8 Things Cancer Wants in Love: Dating, Relationships & Compatibility

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Decoding the mystiques for you!

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Cancer is a very intriguing sign out of all the 12 zodiac signs.

It is also the only sign that is ruled by the Moon making it a rare sign compared to others and indeed this imparts them with unique persona, way of thinking and even circumstantial experiences.

Cancer is the only sign whose ruling planet being the Moon moves across all signs within a span of month or more making it experience emotions, life and even experiences in general at a very fast pace.

This makes them quite moody and they are indeed prone to mood swings all the time which is undeniable and this holds true for men and women both alike.

When it comes to relationships, Cancer have a unique insight all together and they put a lot of energy into their loved ones as this is the natural signification of family itself and super defensive about their loved ones.

Let’s decode what does a Cancer want from Love?

Unlock the mysteries of what the Cancer person want truly. Let’s uncover it!

Emotional Sense of Belonging & Depth of Connection

As much verbose this quality sounds, that is still shorter than the emotional connection that Cancer seeks from their partners.

One of the most nurturing signs, Cancer loves to dote over their loves ones but to feel that much amount of love in the first place, Cancer needs a sense of security.

Just like a crab is harmless when it comes to being near them but gets super defensive when it someone tries to touch them, Cancer sign folks simulate similar behavior when it comes to being vulnerable to their partner.

They get emotionally attached fast especially if the partner has rendered even a slight activity of trust and kindness to them.

Cancer wants emotional security and this is fundamentally different from seeking reassurance from their partners which is present in Scorpio.

They love it when their partner showers them with a small acknowledgement of their emotional support to them.

Even the smallest of actions from their partner means a lot to them and thus, Cancer folks need to have that gratification from their partner otherwise they get emotionally frustrated fast and then are easily traumatized.

To win the heart of a Cancer, show them that you’re willing to dive into the depths of their emotions, providing them with a safe space to express themselves fully.

Engage in heartfelt conversations, listen attentively, and offer genuine empathy when they’re going through tough times.

Cancer gets very moody about their emotions and fun part is that they themselves are very aware about their mood swings.

So, they would not be expecting you to cater to their whims and fancies but if you actually decide to empathize with their changing moods then you have found yourself a partner who would be so blindly loyal to you that even if you try to move on, they will pull you right back into their comfort zone.

Cancer folks are used to being ignored but they demand emotional priority from their partner very openly.

If you are not treating them with some level of intensity and empathy then they express their sadness through stopping to care for you.

Nurturing & Caring Gestures for Partner

Cancer are very fond of doting over their partner.

They actually actively even seek a small sense of touch and contact with their partner as an indication that they really like you.

If a Cancer actually likes you a lot, they will find excuses to be physically in touch with you in a very cute way.

They will place their hands upon your shoulders, they will try to grab your hands with their own hands and keep it affirm and you would note really specific smallest of gestures coming from them as an indication that they feel comfortable around you.

Cancers love to show this affection to their partner as they feel highly attached and want that physical validation from them that they are taking care of the correct person.

It is a very romantic and beautiful way to connect themselves with their partner.

If you are dating a Cancer, always allow them to feel physically comfortable around you!

Watching a move together? Let them grab your hands tightly and they feel an elevated sense of belonging with you. Why?

It is because Cancer seek security! This physical presence might be of little or no significance to you but for them it means the world!

They would want to grab your hands, feel special and feel that yes, I am with the correct person watching this movie! Very fundamentally different from Gemini, right? They hate clinging!

Cancer wants to take care of their partner like they are royalty!

They themselves are the Queen ruled by Moon so expect that take care all day long from them!

They would silently cook for you, make you feel comfortable, share their resources with you (and it is a very intimate thing for them since they hate sharing resources with everyone), and empathize with you even if they are kind of sad that day!

Cancer has lot of resources and they know exactly how to make their house into a home!

They know that perfect way to decorate, promote comfort and keep things organized yet messy but not so much that you feel lost or sad there!

That perfect vibe from their homes is something every partner to Cancer knows, enjoys and misses if they have been shunned by this cute rabbit sign!

Cancer will step out of comfort zone to make sure you are happy!

They would sometimes take things overboard by being so involved in taking care of you that it is normal for you to feel that they are like a mother to you!

They would scold you for trusting the wrong people but also tolerate your toxicity and shit to the extent that you know they do not even openly admit that they are being hurt by some situation.

