past few years.

You wanted acknowledgement for your achievements & due credit for your work and recognition within your relationships craving for power & authority out of necessity to find a common note of integration with society.

This stereotypical way of thinking that was impacting you all this time, despite you were all this time trying to convince people to believe in you will now slowly start fading away. You had been feeling like a rebel in the past few years due to Rahu influence and were actively chasing ambitions, goals & sometimes even taking risks beyond your capacity just to prove a point to the world.

2024 will bring an end to this cycle of chase, now there are two pathways created for you as you enter a new karmic cycle altogether. You will introspect what all you achieved in the past 1.5 years or more, and try to realise whether this was just a chase to gain societal status or was actually your interest.

Chances are you will be left fluttered when you contemplate this scenario as you would see that you made some impulsive choices in all areas of life whether it was about career, relationships, spirituality, wealth acquisition, comforts & even trying to find your very own purpose as well.

You will now contemplate either regret of the past or relish your ambitions that have been achieved but nevertheless, there is a high chance that the people you met in the past 1.5 years are now completely either vanished away from your life or you are forced to move on from them.

Some of you may even have suffered adverse breakups, misunderstandings of your intentions & underwent a very harsh phase especially from relationships & marriage point of view. You were under a lot of peer pressure earlier and it is even possible that you went into a relationship just to be in one and not by your own innate desire.

This time will kick in a new tenure for you, with new beginnings and you will be much wiser from all the learnings that you have experienced in the past 1.5 years or more. Jupiter will favour you very well for the beginning of year as it comes out of retrogression in your sign.

The challenge will be to capitalise opportunities at the correct time. You have already seen that the past detachments have rendered a more powerful version of you that has came out after realising true colours of people.

2024 will shift your focus from being people-centric to being self-oriented. You no longer need any external validation from people in terms of acknowledgement rather will be seeking active internal validation to ensure that you boom yourself to a whole new level.

You will feel that there will be some regret when you will not be able to capitalise the right opportunity at the right time. You will get great guidance but you may observe a pattern that you are getting that guidance post the opportunity to capitalise the gains from that advise has passed away. This can be applicable to your career, your relationships, your knowledge acquisition abilities and even spirituality.

This can be prevented if you understand the Saturn transiting through your 11H properly. Saturn will gift you with a lot of power but it will ask you to be process-oriented and not result-driven for the same.

Aries sign has a natural tendency to relate to the results first before even setting upon to achieve the same through the journey. This is because you use the result as a reinforcement to drive motivation embarking your optimism on this path.

Saturn wants you to shift focus from here as it will delay these rewards or make you introspect further as to understand whether the results that you are seeking are actually what you want or not.

This may seem to be frustrating to you but this serves as a strong protective correction towards all the mistakes that you may have made in the past few years because this will further make you realise your true interests and you will learn to control your impulse.

You will see that people who are slightly elder than you will help you out a lot. You will see that someone who you admire like an elder brother or sister will provide you that perfect guidance which will serve as a change of perspective trigger for yourself.

You will see that goals will not come to you easily not from achievement point of view rather you will constantly feel deviated from whatever you think as a goal. This is due to analysis paralysis happening with you. You are trying to be a visionary without doing any execution toward it.

For example, you thought I want to get into a relationship with someone or start a new venture but then you will not work toward executing it rather deviate from the same and shift interests fast. This will only cause more frustration so learn consistency this time around.

You need to make incremental goals now instead of very long-term goals. Do have a long-term vision which is fundamentally different from a goal. Let’s say you thought I want to achieve X amount of income gains by 2027, but you are not sure how to navigate it. So, now make incremental small goals to achieve that big goal.

This will support you a lot and you will feel much more happier. This will make your 2024 very good and fortunate indeed, so stay strong and enjoy it to the maximum.

Taurus Moon

A problematic start to 2024 will be there for the Taurus Moon as they will experience an increase in the expenses suddenly and they will find themselves in situations that will be out of their control.