It is because they are very natural at caring and tolerance is high only if they have an emotional bias toward you!

Loyalty & Sense of Security

As mentioned earlier as well, Cancer will value a sense of belonging but this does not come easy to them.

Unlike Scorpio who will never trust you that easily, Cancer actually trusts you very fast, all they need to see is an act of kindness to validate their trust to you!

Once you have done an act of kindness that impacted them, they develop a sudden emotional bias towards you.

Now, this emotional bias is a double edged sword for Cancer folks and is fundamentally different from the other water signs.

What it means?

Well, it means Cancer saw someone more empathizing than them so they decided let me share my nest with them and they moved their crab claws forward to you in hope of befriending you to prove that yes, you are trustworthy and you are needed in their life to provide a sense of security that they have been seeking.

Loyalty is of utmost important to Cancer is a kind of misconception.

Loyalty in form of transformation is of more significance to Cancer is the correct statement to make.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s say Cancer finds out that you have been cheating on them with some other person.

Well, they actually do not right away shun you.

The crab will not ask you for explanation but rather they would start caring for you even more.

This sounds weird but at a subconscious level, you have managed to hurt a very emotionally involved partner with you!

So, they are traumatized now and will take care of you even more in hope of making you realize your mistake and come to apologize to them.

Well, if you actually go ahead and apologize to them in this small time period that I like to call silence of the storm on top of the river period.

Then, they will actually accept that apology, open their arms and embrace you like nothing ever happened.

This way, Cancer feels that they were successful in gaining more trust from their partner and feels even more close now to them.

Now, let’s say that you did not reveal to them that you have been cheating even while they continue caring and loathing so much for you.

Now, Cancer will feel sad and slowly they will just shut themselves off you while they will not be able to move on completely from you but they will just reverse engineer their mentality towards treating you.

They do not get revengeful to the extent of Scorpio but they will deprive you of resources and contacts.

Once a Cancer has seen that you did not feel apologetic towards them for committing an act of disloyalty then expect their entire friend circle plotted against you and they will make sure that the cord is cut between all other mutuals that you have!

They treat you this way as a lesson to not take advantage of someone again but sometimes this gets even more toxic in form of blackmailing, gaslighting and all the anger is burst on you all of a sudden unexpectedly.

Anger of those who are silent is even more fierce and this statement becomes even more applicable when we talk about Cancer folks.

Family Values & Trust

Cancer folks are usually very close to their family even when they know that their family is kind of toxic.

This is due to their inherent emotional bias towards their family.

Family is of a great priority to Cancer folks and they cherish them a lot irrespective of their behavior towards them.

They love to nurture and care, usually Cancer folks have a family that values them too much as well, provides them with resources and cherishes them.

Cancer folks hate getting scolded by their family as they have invoked a sense of responsibility towards them so you will not see family asking them to study or be the provider because they inherently like to take this role upon themselves.

They prioritize their loved ones above all else.

To capture the heart of a Cancer, embrace their family-oriented mindset and make an effort to bond with their relatives.

Plan activities that involve spending quality time with their family members, and show genuine interest in their lives and traditions.

If you try to commit or marry with a Cancer without seeking or gaining acceptance from their mothers especially apart from their family then prepare your life to become hellish.

This is because Cancer folks usually have a very royalty-like treatment and entitlement given to their family owing to their Leo energies of 2H to them!

Creativity, Imagination & Acceptance

Cancer folks accept you for whoever you are!

They do not like to project the same burden on others but if you ever make Cancer feel special about their quirks then they become very happy!

Instead of telling Cancer that they are weird when they are lethargic and changing moods, tell them that you find this very cute and they will be surprised and reciprocate back to you in ways you would have not even remotely imagined.

Cancerians are drawn to partners who share their love for creativity and imagination.

They enjoy exploring new ideas, hobbies, and artistic endeavors together, allowing their imaginations to run wild.

To capture the heart of a Cancer, indulge their creative side by planning imaginative dates, engaging in artistic activities, or simply daydreaming together about the future.

Encourage them to express their creativity freely and join them in exploring new avenues of self-expression.

Embracing spontaneity and nurturing a sense of wonder will infuse your relationship with joy, excitement, and endless possibilities.

They just love when someone foresee a future with them and making plans to be together forever.

Sounds very much of a drag sometimes, but if you ever indulge in this with them, they are going to feel so special that they will make sure to make you feel comfortable forever too!