You will see that the way you had been planning out things whether it is career, friendships, work, relationships, travels & even your own beliefs are not going your way and you are being subjected to unexpected situations to which you yourself do not know how to react.

You have been adapting to these situations slowly but post Jupiter transit in your 12H, you will see more expenses & you will be seeking more guidance from elders, teachers & you will feel lost about what is to be done.

You need to respect people who are there to guide you in life & these may not necessarily be elder to you, most likely they are but still even people younger than you if helping, try to use that guidance than being stubborn.

Post May 2024, once Jupiter comes to your sign itself then you will see expenses are manageable and getting under control. Better work and even job changes will be on way provided you are open to accepting new perspectives.

2024 will compel you to learn that being stubborn is not a choice anymore. You will be subjected to situations that will cause you to adapt to new situations. You will learn how to allow space to people around you instead of over-caring or interfering into their space owing to your past traumatic experiences, and detachment will take over.

You will love people who accept the true you because life would have subjected you to learn diplomacy so there will be a few set of friends or closed circle where you will still be able to vent out your true self.

Saturn in the 10H will constantly make you work very hard throughout the year and if you ever procrastinate or expect results then you will be dissapointed. You will have to develop an incremental strategy to figure out a routine that can boost your productivity.

Saturn will encourage you to learn new and groundbreaking things or subjects that you were resisting earlier or were having an inertia toward learning those new things. So, embrace this energy rather than fearing it & start investing your time in learning new things much more.

You will explore so many things at the same time that you will find it difficult to make one thing out of so many shifted interests. You will experiment with so many domains both in terms of work and even in relationships or networking that will bring you much more prosperity provided you develop an OCD for completion of the tasks that you have undertaken.

You will validate everything you are going to learn from your personal experiences but do not create your own haywired understanding of things you are learning rather listen to the perspectives others are presenting and explore those options first instead of being stubborn about your choices.

You need to be open to add new things in your career, and you will see a sudden flip in your interests of career as well say you were learning sciences all this time, suddenly you will flip and start advocating or learning arts as well, so be open to so many varied perspectives and you will get a lot of incentives & promotions this time around especially post June 2024.

You need to learn how to put up best efforts and not be result-driven. You will get a lot of support from your elders, your gurus or even your seniors, as this is a year of senpais for you. You will enjoy the wiseness of these people in your life and capitalise them to the maximum rather than resisting them or breaking away from them.

2024 will eventually translate so many manifestations in you due to increased obstacles that will transform to opportunities when you undertake executions. If you procrastinate, it is the end for you so keep a chilled attitude and consistently work so that your next year will be even more beautiful.

You need to move out of scheduling very well, yes, this time do not be scheduled or routineful immediately, be flexible and enjoy some small times of relishing and cheering people who support you in between will bring maximum prosperity to you.

Focus techniques such as pomodoro and fixing time for all your studies and sociality will be helpful as it will give you some amount of leisure that you really honestly need to keep your sanity. Be purposeful and be mindful at the same open to accepting new perspectives and 2024 will prosper for you like crazy!

Gemini Moon

2024 is a transformative year for Gemini who have seen many ups & downs continuously since the past 2 years with changes of jobs, lack of stability & facing multiple issues even on the domestic front.

2024 does bring a lot of relief from the point of view of stability that was lacking since the past few years but chances of sneaking down into the comfort zone also increases with all of this.

Jupiter will provide you a good start to the year craving financial stability & status elevation at work. Chances are some of you hit rock bottom in the past 2-3 months when it came to work especially in the ending of 2023.

You would have seen transformations at jobs, or promotions in the past few months but there would be job changes too accompanying all of this while your concern over relationships and people orientation has slowly diminished post July 2023 onwards.

This time around Saturn is giving you a phase of revaluation. You would have either been rewarded or punished post November 2023 for whatever karmas you had done in the past few months given Saturn came out of retrogression.

Irrespective of whether you were punished or rewarded, the good news is that Mercury eventually knows how to survive all situations & you advocated independence using the same.

Saturn coming out of retrogression has finally given you the chance to rectify all mistakes, if you had wronged yourself by valuing wrong people or if you had not put in efforts in the correct direction at work or if you had been procrastinating that new venture you wanted to start, all of this will be

Unnecessary expenses will increase post May 2024, so it will be wise for you to use the first few months of year to meticulously save money & not spend over luxuries, try to be minimalistic but don’t rule out essentials either, key is to balance between them for Gemini Moon

Cancer Moon

A lot of work will be coming your way in 2024 contrary to your usual inertia and comfort-oriented lifestyle with many travels on the card as well. The challenge is to control your emotions.

Despite being prone to mood swings throughout 2024, however, you will be witnessing an increased intellect and intelligence will be at its peak for you with Jupiter and Rahu supporting you.

Jupiter will be starting with the 10H for you and soon transit through your 11H. The first 4 months of 2024 will make you learn a lot, increased workload, work that you had been procrastinating for long or you may have taken a job switch in 2023 late end then you are going to learn things from scratch again.

Post May 2024, you will witness rewards for your work and efforts that you will be putting in at your work. Jupiter will grant you that name and fame as well provided you have been ethical at your work and not trying to take shortcuts unnecessarily.

You will be ruling over social media and even end up monetizing the same if you are into such business or if not, then you may decide to start new ventures that will involve heavy online presence as well.

Saturn going through your 8H will cause more pressure on you especially due to expectations from your relationships & more from the inlaws end if you are married. You may see increased arguments and fights with your better half so kindly do not take impulsive decisions.

You will often feel misunderstood by your better half and try to detach yourself from the world as the natural energy of Saturn will try to give you self-introspection. You will have to learn diplomatic decision-making and you need to learn how to deal with disagreements that you had been trying to escape from throughout the past few months.

You may see people coming back in your life and you yourself may try to take initiative to get back some lost connections but please evaluate these connections logically without any emotional bias to prevent the toxicity from occurring all over again.

Saturn will teach you how to develop boundaries within the relationships and friendships. You will have to put in more efforts for your friendships & relations in general. Thus, priortise whether you want to be right or want a sense of belonging instead.

Ketu going through your 3H will make you question what is the purpose of all this hardwork you are putting in your job or occupation or even business. You will have to confront your inner conscience that is asking you the why behind all your ambitions this year.

Rahu meanwhile through the 9H will make you question beliefs and want you to learn new ideals of spirituality and you may decide to break the conventions of understanding spirituality.

You will want to increase your knowledge base regarding spirituality and hence, it is important to select your knowledge source whether it is in form of a guru or just the God himself or herself since you want to instil your beliefs basis a strong foundation so do not blindly believe anyone and rather focus on evaluating people very closely especially if you want to learn something from same.

2024 will make you think that you need to shift out of your home or even country so you will execute karma to migrate out of your homes for work or leave the country for education or even professional growth.

You will really enjoy the support of Saturn indirectly even though you will be feeling despair that you are not being supported with so many challenges coming your way but in reality Saturn is trying to make you more capable by aiding you in stepping out of comfort zone and you can either capitalise this or surrender to the problems.

You will finally realise the “WHY” behind the purpose of your ambitions and life. This is important because you can drive yourself with conviction when you are able to find answer to this otherwise you are going to meaninglessly exhaust yourself.

Leo Moon

Scorpio Moon

A year that provides you more insights, clarity, confidence & answers to your doubts with elimination of self-worth questioning tendencies, 2024 will be a joyride but needs patience to navigate will be the very definition of this new year for Scorpio Moons.

Rahu will assist you in ways further than even your imagination, it is going to help you decode people, relationships, work, even your personal gains & knowledge acquisition but at same time you won’t be able to realise so easily & will be in denial of same.