Cancer folks usually are not so much into sports and getting out of their comfort zones.

But, if you ever make them indulge into activities that they fear, they would welcome you with whole hearted hands.

It is a misnomer that Cancer folks do not want to step out of home rather they want the correct company to step out of home and relish activity.

They will indulge into physical activities and appreciate your presence when you are with them and they feel a sense of belonging with you!

That is their comfort zone and they would be more than happy to expand their comfort zone.

They would infuse more energy of nurturing into you if you ever endorse this for them!

Intuitive Connection & Romance

Cancers are highly intuitive individuals who rely on their gut instincts to navigate life and relationships.

They value partners who share this intuitive connection and can understand them on a deeper, almost instinctual level.

Foster this connection by attuning to their moods, thoughts, and unspoken cues.

Show that you can anticipate their needs and desires, creating a strong sense of emotional intimacy and connection.

Trusting your intuition and allowing it to guide your interactions will resonate deeply with your Cancer partner, fostering a profound bond built on mutual understanding and trust.

They just love being a sloth with you.

Cancerians are hopeless romantics at heart, and they cherish gestures of love and affection.

Surprise your Cancer partner with thoughtful gifts, romantic gestures, and heartfelt gestures that demonstrate your love.

Pay attention to their emotional cues and respond with sensitivity and understanding, nurturing the romantic connection between you.

They would prefer a night out sitting on the couch holding your hands and cuddling with you than go out to a disco party with you and you will be enjoying much more when you keep them to these closed quarters of their home.

They prefer to feel more inclusive and more exclusive to you in such situations so expect a huge amount of romance from them.

Moon being their ruling planet, they are one of the most keen partners in romance as they bring in a lot of emotions into play and initially they may come out as shy but later they become very open to you indeed!

Intimacy is the cornerstone of Cancerian romance, characterized by deep emotional bonds and soulful connections.

Cancers crave intimacy on both a physical and emotional level, yearning for a partner who can penetrate their defenses and bask in the glow of their innermost thoughts and desires.

To cultivate intimacy with a Cancer partner, prioritize quality time spent together, engage in meaningful conversations, and foster a sense of mutual trust and vulnerability.

Allow yourselves to merge on a soulful level, where words are unnecessary, and love speaks in whispers.

When you indulge into activities with them that you desire to keep a secret, Cancer feels more closed to you and they will cherish and nurture you like anything.

Home is where the Heart is!

Cancer are downright absolutely the home comfort zone species out of all zodiac signs!

They love when they are in an ecosystem of resources and comforts that they have created for themselves.

This home is very intimate to them and they will not easily allow you to enter it.

Even people who have dated Cancer folks in relationships would tell that it took a lot of time for them to allow you to come to their homes!

Cancer prefers to keep it personal and for them this is a sign of vulnerability.

Home is where the heart is for Cancerians, and they seek partners who can create a sense of warmth, comfort, and security wherever they go.

Show your Cancer partner that you value the concept of home by prioritizing quality time spent together in a cozy and nurturing environment.

Whether it’s cuddling on the couch, cooking a meal together, or simply enjoying each other’s company in peaceful silence, emphasize the importance of building a sanctuary of love and tranquility.

Invest time and effort into creating a space that reflects your shared values, interests, and aspirations, reinforcing your bond and deepening your emotional connection.

Communication & Transparency

Cancer folks desire a lot of transparency and bluntness in communication.

This might be a misnomer that the Cancer person is timid and will not like to hear or deliver truth bombs but the truth is far beyond that!

Cancer folks will enjoy not just hearing clear expectations but also make you hear what they want!

Open and honest communication is essential for Cancerians in relationships.

They value partners who can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns openly and transparently, fostering a sense of trust and emotional intimacy.

To strengthen your connection with a Cancer, prioritize clear and empathetic communication, actively listening to their perspective and sharing your own with vulnerability and authenticity.

Create a safe space where both of you feel comfortable expressing yourselves without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

By nurturing open lines of communication, you can navigate challenges together with grace and strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

The most important thing to the Cancer in communication is that you confide in them.

Sounds weird but play the victim to them!

They love when you are damaged and feeling helpless when they will come out to be the alleviation for you in such situations.

They feel closer to you when you trust them enough to share your trauma with them.

This makes them feel that you are being vulnerable to them and the only folks who are vulnerable to them are their own family so congratulations you are not into their family!

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