Post May 2024, you will start losing a lot of weight, become health conscious, you will enjoy better health & some ailments will permanently finally go away, provided you do not get into your emotional biases, focus on yourself & stop thinking what people want.

There will be multiple times throughout year when you will get a sudden motivation to achieve goals & you will do amazingly well when you use this impulse to get results, there won’t be stability or consistency in such sudden situations but you will embrace it.

In the past few years, you have observed that you were trying to be inclined toward helping others wholeheartedly, sometimes even without their consent but there has been no acknowledgement for that for a long time & now you no longer will have same tendency.

Your power of judgement is very important throughout this year of 2024. You will meet new people to create new neural pathways but not all will be same. Some will help you evolve but many at workplace or even daily life will not have good intentions toward you so don’t be vulnerable to everyone.

Stop developing or overthinking about imposter syndrome. The world will recognise you but you will run away from it, but make sure to never give in to this insecurity that you are not good enough, use the times to optimise & learn more, bring stability to your thoughts absolutely.

Till May 2024, you will see that there will be slight health issues – health, digestion, some choices about operations or any health ailment that you were delaying or ignoring as usual will now be actioned upon by you, emotions will put more weight gains too.

You no longer will care whether people are on your side or not, you no longer care whether they misunderstand your intentions or acknowledge your presence & finally you will just trust the best person in the world that will give you conviction – YOURSELF!

Rahu will make you take risks that you had been fearing so far whether it is that next job move, the next venture you want to start, the next passive income source you had been targetting or even the next passionate hobby that you want to turn into obsession.

Time for you to realise what to reciprocate or not, you may have shunned some genuine connections & you are trying to reconnect with that as well but not to the extent that you will deprive yourself of your self-respect.

Anything that has a materialistic aspect to it will be fulfilled by this Rahu but provided you do not overstep your boundaries & take impulsive decisions as sometimes you will see that your judgement is being clouded out of your emotional biases. Intellect is at an all time high now for you folks.

Saturn will make you feel misunderstood within your family, or you will feel nobody is understanding you & you will stop resolving or confronting situations as you no longer feel you want to explain yourself to anyone, you feel it is okay to be misunderstood.

Ketu will make you become more delving into I don’t care about recognition & this time you would prefer to not get any attention for your achievements, you are developing an imposter syndrome about your intellectual enhancements & hence despite being on the top you will feel like detaching away from network & you will no longer actively seek external validation.

You are not a fan of external validation anyway but you had been craving acknowledgement & purpose for some situation both personal & professional many a times in the past few years, now that feeling is also gone, you want to make clear binary choices & be your true self – a rebel who does not care about conventions & definitely no longer needs acknowledgement.

Focus on the facts that there are for acceptance:

1. Limitations within yourself

2. Qualities within yourself

Roadblocks are there but this is not something new for you, this time rather you will eliminate them with even more fierce reactions so go ahead The best advice would be to follow the Gina Linetti’s life story: Success is arbitrary, Confidence is everything!

So, do not shy away but take a step ahead & you will see you actually leaped way ahead than you expected, go for it!

Pisces Moon

Rahu starts the new year within your own sign but it has been surrounded by Saturn & Jupiter on both the ends with Saturn in Aquarius & Jupiter in Aries (till May 2024) hence Rahu will not be able to give complete results.

In a way Jupiter is protecting you from the Saturn Sadhe Saati as well as the negative influences of Rahu as you feel much happier despite negativity in your life which is in sync with your evergreen optimism or rather the ability of acceptance.

Rahu is going to make you ambitious & you will become even more visionary now, you were always feeling content to a certain extent till now or rather you tried to tell yourself till now that you accept your work and relationship situations as is.

A good time ahead for working with foreign connections & you will gain a lot of traction from same, if you looking to expand to foreign lands go ahead but tread carefully as initially obstacles will come that needs to be transformed into opportunities.

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